Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Contemplating Werewolves

So Billy threw a party…out in the middle of the woods on a full moon. No one ever claimed that had good ideas. I just met this cute Junior, Tyler, and was in the process of allowing him to make his move…when a lot of howling starts up. Then we’re getting attacked by a group of packs and there are vampires running around in the woods. Our classmates are dying around us and Tyler drags me off to the basement. Turns out he’s a werewolf as well and has to go join the fight….I went back to retrieve people. Mal and Rocky managed to hold off most of the vamps and weres but I put up a circle of holly for safety anyways. Tapping ley lines is really stupid dangerous…there is no way I’m not getting into trouble for this one. I just got out of trouble too.

Another failed party

So Billy Cash decides to thorw another party, and he invites everyone who is anyone…. how did I end up on that list never mind Mason, dont get me wrong Im glad she came at first. I admitted to her I was a Vampire and she was really shocked (no surprise there) but during the party she admitted to me that she is an Alchemist (Hell Yeah she just got hotter) but as the night wore on we heard some howling and then 2 guys walked up and told me “It’s time to go to work sir” and hand me a silver bladed knife. I told them I was going to protect the party and the just said that DeLano didnt know about this…. really why didnt anyone tell him. so my friends and Rocky went to work using there talents that they have to organize and protect the party goers. I end up in the Battle Royale of Weres vs. Vamps… (this isnt going to attract attention.) Well besides getting covered in were blood from all the killing I end up catching one off guard and striking a deal to end this fight. when I ordered the vamps to fall back DeLanos second in command starts questioning my authority (I reall didnt have any then being his protege, His second is here and DeLano doesnt know thats good) I ended up ashing him and taking of as DeLanos Second in his Vampiric Bloodline family (another promotion for me) When are we going to ever have a real party that doesnt end in bloodshed.

July 4th

So, its the 4th big deal its nothing fancy in Minneapolis the city puts a concert and fireworks display. But having Evelyn waking me up like its Christmas really. I get dressed wearing a cheesy Hawaiian shirt and as usual he shoots it down. Finally get his approval and we head out to the park where the whole town is at, yes the town is closed for the day. I meet up with mason and she is shocked that im not all into it, though I explain why. Later we catch the concert put on by Kelvin and km glad since this concert was far better than the band the city picked. The fireworks were awesome especially since I got to spend it with someone special to me. Is this what being normal is like, because if so I never want to lose this feeling. I may hate this town but it has a lot to give once it takes your life and soul.


I have a TAIL!

Founders Day

Well founders day finally came, and I spent it excercising at first, than headed out to the junk yard were I got some good deals on some parts for my car, I tried calling Mason to join me but she is not really a morning person. My uncle payed me $40 on the possibility that I should find somewhere else to stay for the night. I did some minor fixes on the car until Mason finally got over to the house around 9am and we did the work on the car till around Noon. where I took her out for lunch. as we walked around I asked her out as my girlfriend, that was a bit of a surprise to her so quick thinking on my part I bought a rose and won her over. We later went to the park for the fireworks display where much to my dismay I ran into the scariest woman in the world Ryder the huntress. Not only was I freaked out so was Mr. Delano, Mr. Whitewood and Mason. after a small conversation where I found out she wants to talk to me I returned to Mason where I shocked her again by cuddling and giving her a kiss but she noticed some light trembling, this will be fun to explain.

Can it get any more awkward

So the dance had a theme of creatures of the night, and I thought it would be funny to go dressed as a hunter… apparently the humor was lost on my uncle who freaked and wanted me to change. I reluctantly agreed and wore some clothes of his from the 90’s (oh yeah cause this is much better). So my Uncle dropped me off to the dance just in time to hear howling from a passing car (awesome a car full of college werewolves this is a good thing right?) The dance was exactly as I thought it would be LAME. I ended up grabbing some chow and sat at one of the only mostly empty tables left and that is when I met Mason “The Car Girl” who wasnt enjoying the dance either. I told her about my new (new to me at least) ’67 GT 500 Shelby Mustang, and showed her pictures of it she got more talkative, but then major had to come over and make some lewd remarks and Mason fired back which made things embarrasing and awkward for me. Well I left early to grab the liquor from my house that my uncle would car was missing (some vodka, brandy, rum and absinthe ((why did my dad have absinthe)) so here is to hoping I make this party better.

