Rocky's House

Roads house

Welcome to the House the Rhoads live in, with all their foster children.
Currently in Residence is:
David Rhodes
Kathy Holmes Rhodes
Roxanne “Rocky” Rhodes
Layan Rhodes
Nana Eleanor
Dustin Dakota
And a small horde of children between the ages of 3 & 13

After the town was attacked by a vicious gang, Many children were left orphaned, so Mr. & Mrs. Rhoads opened their doors to all the lost little ones. This is the nosiest house in Iron Gates. There was easily enough room in the house to accommodate every one.

The Bathroom window is too small to escape out of (much to the dismay of a cornered Rocky), but there is a great tree for climbing out of the second story, next to Rocky’s room. There is a small forge in the big back yard, where Rocky and her friends like to make things. Several cats and a dog play in the large grassy lawn. A large white fence separates the lawn from the forest. A swing set has been added to the yard to give the little ones a place to play.

No word yet on how the Neighbors are taking the increase in volume.

Rocky's House

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Velasca