*Loraine "Lolly" Fibonacci

The Gorgeous Half-Star


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Basic Information

Born on May 23, 1997
In 12th Grade at Byron Falls High School
In the Pretty Committee
In a relationship with Vlad Whitewood

The Half-Star Who Is The Prettiest Girl In Town
Soul Points 10/10
Sports: 0, Art: 0, Drama: 3, Study: 2, Detention: 1


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In a relationship with Family (19) Current Schedule

 Vlad Whitewood 

 James Fibonacci 

 James Charles 
 1st Period English 

Friends (7)

 Kelvin Fibonacci 

 Vice Turnagen 
 2nd Period Science 

 Ami Adams (3) 

 CeeCee Yoshida 
 Maid/Father’s Girlfriend 

 Maggic Munch 

 Micah Kurt (4) 

 Joseph Fibonacci 

 Cornelius Whitewood 
 3rd Period Math T.A. 

 Olivia Keshet (4) 

 Lilly Fibonacci 

 Lark Harper 
 4th Period Music 

 Vlad Whitewood (5) 

 J.J. Fibonacci 

 Trixie Torres (2) 

 Carolyn Fibonacci 

 Jeanie Jameson (2) 

 Marie Fibonacci 

 Primrose Fibonacci 
 Crazy Aunt 

 Roshan Fibonacci 

 Anton Durmmond 

 Misha Durmmond 

 Sophie Pascal 

 Mena Madrona 

 Tala Rollin 

 Tempest Bailey 

 Malissa Clay 

 Amber Gable 

 Greer Makani 


First Semester Freshman Year
Science with Vice Turnagen “Mr. Turnagen”
Home Economics by Loa Boutin “Miss Boutin”
Lunch served by Maggie Munch “Maggie”
English by James Charles “Mr. Charles”
P.E. with Jumel Morris “Coach Morris”

Boutin Family Recipes
Lolly’s Backpack
Lolly’s Locker
Lolly’s Necklace
Basement Room

1st Period – History
2nd Period – Science
3rd Period – Foreign Language
4th Period – T.A. Math

*Loraine "Lolly" Fibonacci

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Demonicrose