Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Freshman Orientation
First Day of School

The Date:
September 12th, 2011


It was the first day of school. Everyone was very busy getting ready… correction, everyone but Roxanne “Rocky” Roads was busy getting ready. Rocky slept in until just 10 minutes before she had to leave for school.

It was everyone’s first day of High School. Some didn’t know what to expect because they were new to Byron Falls like Malstrom “Mal” Highwind. Others couldn’t wait for High School. They had gone to school their whole lives at Byron Falls Primary, the Elementary/Jr. High School. It was not as grand as Byron Falls High which was at the top of a tall hill surrounded by tall pine trees. Byron Falls Primary was at the bottom of the hill and was comprised of mostly Portable Buildings and an old warehouse that used to store lumber when it was big business. For years students like Kelvin Fibonacci and Loraine “Lolly” LaRue dreamed of the day that they would go to the wonderful school on the hill, and now was the day.

Students had to follow a dress code. Clothing must be in the following colors: White, Grey/Silver, Navy/Midnight Blue, Black, and/or Brown. Monday-Wednesday was collared shirts and ties, all tucked and nice. Boys could wear dress slacks, girls had to wear skirts that hit at the knee or longer, and everyone had to wear nice shoes. On Thursdays and Fridays no one had to wear a tie. On special occasions there were announced “shorts” days, but they were rare and far between.

Rocky was sent home as soon as she arrived because of being out of dress code. She missed the first 45 minutes of Orientation. Mal, Lolly, and Kelvin heard the whole thing. It began with 2 large pairs of speakers being rolled out onto the theater auditorium stage. From out of these speakers came a commanding calm voice. It was the Principal, Mr. Grace. He was unable to leave his office at the time, so he welcomed everyone through the schools speaker system. After the brief welcome he turned the floor over to Vice Principal Mulo Delano. Mr. Delano came onto the stage and welcomed everyone. He informed everyone to look at their Freshman Orientation Packet and note the number on the front page at the upper right. Our group of students had #33. Those with the same number got into a group to introduce themselves. This is where the group met Virginia Hunt, a skinny vegan girl that had just moved from San Francisco, CA. At about this point Rocky showed back up in dress code compliance. Everyone introduced themselves and lines were drawn very quickly as to who was going to be friends… and who was going to be enemies……

The bell rang signaling it was time for the students to go to their first class of the first day of their High School lives…

And Thus Begins The School Year

After Freshman Orientation the students where sent to their first period classes. Our young “heroes” all have first hour together…

1st Period
* Science with Vice Turnagen

First hour was with the Science/Home Room Teacher Mr. Turnagen. Students soon realized that Mr. Turnagen was no push over. He was the only teacher to make a Seating Chart for the class and expected them to adhere to it perfectly each day.
There was no class “get to know each other” portion and he went right into the lesson of the day which was mostly focusing on disproving Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…

2nd Period
* Math with Cornelius Whitewood

Math with Mr. Whitewood is always interesting. But it was not the teacher that students first met. It was a beautiful barn owl named Archimedes that sat at the front corner of the class. It was noted that Mr. Whitewood’s classroom was the more beautiful out of all the ones in Byron Falls. The whole north wall was floor to ceiling windows, his desk was 1800’s and hand carved with oak leaves and ivy all around the base and legs, even the walls were wood paneling making for a comfortable learning environment.

  • Kelvin did well in Math getting homework done in class and made friends with Archimedes

* Computer Skills with Alo Grey-Crow

Though the computers at Byron Falls are not a archaic as one might think to expect, they are not “new” by any standard. There are no sleek Apples here and you are lucky if your computer runs at all. Upon arrival students where informed by Mr. Grey-Crow that they are welcomed to use the computers at any time of day during school hours, but they are not allowed in this room without Mr. Grey-Crow present. He even had them sign a contract stating they promised not to come into this room without him….

  • Roxanne “Rocky” Roads broke her computer in class. Know one knows what exactly she did but all of a sudden the computer started to smoke and spark. Mr. Grey-Crow promptly took it out of the class room and put it in the hall way. He called up Conner Seath to clean it up.
  • Malstrom “Mal” Highwind rebuilt and reprogrammed his computer, having it now run Linux. But at the end of class he thinks his computer winked at him.

* Home Economics with Loa Boutin
Home Ec. is an inviting place. It is a large white room with many stoves and ovens and tables to work on and with. No matter when you walk in it is warmer then any other place on campus but not uncomfortably. It smells of spices and goodies all the time. Miss Boutin is always smiling and eager to help students learn the joy of “baking and making”.

