Byron Falls' Founders and History

A lot has been forgotten about the History of Byron Falls, but some facts have been uncovered as of late. Most of the information that has been found have been about the Founders themselves.

The credit of Founder of Byron Falls goes to Byron Coupe. The Coupe family had always had a special traite. At times they had gut feelings. Feelings that usually lead them down the right path. Feelings about what choices to make, roads to go, ways of handling business, anything. The Coupe’s were a family of Oracles. Most of the family did not develope their powers and thus could not read the future, but it was still a part of them. When Byron decided to stay in America he wanted to create a new life. With his new life came a new name for his family… Cache. The family blood line of Cache still carries the traite of Oracle. Not every child of the Cache line gets the ability, but a lot do. They just know how to make the right choices, the right risks, and how to get out of problems easier. William “Billy” Cache is from that bloodline. He is still veiled and does not know of his family’s abilities, but benefits from them still.

Byron had 2 friends though. He had made a settlement of Byron Falls and wanted it to grow. The more people that settled the safer they all were. So he contacted his 2 friends, Tivon Brady and Gaenor Fibonacci. They brought their families to the settlement and helped Byron grow his little town. The two other families had gifts of their own, gifts that also travel through the blood lines as times, but some more then others.

The Brady’s came from Ireland. Their family had strong ties to Ireland. The Brady’s were a family of Druids. The family followed a way of how you treat nature and your neighbor. It is understood then as it is now if you need help you can always count on a Brady. The ability to use natural magic, or magic at all, is an inherient trait but to mold it into the form that Druids use needs to be learned. A child from the line of Brady can acutally use their ability a number of ways. Druid magic falls under the catagory of “Component Magic” and there for a child of the Brady line can pick up any of it’s manifestations if gifted with the family trait. Zane Brady is currently learning how to be a Druid and carry on the family trait, but it is unknown if his parents are Druids or know of the world.

Last is the Fibonacci’s. The family came from Italy but had been in the America’s from almost the begining. A lot were Pastors, or Care Takers, or Lawyers, or Undertakers… Gaenor Fibonacci was a Pastor. He had a way about him. People followed when he talked. He seemed to know everything about the town and who was doing what. Byron saw these qualities in him and made him Mayor of the small town. There has never been a mayor that wasn’t a Fibonacci. But that is not what made the Fibonacci’s special… The Fibonacci’s were Ectomancers. They could work with ghosts and control them if needed. Father Fibonacci only used his powers for good, and taught his bloodline so. The ability of Ectomancy is not garenteed as part of the blood line. It can skip a generation or two. Joseph “Joe” Fibonacci is an Ectomancer, but his son James Fibonacci is not. It is unknown if Jame’s son Kelvin Fibonacci has the family trait or not.

Byron Falls' Founders and History

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