Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

The Semester is Almost Done

Last night was interesting. It was the Spring Formal, so that meant something exciting had to happen. By the end of the night, everything had resolved itself and the milkshakes tasted like victory. Not sure where to start with this one as a lot happened in the night.

Two Days Ago

After the shock of getting back from the Traverse and realizing that a month and a half had pasted we took care of immediate things. Olivia’s mom was walking her home by her ear and Lolly distracted the brothers while I collected Thanos’s blood. These are the moments when I miss Mal, not sure what is up with him may have to do lunch to find out.

After collecting the blood, I came downstairs to figure out that Olivia had Cricket put her mom to sleep, right there on the street. You know the street with Zombies, Vampires and anything else supernatural that feels froggy. I am now convinced Olivia is a natural blonde, or at least the peroxide has finally leached the nonfey part out. The brothers saved her and she got her mom home. At that point everybody decided to stay at Whitewoods, and I decided to sleep in my car. It just felt safer.

The next day we all ran around trying to get everything together for the plan. I found a ghost that could help, but he took some convincing as he was Father Dusan Laverick and did not think that a kid could handle this, but through some persuasive talk and a little confession I was able to convince him. I then stopped by the florist to get flowers for Trixie and corsage for the dance. I will probably have to figure something else out soon as the flowers are only going to work so many times.

Lolly, Rocky and Olivia were working on making a pair of scissors to cut the Warlock’s connection to the Lich, basically breaking his pact. As I was leaving the florist, I texted Lolly asking her about her dress. This apparently created a freak fit from her, so I texted her the number for Carmen Marc Valvo, a designer that I know well. When I got to her house she had a mannequin and was trying to figure out the dress. I asked her if she had called Carmen, and she said that she had night, so I took out my phone, called him, explained the situation to him and handed the phone to Lolly. She took it, started talking to him and glared at me as I walked up the stairs.

Trixie was waiting for me at the top of the stairs and started giving me grief. I let her have her moment, and then pulled the flowers from behind my back, and that seemed to settle things. I asked her if we were going to the dance, and she said yes. We talked for a bit with Lolly interjecting, and I managed a quick text to Vlad reminding him about the dance. We seem to be doing alright, but I feel like something is off. I guess a month and a half apart and all this running around will do that. Well, summer is around the corner and we should be able to spend some time together.

The Dance or How to Win Friends and Influence People

We all made it to the dance with our dates. Olivia came with Zane which is a good sign that he is truly being controlled and not aware of what is happening. Rocky came with Kai, which is interesting as I thought she was with Parkers, but I was not going to ask. I made the mistake of telling Trixie what was going on in the car and she was not happy. She told me not to fight the lich, so I agreed knowing I was going to have to anyway. Lolly and I decided that we need to get Cuthbert away from the dance while Olivia and Rocky found the Lich’s simulacrum. The best way we could figure was to have someone distract him. Lolly figured she could do it, but we would need to distract Vlad and Trixie so they did not know what was going on. We started another “discussion” between them about the source of witchcraft. I think Lolly and I are becoming better friends over dealing with the drama of our significant others. I just don’t understand how we both found bigger drama queens then we are.

After starting the argument, we found Cuthbert. He was dancing with Shadan. You do have to give him a bit of credit for using his brains, but the scene on the dance floor was a little strange. We decided I would distract Shadan while Lolly worked on Cuthbert. This is one of those reasons you always have a camera with you, vain pretty woman love the attention. I rather obviously and forcefully interrupted them striking up a conversation with Shadan and maneuvering her to take some pictures. I said just enough to keep him off balance, so he would not think to hard when Lolly approached him. It worked better than I could have imagined, and before he could figure it out Lolly had wrapped around her finger and was leading him out of the dance. I followed stopping by Trixie and Vlad, still arguing and told them that I thought someone had spiked the punch and I was following Lolly, they both barely registered me talking and so I left to keep an eye on Lolly.

She led him out to the football field where we discovered Zane had written a message to Olivia in Daisies. Lolly kept him distracted and I really wanted to yell down are you stupid, try and kiss her already, but I did not. Then she texted me and I called her, so she could fake being invited to a party in the park, after we got confirmation that Rocky and Olivia had found the box.

