Byron Falls High School

School Motto:

Occulta sunt scientiae, scientiae autem non dedisti iusto. Tantum dignum lucrari possunt secreta mysteria nisi quod vivere hic.

Secrets are Knowledge, Knowledge is earned not a given. Only the worthy can gain secrets, only secrets can live here.


  • Mr. Turnagen‘s Classroom features remote controlled blinds, remove controlled video screen, file cabinets, marble lab desks, and a central drain which connects to the city’s sewer system.
  • Mr. Grey-Crow’s Classroom features computers, some of which are infected with a mysterious glitch…
  • Mr. Whitewood’s classroom features wooden paneling, a wall of wide windowpanes with a great view of the campus, a chalkboard with an alchemical ingredient stockpile secreted behind, and a perch for Archimedes.
  • Ms. Goga’s class room is fairly standard with linoleum floors, white walls, 2 waist high windows viewing the north west campus, press board desks, and florescent lighting. The walls are covered with posters from around the world, mostly Greece and Italy, in various languages.
  • Mr. Brogan’s classroom features plenty of material, tools, and safety gear for woodworking, welding, and assorted shop work, plus his master project book.
  • Mr. Robin has a classroom which can take a lot of physical abuse…
  • Mr. Charles‘s classroom barely looks like he has settled down in it. Nothing has been updated to this room in years. At one point the floors and walls and ceilings were probably industrial white but are now dingy and stained from years of non-refurbished efforts. He has a long desk from the 1960’s with many draws that usually house food of some variety. The super daring Detention students try to sneak into these draws now and then.
  • Mr. Obi’s classroom is exceptionally clean and brightly lit.
  • Students of Coach Morris get to enjoy the athletic fields. He’ll bench you if necessary, or send you into the bowels of the school to do the athletic laundry if he really feels like punishing you… He does have an office located between the two locker rooms, but only the Sports teams have ever gone inside it.
  • Harper‘s classroom has instruments to loan to students if they can’t afford their own. Towards the back are 4 carpet covered steps that span the lenghth of the room and curve inward for practice. There are no windows but the walls have plenty of “musical inspiration” posters.
  • Drake Ormarr has taken over as Home Ec teacher since Miss Boutin as “Disappeared”. No long is the classroom is filled with the most unusual decor, but instead is not a lot more stream lined. Instead of feeling like you have walked into a Country Cottage you feel like you have walked into a Frech School. The room is spotless and white, and now the walls are adorn with conversion tables and definition charts.
  • Rene Wallace‘s classroom was definatly thrown together. There are still boxes in the corners of the room, the student desks to not match each other and seem to be what ever was available in storage, and even Mr. Wallace’s desk looks like it was a hammy down from another teacher (Maybe Vice Turnagen). The walls are adorn with old posters of things like The Consitution and The Gettysburg Address, but are marked up with proof of conspirieces in the writting.
  • Philana Zanthe’s classroom is the Auditorium. It is not like most High School Auditoriums and would make any College or Proffessional Troop proud. The stage is large with old wood floors, it is framed with large pillars with dramatic aritetchure and figures and filegree. The curtians that sit on the edge are red velvet and should have been updated years ago. It is old and gorgious and was forgotten for a long time until Miss Zanthe took over.

Other Locations on Campus

  • Nurse Bronwen’s office features cots to lay on and plenty of cold compresses.
  • The clocktower features a room where the janitor, Conner Seath lives (and in which he can chain himself up during bouts of lycanthropy). From there you can see most of the entire town.
  • Ms. Tanaka‘s desk is located near the hallway’s trophy case and is before the offices of Mr. Grace and Mr. Delano. Caron Lolovivi’s office is right across from her desk.
  • The cafeteria includes many tables, a food service counter with instructions for the lunch lady, a cot for her to sleep in, dry and cold food storage areas, food prep and cooking areas, a staff lounge, and an upper balcony from which faculty and staff can watch the goings-on.
  • The front steps of the school building feature a pair of stone French Artisan Lions on each side.
  • An black iron fence surrounds the entire school property.



Byron Falls High School

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