  • Loraine “Lolly” LaRue did very well in Home Ec. Not only did her chocolate chip cookies come out perfect, but when she pulled them from the oven they were unexpectedly in the shape of hearts.

* Served by Maggie Munch
The title of what lunch is may change everyday but it always looks about the same. A ground meat-like product covered in a gelatine brown gravy served with a supposed vegitable and “treat”. All the food is always a beige/brown color and seems too be scrapped from a can. Today’s menu included Salisbury Steak with beef gravy, corn, and cobbler… but no fruit…

  • Roxanne “Rocky” Roads and her gang started the food fight. At first they did not get caught as the instigators. It was only after Rocky held a lighter under one of the fire sprinklers did she get singled out by Mulo Delano and got detention for one night with him instead of her punishment for Vice Turnagen’s class.
  • Kelvin Fibonacci talked with his home school friend Layan House and gave her some sushi to help her settle in. He also started a rumor that the school food was made with bits of “Mad Maggie” falling into the gravy tub. When the food fight started he just sat there eating ignoring it all, but left right before Mulo Delano got there, getting Layan out as well.
  • Malstrom “Mal” Highwind started his run for Home Coming King. He met up with the popular kids from the Sophomore class and got Zane Brady’s vote. As soon as the food fight started and after one round of food hit Loraine “Lolly” LaRue, Mal rushed to get her out and made sure no more food hit her. Mal was never hit with any food.
  • Loraine “Lolly” LaRue started an 11 week trend with Ami Adams. The two girls made their Japanese Hair Barrettes the talk of the school, but Lolly made sure that no extra cute Butterfly ones would be available except for herself.

3rd Period

* Foreign Languages with Cynthia Goga
Ms. Goga is a fairly dramatic woman, she over pronunciates her words and draws out her sentences.
Currently she is teaching Latin.

  • Kelvin Fibonacci did very well. In fact he convinced the teacher that if he aces the midterm that she would teach him the schools motto from an ancient Latin dialect.

* Shop with Durin Brogan
Mr. Brogan announced one thing right away. His name was Mr. Brogan, not Mr. Bro… and if any students called him the latter there would be hell to pay. He rev’ed up the class with excitement talking about how shop is what America is built on and how with Shop Class you can do anything!
The class’ first assignment was to create bird houses.

  • Roxanne “Rocky” Roads’s birdhouse was a death trap to squirrels but safe for birds. Made of metal it was set that if a squirrel came in it would clamp down on it, but if a bird came in it would be ok.
  • Malstrom “Mal” Highwind’s birdhouse was also made of metal but was climate controlled and powered by solar power. Mr Brogan started crying because he was so proud of Mals’ work.

* English with James Charles
Upon arrival the students of 3rd Hour English noticed that Mr. Charles was still eating the food from the school cafeteria… and thoroughly enjoying it… he didn’t even notice his students had walked in and sat down until the room became uncomfortably quiet.

4th Period

* Physical Education with Jumel Morris
Coach Morris welcomed the students on the Football field. He gave a long winded speech about how he hoped to take Varsity to State and how Byron Falls had not gotten there since Conner Seath was Quarter Back 4 years ago. He claimed that at one point Byron Falls won State 10 years in a row. He then proceeded to tell the students to run laps all period while he sat on a camping chair “supervising”.

  • Loraine “Lolly” LaRue wasn’t the fastest runner but she looked the best doing it. Even the Jr. Varsity Team that was on the field practicing got distracted as she power walked by.
  • Roxanne “Rocky” Roads was the fastest on the track and lapped Lolly.
  • Malstrom “Mal” Highwind was the second fastest on the track but also managed to catch a horrible throw by the Jr. Varsity Quarter Back Zane Brady and not miss stride while doing so (plus he threw it back to Zane perfectly). Zane tried to convince the coach to put Mal on J.V. but coach said not this year because Mal was “a nerd”.

* Music with Lark Harper
There was already music coming from the Music Room as the student’s entered. The teacher sat on the chair playing an acoustic guitar, the lyrics only being heard in his own head. He informed the class to address him as “Harper. Mister Harper is my father… no really, my dad’s first name was Mister…”

  • Kelvin Fibonacci came in playing the recorder. He had a custom velvet lined case and everything. But he did so bad that he ended up with detention for a week. Harper informed him it would be served with Coach Morris as he could not stay after class.

