Tag: Anchor


  • Archimedes

    Archimedes is a beautiful Barn Owl that sits at the front corner of [[:cornelius-whitewood | Cornelius Whitewood]]'s class room. He watches the student, observing every action they do. He is not always friendly with them, but every now and then he will …

  • Roan

    A beautiful Wild Gypsy Horse. He has been hanging around in a field just outside the woods. No one knows who he really belongs to but [[:devyn-scarlet | Devyn Scarlet]] has been seen being the only one able to approach him. He is cautious and does not …

  • Zajac

    Zajac is always with [[:cricket-aisling | Cricket Aisling]]. He usually rides in his jean jacket in a special pocket. When not in the pocket he is very sweet and VERY cuddly. He is kind of vocal for a Rabbit and makes little chirps to show he is happy.

  • Sirius

    Sirius is the companion to [[:garrick-oxford | Garrick Oxford]] While Garrick seems distant Sirius is actually quite friendly. He is more likely to run up and greet someone forcing Garrick to keep up with him.

  • Oriole

    Oriole is a golden sparrow. They are not usually seen around this part of the US. But he is there, and he stays close to [[:guthrie-tamber | Guthrie Tamber]] for the most part.

  • Itachi

    Itachi can be a bit of a trouble maker... but it is almost always in harmless fun. He can get in and out of places before anyone can notice. He is crafty and quick and can get away with almost anything a little Ferret can. He is the Anchor to the …

  • Donovan

    Donovan has been seen at the Dark Warehouse near then back of Byron Falls. He works there with [[:warren-foster | Warren Foster]]. He is slender and completely black... and never blinking....