Jumel Morris

Poltergeist Physical Education Instructor / Coach


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Basic Information

Teacher at Byron Falls High School

Poltergeist Physical Education Instructor / Coach


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Coach Morris has been at Byron Falls longer then anyone can remember.
In the early 90’s he “took Byron Falls Varsity Football to State 10 years in a row”.
He is a bald 6’1" man in his late 50’s. He is seen wearing the same thing every day: a sweat suit (always long sleeves and pants), aviator sun glasses, a baseball cap, and gloves… no matter what the weather…
During major events (or when he is trying to impress Nurse Amy Bronwen ) he might add a tie to this look…
Coach Morris yells… all the time… at everyone… except Nurse Bronwen…

He is more of a “supervisor” then a “participant” when it comes to the sports he coaches the the physical education class he teaches. If you are a star player, you are golden. If you are on a team he will push you hard. If you are neither one of these two… well I guess every one needs to run laps…

Jumel Morris

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale