Olivia Keshet

That Half-Elven Troublemaker


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Basic Information

Born on April 17, 1997
In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
In a relationship with Zane Brady
Works at Sports Center

The Half-Elven Troublemaker
Soul Points 10/10
Sports: 2, Art: 1, Drama: 0, Study: 0, Detention: 2


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In a relationship with Family (3) Current Schedule

 Zane Brady 

 Hoyt Keshet 

 James Charles 
 1st Period English 

Friends (7)

 Kyleigh Keshet 

 Vice Turnagen 
 2nd Period Science 

 Lolly Fibonacci (5) 

 Anastacia Keshet 

 Maggic Munch 

 Micah Kurt (5) 

 Durin Brogan 
 3rd Period Shop 

 Zane Brady (5) 

 Leela Mardröm 
 4th Period P.E. 

 Cricket Aisling (4) 

 Jeanie Jameson (1) 


Pitter Patter name: h0keystyx

Olivia Keshet

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Luwe