The Setup

We decided to get him to the park so he would be away from the death cult and the school when the trap was sprung. Rocky and Olivia headed to the Park after finding the box at the Cuthbert’ house and I headed over there after Lolly and Cuthbert left. We setup at the Gazebo and waited. They arrived about 15 minutes after I got there and started walking into the park. The trap was set, all we needed to do now was execute.

The Make Scissors for Anything

Lolly was talking with Cuthbert who obviously was distracted with his own scheming. He was so distracted, that he did not notice that Lolly had let him get ahead of her. He also missed the scissors she pulled out, whoops. She focused for a second and then snip, the connection was broken. The look on his face was priceless once he realized what happened. He tried to run away, but the Fey twins caught him and well that ACL tear is going to be painful for him and his summer is really going to suck.

Well the lich did not appreciate this and the ground began to shake and zombies began to rise from the ground. I grabbed bats from the battle wagon and threw them to Olivia and Rocky. The lit them on fire and proceeded to go John Woo on the zombies. It was impressive to watch, and that is when the shoe closet dropped. Looking down the street, I saw Vampires to left, lich to the right and here I am stuck in the middle.

Is This Westside Story

I have seen this play before, the two gangs facing off ready to destroy each other, the town and anybody caught up in it. I called Mr Delano about the Vampires, but he said it was the council and there was nothing he could do. Lolly and I decided that we would not let them get to the park because Olivia and Rocky would cause an all out Frenzy, so we decided to negotiate as we held all the cards, and this really seemed to confuse everybody.

At this point I am sure you are thinking right two teenagers are going to stop a horde of Vampires and Lich from doing anything by talking to them. Under normal circumstances you would be right, but when one of those teens is 1/2 star, you know the sun, and the other is an ectomancer and both have a bit of any ability to talk people into things you get the perfect storm of awesomeness happens. After telling the Lich if he did not want his heart crushed he would stop, apparently a golem holding his heart between his hands is powerful persuasion.

The Vampires, they were a little more hard headed, but they got some convincing to. Lolly demonstrated her ability to produce sunlight, while I stood there with sunglasses on rubbing sunscreen on my skin. Mal really did put everything into the battle wagon. Once the vampires began to really feel it they backed down. We turned and started talking to the lich, but he was being difficult, so Lolly ultimate told him a place and time tomorrow that we would meet. The Vampires started to leave, accept for the three elders in the front. I think they planned to make some kind of example of us or something, but that did not work out to well for them. The brother and sister tried to attack Olivia and Rocky, but ended up exploding into Ash as Ryder showed up and hit them with arrows. I think I will have to reevaluate my opinion of her. She caught the last one before he had a chance to react and we vacated the area with Cuthbert in tow.

Death, is well Death

So we headed for the cave, hoping to beat the Lich there so we could free death before it go back. We managed to beat it there and found death in a similar state to Thanos. We negotiated with death, she was intent on killing Cuthbert, but in the end she agreed to leave him and the death cult members alone in exchange for us destroying the lich and her getting to see Cuthbert. Lolly reluctantly agreed, as she realized the lich was beyond redemption. We brought Cuthbert in after the box was destroyed. He looked even more scared than he was earlier. Death looked at him and her eyes became a clock counting down. I told Cuthbert that we were all the stood between him and death. He would live out his natural life, but death would get him when it was his time and he had the rest of his life to think about it. After that we freed death and used gasoline and a flare to burn hers and Thanos’s blood so no one else would be able to use it. We then took Cuthbert to the hospital, cleaned up and headed back to the dance.

Milkshake Tastes Like Victory

We got back to the dance and Vlad and Trixie were still at it, they had been going at it for like 2 and half hours, it was insane. We finally broke them up because the dance was ending. I suggested the diner and milkshakes, but everybody was really not paying attention, now I know how Tony Stark felt when he wanted to get Shawarma and everybody was thinking about something else. Lolly told Vlad that the death cult/lich problem had been handled and took of for home to see how Thanos was. Everybody finally agreed to go get milkshakes and Whitewood texted that Thanos was doing better. So all in all not a bad night.

What Happens Next

The death cult is beaten, the lich is destroyed, the vampires are retreating, the ghosts have left and Cuthbert is in the hospital getting prepped for surgery. We have finals starting on Monday and then Lolly’s birthday and then it will be summer. It will be nice to get a break and spend some time with Trixie. I have to go back to Japan at the end of Summer for a few weeks and that will be fun so all in all things should be good.



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