• General Rules
    – One of the ways to identify a Star or Half Star is by their scent. Though many may argue what each type of Star smells like there are general vague descriptions on what they smell like.
    Blue – Cayenne Peppers
    White – Fresh Morning Dew
    Yellow – Honeycombs
    Orange – After Rain
    Red – Soldering Campfire

- There is a simple ritual you can do that forces a Star or Half Star’s eyes to glow and reveal that they are a Star Blood and what Color They Burn.

- Past 3rd Generation/Quarter Star the above rules do not apply

- Stars can be weres, not vamps

Declaration star children:
1) All lovers of the stars must be approved by the North Star before giving a child.
2) All protection guaranteed to the star children are still in play.

  • Half-Star

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