Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Unsanctioned Field Trip

I heard of tripping on shrooms before but I thought you had to eat them, not walk though them.

After “looking” for an after school club to join, and making a bunch of nerds cry. Out of boredom I rode around town and ended up in the pasture of the horse Lolly was telling Mr. Whitewood about. For the shit of it I looked at the hose with my monocle and saw a sparkly trail leading into the forest. I figured I’d follow it and see where it lead to. I did text the gang incase I didn’t come back. Going into the forest after dark was a bad idea but i wasn’t in the mood to care. I followed the glowing path to a circle of mushrooms, i see a large glowing figure like shape on the other side of it, and then the next thing I know I’m in a forest full of red cedar trees.
It was beautiful. Before me was a path that wandered though the woods. the way behind me was blank and kinda freaky looking so I followed the path. I wandered through the forest it felt like i was in a dream. I eventually wandered into a willow grove. It was almost like a painting, willow trees and small ponds every where. I met this tall man, with tan skin and white eyes. He was handsomely scary. He was nice, friendly and even wanted me to meet his father. I was up for it but then Lolly, Kelvin, and Mal showed up with Mr. Whitewood. I didn’t quite recognize him at first. Mal yelled “Let go of my property!” (Note to self: Kick Mal in the nuts at school tomorrow.)
That surprised the gentleman I was talking to. Then Whitewood and the willow grove man (I never got his name) started talking. Stuff about some one getting re-married, and how the queen of shadows was taking it. I didn’t catch it all because Mal grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. I tired escaping him, but him and his stupid vampire martial arts kept me from going to the nice man’s home. I’m sure it would be even more magnificent that what i had seen so far. Well the Willow man escorted us a long ways back to where the rest of the gang came in. The willow man said I should com back and visit again, though Whitewood didn’t look like he liked that idea and marched us out. When we stepped out there was a lot of snow on the ground and all out cel phones were dead. Hooch wasn’t any whereto be found. I figured he went home with out me. I was getting to be past his dinner time. He’s smart enough to get home alone. With my phone dead I have no idea what time it is, but I’m pretty sure I’m grounded again and just before my first therapy session too. I think the fae world would be more fun than that.



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