Fey - Glitter

  • General Rules

    * Physiology

    The true term for Glitter Fey is Glamour Fey. Very few actual call it this, even the Glamour Fey themselves. There are many, many different types of Glamour Fey, far to many for us to document here in this collection. However some things are the same among them all.
    They Physiology is similar in some ways to Mortals, in that they have a brain and a heart and so on. But other wise they are a completely different creature. They digestion is probably the biggest difference. A Glamour Fey’s body will use every part of what is consumed. That is to say there it never waste matter. When a Glamour Fey eats their system transforms everything into energy. This energy is used from everything to normal living to their use of magic. They system is always running faster then most creatures of their equivalent size and because of this they need more to burn for energy. Most of the time if you know what to look for, a Glamour Fey will give themselves away with how much they eat, and usually constantly. They crave things like Sugar and Milk and tend to favor desserts and sweets to consume. But there is one catch: Almost all but one group of Glamour Fey cannot eat meat in any form. They can eat milk and eggs, but not flesh of any kind. Even the flavor is repulsing to them and their system can not handle it. They become very sick for days on end until they body finally works through it. Even a simple broth made from meat will cause this reaction. Glamour Fey do not have the ability to regurgitate so they have to wait out the process. Because of their digestive system Glamour Fey are highly sensitive to poisons that affect them. Not all poison have an effect on them, but if you manage to find one that does it will act 5x faster then on any other creature.
    Because their bodies take so much to power they also need to inhale more oxigene at one time. Their lungs have 4 chambers and run deeper into their torso. They cannot hold their breath as long as most creatures of their size can because their body burns through the oxygen held in faster. The exception to this is Glamour Fey born to live in the domain of water, but most of them tend to be amphibious.
    The last major note to point out is their Heart. While a Mortals heart is more to the left of their chest, a Glamour Fey’s in in the middle. It is also larger in size them most creatures their size. It beats faster and harder as well.

* Magic

Because there are so many Glamour Fey, they usually have magics unique to each of them. But some of their magics are the same no matter the species.
Their magic is referred to as “Glamour”, hence the name “Glamour Fey”. The term “Glamour” also refers to when they use their magic on individuals to alter their mindset. The slag of “Glitter” comes from the fact that their magic tends to leave traces of small sparkles as it is being made or dispelled. All Glamour Fey can create a Guise. A guise is an illusion over their selves to look like a mortal. Different Fey have different rules on their guises and how many they can have. The more powerful of a Fey you are the more guises you can hold. The problem with guises it that to make them a Fey has to concentrate on every detail, from blinking to voice changes to physical details. Things like hair are tricky to them because they have to think about every little strand. Because of this most Fey do not glamour more then the hair on your head and eyebrows. It is seen as showing off if one glamours a beard in their guise. In general, a Fey’s magic is based off of Illusions. If someone’s will is strong enough, they can break through these Illusions, but at that point it is a fight of Intent.

* History

The Fey World and the Mortal Plan use to be very closely connected, with Fey coming as going as they pleased for the most part. The King of the Fey had set rules for his people on how they could or could not interact with Mortals, but as long as they followed those both worlds coexisted. Then one day Orin, the oldest son of the Fey King, broke these rules. The crime was so sever it ripped the worlds apart. Because Orin was the Prince of Magic it also altered Magic for the Mortal Plan. The Veil was created, magic was forgotten, and Mortals could no longer see anything but their own world. Orin was cast out of the Fey World and doomed to be lost in the Traverse, but was quick thinking enough that he found his way to the Mortal Plan and has been trapped here, banished never to return home by his Father.

* Worlds

The Fey World is best described like a spiral inside of a spiral. The Fey World is broken down into realms, and in these realms are other realms and so on.

* Seelie vs Un-Seelie
((King of the Fey))

* Sub Courts
((Court Of Midnight – Queen Tatiana and Lord Oberon))
((Court Of Mirrors – Morgan La Fey ))
((Court Of Hearth – Lady Mother Leaba, Lady Mother Ciseán, Lady Mother Cisti, Lady Mother Tairseach, Lady Mother Scuab, Lady Mother Bord, Lady Mother Fleasc))
((Court Of -——- (Struck From History) – The Great Horned Hunter ))
((Court Of Nightmares – Marquees Mora ))
((Court Of Avalon – King Authleon and His 13 Knights))
((Court Of Seasons – Lord Gwanwyn, Lady Samhradh, Lord Kynyaf, and Lady Iverno ))

* The 7 Princes
– Orin
- 2 things guaranteed things can protect you from his magic – a Circle Made of Chard Ash, and a vile of his blood held around your neck.

– Ghil-Dhu
“His world is robed in red. It reflects him and his mood, the deeper the red the more danger is around. His world is intoxicating and beautiful, so much so you do not realize the danger you are in. This is the world where creatures like Fairies, and Gremlins, and Mazikeen come from. They are still Seelie, but they are the most mischievous, and deadly, of the Seelie. You see, my child, this world is ruled by The Second Prince, The Prince of Ceders, The Ambassador to the UnSeelie Courts. He walks between the worlds and because of this has become tainted and crueler then his brothers. He will greet you when you enter his world, you will notice he is gorgeous and when you breath in then you find yourself getting lost. He will offer to dance with you… from there there is no hope. You see, my child, if you dance with him and get lost in his charms he will dance with you until you go insane, and then you will be lost forever with him in his world…”

- Ankou
“His world is covered is shades of greens. Even though the sun never sets in this world, his is as close to night as it will touch, twilight gracing the land and hills. When you follow his path it is lit with paper lanterns glowing from inside but with no fire. His creatures are more familiar then most; moths and butterflies dance in the landscape, songs of the Robin and calls from the Crow are the only sounds to be heard. His world is calm and welcoming. You will find no mischievous sprites here, but only servants who help in his work of creatures most do not name. As your feet leave the path you feel them step into a small, shallow pool. All across the landscape is covered with reflective puddles that remain undisturbed but show the world around them, and the world beyond. If you are one of the ones who is wise and does not let yourself fall for the glamour of the Fey you will notices something. Between the trees, if you only look out of the corner of your eye, there are doors. Hundreds of doors if not thousands. All different in size and shape. All closed and locked to anyone who should not step through. This is the land of the Third Prince, The Prince of the Willows, The Prince of Death. He is not the Grim Reaper who takes you from your world, he is merely a guide to make sure you get to your next one. Even he does not know what lies beyond your door, maybe is it heaven, maybe it is nothing, maybe it is something that has not even been conceived yet. His is only to make sure you get there. Be careful in his world, child, for many who dance in his circle and travel to these lands find themselves far to relaxed, enough that they fall asleep under one of his trees, never to wake again but to stay in his world…”

- Lunestish
“His world is clad in orange. It is warm and the air is sweet. It feels as if it is always the season of Harvest. The trees are taller and stronger than every other world. This world looks most like home…. until you look closer. If you look into the knot in the trees you will find Pixies giggling as they tie a bell around a squirrel’s tail. The deer in the meadow is not a deer but a golden hynd. This is the world that household Fey come fro. Helpful Fey, Protective Fey that live in houses and do good for those who live there… if you appease them. But do not be fooled, this is still a world of Fey and you can be trapped here. You see this is the world of the Forth Prince, The Prince of Oaks, The Prince Who Communes With Man. Be careful, child, he does not appear dangerous, he appears welcoming and generous. He will welcome you to his table to feast, but his table only bares Fey Food. Do not eat of this, child, for you will be lost to the Travers from where there is no return…”

- Pech
“His world is bathed in yellow, as if sun light comes from the land itself. One can not fully say what his land is like. It is changing, ever changing, and different for those who see it. Unlike the other lands there are no paths to guide you and one must be careful not to get lost in his forest. He has but a few creatures that full under his hand, but his world is not empty. You see, child, it is easy to want to stay in this land. When you stay here you see your greatest desires, wildest fantasies, yearnings of the heart. The Illusion keeps you here. He will even come and greet to and warn you not to stay here and advise you can leave any time. But few who dance in his circle and see his world do. They get lost in the lie that they see. They stay in his world, and his world changes them. The beast and creatures and all manner of beings that you see around there use to be human, use to be from our world, but they decided to stay and thus let the world change them to fit with him. This is the Land of the Fifth Prince, The Prince of Holly, The Prince of Dreams. Be careful of him child, he is as Fey as any of them can be. It is not just his form you should be cautious of, but his Shadow as well. His world is the dream world and if you venture to the edge of it you will be lost to the Spirits. So if he offers you a way out, when he asks you if you want to stay with him or if you want him to take you back, let him lead you home… or understand you will play in his world forever.”

- Fyglia
" His world is seen in blue. The tree tops are so thick it feels as if it is always just before dawn. The light that comes through reflects off of special objects, Apples… Golden Apples… many come to his world looking for these Apples, but do not eat of these, for even though you will become Immortal you will forget everything. You will remember nothing of yourself or yourself life before you come here and yourself or your life before you come here and you will stay. This is the land of the Sixth Prince, The Prince of Apple Trees, The Guardian of the Gates. He controls travel between worlds and is the only one who can walk the Travers. If you are an adult and venture into steal from him, you better not be caught for his Wrath is fast and swift. But someone like you, child, one who has not grown too much, he will feed you the Apples, and you will forget. He will keep you and you will not age…"

- Feeorin

  • Animals in the Fey World
  • Changlings
  • Dryad
  • Fairy
  • Gremlins
  • Half-Fey
  • Nymph
  • Pixie

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Fey - Glitter

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