Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Things To Do in Byron Falls When You Are Bored

Ryder still has control of my house, so I did the only response was to go with Trixie’s suggestion and steal her van. Stealing the van was fun and making out with Trixie was even better. After leaving the van, we ended up at Billy Cache’s lake house where we threw an impromptu party, by eventually getting the entire gang up to the lake and the evening went very well. We will have to make sure Olivia keeps dating Zane so we can use the lake house without Billy.


The Fey twins decided to explore the caves on the other side of the lake, but Lolly thought it a bad idea and I agreed, so we headed back to town. Lolly had a lunch date with her mother and I offered to take her since her mother and Whitewood have a “history”. Vlad thought better of dealing with his brothers and decided to go to lunch. Lolly’s mother looks like an older version of her, stunning, but it was a little weird. Whitewood and I went upstairs to the attic to get a trunk and while we were up there Lolly must have done or said something because she came up stairs and told Whitewood her mother wanted to take to him. The argument got intense and I doubt they noticed when we left.


So the Fey twins were successful in finding out the cult was in the cave. They also confirmed that their boyfriends were in the cult. I guess after we break the spell they can kiss it and make it better, but those poor guys are going to need ice in the meantime. Lolly and I got to the cave as they were coming out. That day at stunt driving school paid off as I was able to skid the cadegreesegress to a stop so they could jump and in and we got away. Felt very Raiders of the lost arkish, but with a car and a death cult instead of a plane and hostile natives. Heading back to town, Rocky gave Lolly a school directory and a hand. I will have to top that for her birthday in a couple of months, but the directory gave us the name of six students that could be the head of the death cult, so we headed back to town to investigate.

Worst Recon Mission Ever

We decided to investigate the lockers of the students and see if we can learn anything. The first five were interesting, we did figure out that somebody had made a deal with a demon, a pretty powerful one as it turns out. The last locker was the school genius. His loguardeds gaurded with elven traps, but we were able to get past them. We found records that he was tutoathletes athelets for a good bit of money. It was a good thing I paid attention to my uncle when he was talking about book keeping.

While exploring the school we found the holes peeking into the girls shower, so Lolly moved them to the boys side. We noticed that the coach was still there. He looked bad. We realizepoltergeistpoltergiest and he looked bad. I really looked at Mary and Thad and they did not look well either. The increase in ghosts is causing them not to get enough food. I am afraid that they may have to turn to eating people soon.

After we finished ransacking the lockers, we started to head out. We heard a noise coming from the library which is odd since it is a holiday. We decided to check it out. See this is what happens when you get bored, you start to do stupid things. We get to the library, and when we look inside we see that the librarian has unconscioused unconcious. We see Cuthbert with a book in his hand. When he sees us, he runs for the window, but Rocky and Olivia take after him and Olivia hits him her hockey stick, and that was a mistake. The lich that he made a deal with did not like that.

Lolly and I went to get the car, and Olivia and Rocky decided to follow out the window. We got to the car and headed to where Olivia and Rocky came out of the window. As we were heading there, we noticed that zombies were starting to rise out of the ground. As we pulled up we saw Olivia and Rocky get hit with a warlockom the worklock, so I hit him with the car, That stunt driving school came in handy again. We exited stage left at about 150 and made our way to Whitewood’s.

Whitewood’s and Another Dimension

Lolly called Whitewood who was still arguing with Lolly’s mother, but he used that as an excuse to meet us back at his house. We go there ahead of the zombie hoard. Fletch called Olivia’s mother and I told her that Olivia was not okay and I told her we were headed to Whitewood’s. When we all got inside, Whitewood did big scary magic and we were in a different place. I called Trixie, but woke her up as time moves differently, so it was like 2 am in the morning. We stayed there for several hours and then returned to see what was going on. It turned out that several weeks had passed while we were gone.

I called Trixie and she was not happy, she would never admit that she worried, but disappearing like we did had her concerned. I talked to her a few minutes and we found out that zombies are walking around at night. Lolly and I went to get the book that I found in Thanos’s office, but the page that had the contract had been ripped out. We now know who the warlock is and that they are close.

The End is Exciting

We have two days until the spring formal, and about a week to Lolly’s birthday and the eclipse when the ritual will be complete. We know where the death cult is at and we know who the warlock is, so we can deal with them, but there is the whole problem of the death magic. I guess the semester will have an interesting end after all.



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