After School

  • Kelvin Fibonacci was smart enough to secure the door to the steam filled basement laundry room while he washed the Football Team’s towels.
  • Loraine “Lolly” LaRue lied to her dad about what Kelvin was doing after school to protect him, but also reminded him that “he owed her…”
  • Roxanne “Rocky” Roads had detention with Mr. Delano… and survived… but was warned to never be seen in this office again…
  • Malstrom “Mal” Highwind road home and was almost got hit by the Mayor’s car which happens to be Lolly and Kelvins dad as he was coming to pick Lolly up…
Excitment of Home Coming

To be written this weekend

Why I hate Science

Dear Journal,

I hate Science, I’ve always hated it and today proved why it is to be hated. Explosions! As if Science wasn’t bad enough now this new slut of a teacher (I only say slut because there is a rumor going around that she only moved to Bryon Falls to compete in a town slut contest with the nurse) had us making volcanoes. To make matters worse I got stuck with Roxanne as my partner and everyone knows she loves explosions. Once again she would have ruined my clothing but my real lab partner, I think his name is Devin, shielded me from blast.

In Home Economics, I told Mrs. Boutin that I had attempted one of the recipes from her book. She didn’t say much about it but gave me a smile, I’ve felt a little off since I made that cake. Like there is a part of me missing but it might be my imagination since I’m worried if Zane will like it.

Then in the Library at lunch I looked up lots of information on this Demon, Andras, that’s been around town. Not a fun guy. Mal was there to help me with the translations. We told everyone at the meeting with Mr. Whitewood what we had learned. While I was conning Conner to get some protection symbols from the Teacher’s Lounge something went down with Kelvin and Mal, he wasn’t in a great mood after that. So he had gone home. I saw him later but he was less than willing to help, I’ll need to ask him again in the morning I only got half the story from Kelvin.

Hopefully, this demon is gone by Saturday I’m really excited for the party at Zane’s House.


It Sounds like a Pretty Good B Rated Horror Movie
Black Blood, Chainsaws and a Bikini but I Still Looked Good.

Dear Journal,

So Zane’s Pool Party happened last night it was the most amazing disaster I have ever been part of that went up in flames and chaos. I am only thankful that Zane did not actually see me when all of the madness went down.

The day started pretty good, Mal was staying at the house but he did not get in the way as the Pretty Committee met for our First Fashion Conference. Virginia was going to wear this horrid green one piece but she looked like five year old boy in it so Trixie “logically” talked her in the pale pink two-piece I had found for her. Then we went to the party in the limo with our new driver, his name escapes me now, if he lasts more than a week I’ll remember it. Rocky attempted to destroy my outfit with a cannonball but I was saved, a little crinkled but nothing two minutes in a mirror could not fix. It was actually it good day I was positive that Zane looked at me more than usual but everything fell apart that night.

Just after the sun went down, I heard people starting to make a commotion, Mal and kelvin noticed it before everyone else I think. As I got a text message I realize Andras’s wolf had party crashed over the wall. To my luck Rocky had brought salt along with her and took orders without questions. Kelvin started rounding people into the house it was amazing how fast he took control of the situation. Mal, Rocky and I managed to contain the wolf but not before it broke Mal’s leg on all accounts it could have been worse. I heard it talk….it called me “A child of Blood” I don’t know what it means. No one else could hear it, I dreamt about it last night as well.

The next part of the night was one I hope to not remember but I know I will be thinking about it for years to come. I as in me Lolly LaRue had to decapitate the wolf while chanting the charm I found in the recipe book. I can still feeling the ice cold splatter of blood as it covered me. All over my skin it congealed. I don’t know how I kept my lunch down. The churned up guts of the creature were stuck in the chains of the Brady’s chainsaw so I took it with. Longer story short, the head is buried in the back of the church and Rocky and I torched the Brady’s lawn. I feel bad about that but it was needed, really needed. Mal only got a cast and I left a blood circle around his bed at St. Basils, I was already bleeding from the other one so it wasn’t a problem.

I feel worse this morning kinda empty. I swear my eyes aren’t the right color either but it could be the yesterday weighing on me. Making me see things that aren’t there.


It Worked!

I don’t know how the hell I did it but I did. A real living, sorta, statue… thing. I have Tiewaz, that’s it’s name, hiding in the garage behind dad’s boxes of useless junk that he insists on keeping. He’s 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide at the shoulders and made of iron and wood. I made it in shop class using pictures from Mr. Brogan’s note book. Couldn’t read any of the ruins when I started but by the end of the week, after Tiewaz came to life I felt I could understand a little of it. Like one part says something like “I give you life”. I’ll get this book translated yet. I feel drained even though freaken excited. It was a long week. I’ll probably feel better after a good sleep. I bet Mal couldn’t pull something like this off. In your face Mal!

