Kendra Sibley

Owner of Mystic Grounds


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Basic Information

Former Owner of Mystic Grounds
Related to Lorelei Adelphie and Arien Freira

The Sweet Wyrd Sister


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Kendra has always lived in Byron Falls. She still lives in the house that her and her sisters grew up in in Silver Meadows. She was the youngest of them yet always took a more leadership out of the three for them.
In High School she always found it frustrating that there wasn’t too many places to go in town for a teen or college student to hang out. So, she got an online degree in business and opened up Mystic Grounds 4 years ago. She has never been married and is currently not attached to anyone.
She is one of those people in town that everyone talks about, and she has been that way sense she was young. Just a little odd. Things like if you go to her store she will offer to read your tea leaves after you are done, or seems to know what the weather is going to be like before the reports even do, or knows just what will cheer you up. She is not unfriendly, just… odd…
But the coffee and tea is great and you can’t find better in the sleepy little town.

Her store is across the street from Bijoux Charmant and she is very close friends with the owner Arien Freira.

Kendra Sibley

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