Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Pieces of my Soul

Today was highly informative. I know know for a fact what it feels like having a piece of my soul taken away and that it has happened before (making of Tiewaz). I made a deal with the devil … Andras… and he ate a piece of my soul.

It started Sunday morning. I went to church with my parents, mainly because I wanted to talk to Mr. Obi about ways to protect us or stop Andras. When I got to church I started feeling sick. Mom seemed kinda of aggravated that I started feeling sick once we got there… Might have still been miffed over the whole being picked up by the cops thing. She hands me a bunch of stomach settlers and marches me into the church. Kelvin seemed to be feeling sick too so I shared the pills with him. He was having similar issues with his father. At least I didn’t have to deal with Lolly too. When it came to communion time, the wafer felt like it was trying to electrocute me. Kelvin wasn’t handling it well, but I managed to slip it into my pocket. Not sure what would have done if I could even managed to eat it. Afterward, I slipped out side to wait out the rest of church and wait for Obi to show up. Kelvin and Mal were arguing out side of church about something, I wasn’t really listening to them. Finally Obi comes out and I managed to get a few words in with him before the feather duster squad shows up and whisks him away. The details are a bit fuzzy I was still feeling sick. But feeling dissatisfaction at the length and detail with the conversation I decided to follow them. Turns out the feather dusters are staying at Obi’s apartment and he doesn’t seem to like it. I caught him sneaking out. This conversation I can remember better being away from the church. There is a way to banish Andras, but he doesn’t know how. We might be able to lock him away in the Volcano, but that would require a very strong lock & very tempting bait. He wants my “friends” and I to meet him during lunch Wednesday. I guess the goon squad doesn’t come on campus. Obi pretended to not even see my monocle thing and made me quickly put it away. Strange man.

Mal had asked I meet him at Mr.Whitewood’s house for some fun chaos at sun set. No idea what the big idiot was talking about. But he needed me there at sunset. So by sunset I arrive and Mal & Kelvin are dueling with pistols on whitewood’s lawn. There are even refreshments waiting on the porch. Lolly is drinking Lemonade and offered me some. Seeing how I was thirsty after walking all over town I took a glass. it was kinda funny tasting, like lavender and honey. While watching Mal & Kelvin try to shoot each other (kelvin’s gun never went off, it seemed rigged) I decided that burning down the school was a bad idea it be better to set the fire works off from the roof or something. I don’t want to go to Juvie again. I don’t need to beat every one into the ground to prove I’m better than their opinion of me. I’m awesome no matter what any one thinks of me.

Next thing I know Andras is standing out in the street looking at us. Mal goes to try and kick his ass but Lolly jumps him and dragged him inside with a freaking out whitewood. Andras starts talking his usual shit as the feather duster squad shows up. Apparently the angels can’t touch him till he harms some innocent person. Bunch of stuff about paper work and contracts. Kelvin starts trying to dig for information on who he’s after and who sent him. But he did manage to get that Andras was after Mr. Fibonacci. Then Andras was in a generous mood or something because he said that for a piece of soul he would spend the next 24 hours. Locked in a room, with no contact unless some one walked into the room. He would tell no one where he was going, not summon any demons. He would sit quietly and wait. Until the end of the 24 hours.

I know this is a trick or trap on his part. But for Halloween the worst day possible around here. That SOB will be trapped in that room. I plan to put a salt circle with blood around the damn house to keep any thing possible out of there. It wont work on every thing but it should work on some of the worst… like other demons finding him. If we can find out who summoned Andras then maybe we can do something bout getting him banished before he comes eats my face 12:01am November 1st.



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