Now what do I do with it? I don’t know if Teiwaz will continue to listen to me or if he has his own personality that will pop up and cause lots of trouble. I hope he’s a good guy if he is a magical artificial intelligence with a mind of his own.

maybe I should ask Brogen what these runes mean… He’s probably blow me off like Grey-Crow. That bastard rather people die than to help any one. The History teacher seemed nicer maybe he’d be able to shine some light on the Ruins or maybe the language teacher…

I’d probably have better luck asking Teiwaz

Page taken from Rocky’s Notebook

The Great Robbery

Wow how did things go so wrong first the day starts off with EVERYONE falling for Ami Adams and Loraine “Lolly” LaRue getting mad at Malstrom “Mal” Highwind for falling as well but thankfully she stopped Mal from going after Ami. The school day was strangely an ok day, though we talked to Cornelius Whitewood about the perfume bottles that had been made by Lenus Highwind‘s company, Malstrom “Mal” Highwind also talked to his Uncle. The gang looked at the bottles and found magical instructions on them, after school Loraine “Lolly” LaRue and Malstrom “Mal” Highwind went to Dying for Perfection to buy up the remaining bottles. Kelvin Fibonacci joined Loraine “Lolly” LaRue and Malstrom “Mal” Highwind there and we scoped the shops security system. That evening was Malstrom “Mal” Highwind’s last meal at Kelvin and Lolly’s House after staying there for a week.

EarlierLoraine “Lolly” LaRue and convinced Malstrom “Mal” Highwind and Kelvin Fibonacci to break into the shop. Loraine “Lolly” LaRue called Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads_ to join us. We all snuck out without being noticed and broke into the shop without leaving a trace of us being there. Malstrom “Mal” Highwind hacked the register to get the list of all customers who bought the perfumes while Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads_ out back and Kelvin Fibonacci in front kept watch for and trouble. Kelvin Fibonacci had to convince a deputy that he was just trying to decide which girl he really wanted by standing in front of Dying for Perfection since they both came here. Unfortunately for the group Andras decided to pay us a visit. we all hid in the shop in two salt cirlces made by Loraine “Lolly” LaRue and Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads with some blood provided by Loraine “Lolly” LaRue. Andras started carving his symbol into the glass of the shops door and we all thought of ideas on what to do but settled on finally calling Jibri Obi. Shortly after the phone call two vehicles showed up one white with men in black suits (demons) the other a black vehicle with men in white suits(angels). Andras showed his hands shackled hands to the men repeatedly. While arguing amongst the men in suits took place one in a black suit injured a female jogger causing more tension. Malstrom “Mal” Highwind jumped circles and when this happened a man in a black suit appeared next to him outside the circle with a very evil grin. Almost as sudden a gentleman in a white suit appeared and told the other to leave us alone, than they left. Chaos erupted outside and with that we all left and returned home safely, unharmed and without getting caught. Due to the energies that erupted Malstrom “Mal” Highwind’s broken leg healed causing it to feel awkward in the cast and brace he built, also he now has marks on his arms and his eye color has changed. Loraine “Lolly” LaRue managed to pick up an item that was dropped by the demons and Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads picked up an item from the angels.

The Hungriest Metaphor I Ever Heard

I went to talk to Mr. Whitewood about Tiewaz. He was surprised but took it quite well. I got a little info about What Tiewaz is. He called him a golum. He didn’t know too much about the Magic that brought Tiewaz about, but did warn me that if he starts talking then he has developed a consciousness of his own and that could be bad, depending on how he views the world. him going into a “hulk smash” mode on hos own could be trouble. But right now he just blinks and can follow simple commands. Some how, I have no idea how, but Hooch and Tiewaz have started playing fetch with each other. I’m Not sure who taught who. But long as they don’t get caught by Mom or Dad its fine.

…Any ways talking with Mr. Whitewood], I asked if Talking to Mr. Brogan about Tiewaz would be a good idea and He said definitely not. His kind were very protective of their magic knowledge (not protective enough heh). Not that he was saying Brogan was a bad guy, He fixes Whitewood’s scooter, but more of a jealous type and the consequences are not pretty.

