Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Bad Decisions

That seems to be a theme this semester. Get locked in a house with creepy ghost girl, get attacked by strung-out Vampire, get kidnapped by my well-intentioned but misguided mentor, follow brainwashed boyfriend into cult’s secret base… Hit a warlock with a hockey stick, and then don’t run away from the big bad Lich that pops up out of nowhere.

I hurt more than I ever have. Its like being on the losing side of a hockey brawl, only a million times worse.
Not 24 hours ago I was snuggled up with a nice guy in a lake house, and now I’m in pain on the couch at our math teacher/Price of Magic’s house. Talk about mood whiplash day, what the hell.
Sure, maybe me and Rocky traipsing into the caves with our respective boys, who we knew were involved with the cult, wasn’t the best idea. But hey! We found where they had been keeping Thanos… Poor Thanos… there was so much blood there. We really should’ve burned it before we ran, but the boy’s getting all face-painted and brainwashed sorta triggered the fight-then-flight response for both of us. Poor Parker, Rocky got him good. Zane was actually rather tough to take down, which while irritating at the time, I rather appreciate.
Lolly and Brandon came to the rescue with some fancy getaway driving, and Rocky picked up a handbook with a bunch of names on it. Since its our first really solid lead on who could be the warlock, we went to toss their lockers and gather evidence.
While we were there we did learn an interesting secret about good old Coach Morris. Turns out he’s a ghost, well, poltergeist. Certainly explains his ill-tempered nature and aversion to hockey… though I think maybe I can convince him to make a hockey team now, with a little help from Brandon perhaps.
Anyway, most of the lockers had interesting things in them, but there was one that stood out in particular. The kid had elven made traps all over his locker! Not that they were particularly hard to disarm; I even managed to salvage them for later use. Anyway, turns out the kid had records of tutoring most of the kids we’ve confirmed to be in the cult, which is suspicious~ Rocky and I tossed the other nearby lockers to make it look like it wasn’t targeted, but turns out it was all for naught.
We heard some noise in the library and went to check it out. The librarian was knocked out at her desk and Mister Warlock himself was trying to make off with some books from the library. We couldn’t have that, you know, so me and Rocky charge forward to knock him out and capture him.
That didn’t go so well… He called the Lich and rather than turning tail and running, me and Rocky continued with our quest to capture the kid. The Lich blasted us, and the last thing I remember was blinding pain.
I woke up later at Whitewood’s house, which apparently he had pulled into the Traverse to escape the army of zombies which had been chasing us. Fletch had called my mom and told her what happened, so she dashed to Whitewood’s house, but unfortunately got stuck in the empty house since she arrived after Whitewood had pulled the house into the Traverse.
Whitewood brought us back not too long after, but well, time works weird with different planes… What felt like maybe a few hours tops turned out to be a month and a half. And my mom was stuck for a month and a half in the empty house by herself with no contact, having to tell my dad she was house sitting for the entire time because she couldn’t leave. I feel terrible… Though I did make the mistake to try and escape her grasp when we did get back. She didn’t take to that well. She grabbed my ear in front of all the princes and all my friends, and gods did it hurt.
Anyway, I’m quite frustrated… I feel like I’ve been put into the penalty box right as the endgame is starting, and it sucks… I’ll be lucky to open a window, let alone leave the house this summer. And with the whole time warp I totally missed my birthday, a dumb thing to think about, but I think with how angry mom is I can write off any presents this year… Oh gods. How am I going to get my driver’s license if I’m stuck in the house? This sucks! I swear I’m going to beat that Warlock brat into a pulp… just as soon as I can stand up with out shaking.


I’m going to have to find a way to sneak a birthday present into Olivia’s lock down, if we survive the next couple of days

Bad Decisions

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