A Really Awkward Three Days

After chasing around Warren, Mal and Unseelie all day, I ended up standing in the middle of the woods in a salt circle surrounded by creatures trying to kill me, Kelvin and Rocky were in the Fae world trying to find Mal and then Warren went in after them. Around nightfall Whitewood decided they weren’t coming back soon, they’d gotten distracted; he didn’t seem surprised. Then I spent hours on the phone putting together cover stories that were a little ambiguous for why no one was going to school. I think Rocky’s mother loves me at this point, she was so excited when I told her we were going out of town shopping with my mother. This left me spending three days at Whitewood’s not able to go outside, it was a little awkward spending that much time with a teacher.

If nothing wakes him up then I swear he sleeps until noon, so I cheated a little everyone loves the smell of coffee in the morning. So I enticed him to wake up earlier with breakfast. I don’t think he’s had anyone cook a meal for him in a long time. The thing about hanging out with a teacher…all they do is teach. By day two I was making deals to have him stop forcing math and magic at me around the time school normally ends, I couldn’t take anymore. We spent the second evening pretty much ignoring each other. I watched tv and he read a book, that worked for us. The third day was a little bit better, as we’d worked out a system for dealing with each other. Whitewood is a sad and lonely man…it’s a bit depressing. I totally called him on throwing magic around his backyard, that Devyn was trying to do for months, his face was priceless. Apparently I wasn’t suppose to figure it out. Then he told me what happened to all of the half-stars from before…not pretty. It was a really weird three days…..really weird.

Bloody Fae!

I need to kick Warren‘s ass! Or some body’s ass. I remember going to check out the warehouse district, then the next thing I know is I just planted apple trees all around the town. Literally, one big circle around it. Warren used that to lock something in the town. Whitewood, Lolly, Kelvin & Mal find me asleep in the park. I’m lucky I didn’t get eaten by any thing. Well the scooby gang goes to the warehouse district to look for Warren and Whitewood, goes another direction. I open the gate into the warehouse district and something tried to grab Kelvin. I used my Monocle and saw Unseelie covering the ground. Mal decided to Pol volt onto the roof of the closest building, and feel right through the roof into the unseelie realm. Idiot. Lolly and Kelvin start bickering what to do. I went into rescue mode. I was planning on jumping in after him but decided not to go in unarmed. I ran / rode to the school. Sneaked into shop class, grabbed a cold iron chain, and back to the warehouse, with out getting caught. Lolly had glamored an unseelie to guide Mal into the Fae realm. So we went to the the Fae circle to jump into the fae realm. we had gotten the Willow realm to agree to let us pass but Whitewood insisted we go though his. Kelvin and I went in. Lolly Had to stay behind because her new Pet was suppose to find her and tell her Mal was safe. Not having a guide, Kelvin and I decided that since Whitewood is always going on about intent, we would Intent our way to finding Mal. It was odd, even had to walk backwards a bit but we found him in the Willow realm. Mal was napping under a tree. It took a bit to wake him up but we woke him. I could tell where the exit back to the human realm was, and could direct the guys too it, but i really didn’t want to leave. It felt like Home. Back before my parents started fighting and my family died. Where all was right and calm and soothing in the world. But then Warren shows up and force marches us back out. I couldn’t argue or any thing with him. His word was law. I guess it makes scene. A Fae prince in the Fae realms would be hard to argue with.

We were gone 3 days. We missed most of school. How am I going to explain this? And Why does my back itch like mad? Its like scar tissue is allergic to Fae or something. Maybe I need to try lotion or something.

I did it again

Well, I have really done it now. I make an impressive pole vault to the garbage can and climb up on the roof just to have it collapse and i fall into the warehouse while looking for warren. when I finally get on the ground I manage to end up into the UnSeely Fey realm. Saw a raven belonging to Morgan LeFey. I managed to not bite any of the UnSeely, thanks to the flask but as I pushed on to make it to the Seely realm my thirst kept growning. Thanks to an UnSeely dominated by Lolly it led me to a tunnel to the Seely realm and led me through it. after that fun I ended up in the lands of Devoyn, and ran into his stead and I ran like hell straight to the realm of the Willows where my exhausten caught up to me. I ask the tree if I could rest against it and got permission, was later woken up by Rocky and Kalvin. Then we meet up with the fey version of Warren who led us out of the Fey realm…. I am not sure how much more I can take.

Best apology Ever

With the help of Dustin and Rocky we used the football comment booth to allow we to make the best apology ever heard in byron falls to get back on the good side of Lolly. and thanks to rocky we are now trapped in byron falls.


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