When asked about what Brogan was, Whitewood started going on about how reality is like a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How we (Lolly & Mal were there too, for some reason) are one of the pieces of bread, maybe he meant all the unaware people or Humans in general, and that we could never meet the other slice of bread because the peanut butter and jelly were in the way. He compared himself and Brogan as peanut butter, though Brogan was chunky and he was creamy peanut butter, not sure what exactly he means by that. Anyways He said that with Tiewaz I had poked though to the jelly layer. ( I think lolly may have as well )

So what I understand of the Universe, Existence, Life… What ever it’s called is that Humans (Bread) for the post part Have nothing to do with the Jelly (magic), But do interact with Supernatural creatures (Peanut Butter) on a regular basis. While the Peanut Butter has access to Both the Bread and the Jelly. While Jelly has access to Peanut Butter and the Other piece of Bread. But What is the OTHER Bread? I doubt its humans and Not sure if its gods, they seem more like a jelly, But I could be wrong, its just that mythologies & religions from all over the world have gods dealing with humans in some direct manner or another.

(insert scribble of a sandwich)

I wonder if Thickness of the layers plays in parts. Like the side of the bread that is in contact with the peanut butter so say 5% of the entire slice is aware that is aware that peanut butter exists at all. But Of that 5% Only 1% has ever had access to the jelly layer, some how. So does that mean that there is peanut butter that is unaware of bread and or jelly? Or is that layer thin enough that it mixes enough so that maybe there is a 5% of Peanut Butter that knows of Bread but not of Jelly? Is it just bread that is for the Most part too thick headed to know of the other layers for the most part? I guess its possible for a Supernatural creature to not be Magical But is it still affected by Magic. Is it possible for Jelly to turn bread into Peanut Butter?

Man all this thinking is making me hungry. I wonder if we have any grape jelly?

Page from Rocky’s Notebook

Field trip of Suck

Today was the big field trip to the volcano. Ms.Beng and Mr.Charles were the teachers leading it and crazy Elda Underhill smelling of cheep cigars and musk driving the school bus (I’m surprised we didn’t go over a cliff in that junker much less get any where). The drive was boring and slightly nauseating, good thing I brought plenty of Tums to sell. As usual Mal was kissing up to Ms. Beng for her oh so precious gold stars and Kelvin was kissing up to Mr. Charles by playing along with his guitar to Mr. Charles lame ass singing, the whole way there. A few of my fellow Inmates and I tired to pass our time with a game of go fish. Lolly was with the bimbo committee being their annoying selves and Dustin mooning over Lolly as usual. (I should get friends with better taste). When will he realize his dad has a better chance of sobering up than him getting to date Lolly?

I also tried passing the time looking around at people though this weird Monocle type thing I found the other night. I tried it earlier on Tiewaz and Hootch. Tiewaz had a small blue glow about him, Hootch did not. When I looked at Mr. Delano He had a big Blue glow while Ms. Beng had an even bigger glow. I guess it shows Magical aura or something like that. But something felt like it was trying to drain my soul while I was looking between teachers, so I had to stop for a while. I can’t see out of the eye I used the monocle on for half an hour afterwords. Kinda weird.

Sara, one of Mal’s friends gave me some eye drops to see if it would help (it didn’t)But Mal was a dork and called her a nerd. Embarrassed her pretty bad, that was before he went to kiss up to Beng. Stupid guy, all mouth and no smarts for a self proclaimed genius.

Any ways so we finally get to the volcano and darn it there is no way to ditch the class. The tree line is away from the volcano. Stupid wide open spaces. Beng is going on an on about something. All I heard was bla bla bla. Kinda sounded like a teacher from a charlie brown cartoon (she always sounds like that). The volcano still stunk of sulfur and kept the area pretty warm for This time of the year. I must have nodded off, cuz next thing I know Beng is announcing 15 min break, Kelvin is glaring daggers at Mal,and Mal looks confused about why he’s getting the death glare. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with them or any one else. So I decide to go check out the crater. I must have been feeling over heated or something I tripped and feel on this rock that look like it use to be an obsidian lock. Then that Idiot Kelvin not watching where he was going tripped over me and opened a door in the ground. At first There was nothing but darkness then smoke started pouring out of the hole. Kelvin got a face full of smoke. Every one took off running for the bus and we drove home. I looked back at the smoke with the monocle and the smoke was the blue aura thing. So that looks like it was pure magic. It started heading towards town.

