Lorelei Adelphie

Owner of The Looking Glass


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Basic Information

Former Owner of The Looking Glass

The Nasty Wryd Sister


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Lorelei is Byron Falls born and breed. She moved away a few years after she graduated from Byron Falls High School to go to college. While away she married her husband… but that didn’t last long. The marriage ended and the divorece was an ugly affair. She came back to Byron Falls 5 years ago to start a new life. She opened The Looking Glass, a clothing store for girls and women. The store was a success from the start. Now Lorelei doesn’t so much run The Looking Glass but just owns it. She hires young pretty girls to manage the store, some are even students at the High School looking for after school jobs.

She is real close friends with Kendra Sibley who’s shop is across the street from hers.

Lorelei Adelphie

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