The trip back seemed to be shorter, but that could because Elda was driving faster or because Charles was too warn out to sing. As we drove into town Ami screamed and fainted, so instead of dropping us off at school we ended up being dropped off at the Saint Basil’s Hospital. Most had their parents pick them up. I was more in the mood to walk. My mood had not picked up after stopping for ice cream at the dinner. So While meandering around town throwing random rocks at windows and street lights I saw that Flint Cinema is getting ready to open back up. I got caught by the Sheriff for being out past curfew. He had Mom pick me up at the station. He says he thinks I’m a good kid, and thought I was doing better. Since he’s not had to call Mom for a few months now. He even tried to hook me up with his sophomore son … Cliff? Clint? I can’t remember his name. Thinks he could help keep me on the straight and narrow or something. It was a relief to get home to the only people who think I’ll be more than just some trailer trash bimbo who’ll have an abusive husband, with nothing to live for except the fear of dying.

I’ll show every one. Show them all that I Roxanne Roads Will be more and do more than any one ever will.

Today really SUCKED!

Written in the margins: the salt circle is making it hard to sleep. I wondered if any one messed with it?

Doodle of a school on fire

Pieces of my Soul

Today was highly informative. I know know for a fact what it feels like having a piece of my soul taken away and that it has happened before (making of Tiewaz). I made a deal with the devil … Andras… and he ate a piece of my soul.

It started Sunday morning. I went to church with my parents, mainly because I wanted to talk to Mr. Obi about ways to protect us or stop Andras. When I got to church I started feeling sick. Mom seemed kinda of aggravated that I started feeling sick once we got there… Might have still been miffed over the whole being picked up by the cops thing. She hands me a bunch of stomach settlers and marches me into the church. Kelvin seemed to be feeling sick too so I shared the pills with him. He was having similar issues with his father. At least I didn’t have to deal with Lolly too. When it came to communion time, the wafer felt like it was trying to electrocute me. Kelvin wasn’t handling it well, but I managed to slip it into my pocket. Not sure what would have done if I could even managed to eat it. Afterward, I slipped out side to wait out the rest of church and wait for Obi to show up. Kelvin and Mal were arguing out side of church about something, I wasn’t really listening to them. Finally Obi comes out and I managed to get a few words in with him before the feather duster squad shows up and whisks him away. The details are a bit fuzzy I was still feeling sick. But feeling dissatisfaction at the length and detail with the conversation I decided to follow them. Turns out the feather dusters are staying at Obi’s apartment and he doesn’t seem to like it. I caught him sneaking out. This conversation I can remember better being away from the church. There is a way to banish Andras, but he doesn’t know how. We might be able to lock him away in the Volcano, but that would require a very strong lock & very tempting bait. He wants my “friends” and I to meet him during lunch Wednesday. I guess the goon squad doesn’t come on campus. Obi pretended to not even see my monocle thing and made me quickly put it away. Strange man.

Mal had asked I meet him at Mr.Whitewood’s house for some fun chaos at sun set. No idea what the big idiot was talking about. But he needed me there at sunset. So by sunset I arrive and Mal & Kelvin are dueling with pistols on whitewood’s lawn. There are even refreshments waiting on the porch. Lolly is drinking Lemonade and offered me some. Seeing how I was thirsty after walking all over town I took a glass. it was kinda funny tasting, like lavender and honey. While watching Mal & Kelvin try to shoot each other (kelvin’s gun never went off, it seemed rigged) I decided that burning down the school was a bad idea it be better to set the fire works off from the roof or something. I don’t want to go to Juvie again. I don’t need to beat every one into the ground to prove I’m better than their opinion of me. I’m awesome no matter what any one thinks of me.

Next thing I know Andras is standing out in the street looking at us. Mal goes to try and kick his ass but Lolly jumps him and dragged him inside with a freaking out whitewood. Andras starts talking his usual shit as the feather duster squad shows up. Apparently the angels can’t touch him till he harms some innocent person. Bunch of stuff about paper work and contracts. Kelvin starts trying to dig for information on who he’s after and who sent him. But he did manage to get that Andras was after Mr. Fibonacci. Then Andras was in a generous mood or something because he said that for a piece of soul he would spend the next 24 hours. Locked in a room, with no contact unless some one walked into the room. He would tell no one where he was going, not summon any demons. He would sit quietly and wait. Until the end of the 24 hours.

I know this is a trick or trap on his part. But for Halloween the worst day possible around here. That SOB will be trapped in that room. I plan to put a salt circle with blood around the damn house to keep any thing possible out of there. It wont work on every thing but it should work on some of the worst… like other demons finding him. If we can find out who summoned Andras then maybe we can do something bout getting him banished before he comes eats my face 12:01am November 1st.


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