Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

I think I've ben replaced by a pod person

I must still be getting the glass out of my eye or something because I found myself agreeing to go to Lolly’s slumber party, with the Pretty comity amd Layan, Kelvin’s girlfriend. What the hell was I thinking? And why do I feel like i should go? I can’t stand the crowd Lolly hangs out with and Layan I feel like she’s the innocent sheep being thrown into the lipstick lion den. Yeah not the best analogy. Still can’t think of reasons not to. Maybe I feel like I owe Lolly for helping me out of the mess with Devyn.

While trying to get on the good side of my friends again I ended up having a girl’s night with Trish. Well at least with her we’ll be shooting stuff and Sunday we’ll hang out with the guys. so all is patched up with them. Harley seems to have had a run in with a group of vampires in the park. I didn’t realize it till I nearly run into them on my way home later. Crap. How do I protect him with out ripping his veil off? … does having the veil on keep you alive longer than having it off?

Eileen Harley’s sister started selling Avon and wants me to give a bunch of makeup to any female friends … so I guess lolly’s party has a reason for me to go… damnit

Things can always get Worse

So, like life wasnt tough enough. I am now the official Ambassador from the Vampire council to the Fey realm as well as Delanos protage/2nd in command. you would think this is a good thing but it just makes me a target for all those who were trying to get any power at all and here is me just getting handed to me. on top of that some stupid vampires bite my girlfriend and in the process rip her vail off. when I went to have my date with her she finds out im a vampire and breaks up with me and kicks me out.

Side note what was a girls only slumber party is somehow gotten me invited to Kalvins at the same time. What else could go wron…. I will not finsih that sentence… when you do things get worse.


After hiding the locket Deyven was trapped in from fae, stars, and who knows what else, breaking in and out of the hospital multiple times, ransoming off Devyn back to his family (I’m not going to be responsible for the King of Fae rampaging to find his son), releasing more magic in to this world, becoming a mortal / fae ambassador, Calling a truce with Lolly till her leg gets better. I’m exhausted. The hospital for some reason was keeping me under observation for almost 3 days! Even though there was nothing wrong with me other than a lack of sleep. Something about waiting on blood work to come back. Where did they send it? New Zealand?
Any ways!
Mr. Whitewood is slightly less grounded and more powerful, his nature is showing. Especially when asking him on a tricky bit of magic I got from brogan’s book. He wanted copies and started giggling about playing pranks on Brogan. No talking him out of it so far. But if magic is stronger in the world now so wont Brogan have more too? I hope I didn’t start World War III

White Knight

If getting a high from drinking the blood of the crown prince of the fey wasn’t bad enough now im getting taken to Mr. Delanos house, this can’t end well. After the high had worn of i get dragged to Delanos room to get lectured on my actions. Im not saying what i did was wrong but just letting him know that i would do them again. That is when the pain began and now i am covered in bruises. While getting beaten some.weird threads attached themselves to me and a weird shimmer happens i have no idea what that is about. When the sun goes down i was allowed to go home. My uncle saw the bruises and wanted to go deal with Delano but i managed to stop him and then he helped me to bed and that is that.

Hat Trick

This morning started out bad, watching Mal vomit blood and not liking it makes me a specieist. Then he starts lording around his need for blood like I don’t already know that’s what he puts in his coffee. No one understands either why it bothers me so much, it isn’t that Mal’s drinking blood. It’s why Mal is drinking blood, every time he added that dash of red into his drink I get reminded that could have been me. I saw what happened to other kids who were grabbed by the vines and it was terrifying when my feet left the ground, I was as good as dead. I don’t really know what happened next, one moment I’m moving through the air and then I’m on the ground and Mal is gone. If he hadn’t been there or hadn’t cared I’d be a pile of dust or the one adding blood to my coffee in the morning. So every time he flaunts it in my face I feel a cold twist in my stomach, it’s guilt or terror I can never decide which. I guess that makes me a specieist.

Long story short of the day: Made Rocky look as good as me, lost soul to a locket, lied to Whitewood (a lot) and then got my ass kicked by Devyn. My leg is sticking at a weird angle and I can’t move my arm properly, I’m a total wreck. I couldn’t even get myself to the car it’s really embarrassing. I’m so glad it’s Spring Break and no one gets to see me.


Well if life wasnt any stranger it was about to. We interigated Rocky.. well Kalvin did than the rest jumped in. The plan was for Kalvin to do it so I stayed out, we did have a truce. Lolly and Rocky came up with a way to put him in a locket but needed a way to weaken him.. that is where I came in so Lolly and I whisked away to Lolly’s inherited house and Kalvin kept the fey distracted. Rocky convinced Devyn to come to the house, I dont want to know how. after a small, yet horrible fight between Lolly and Devyn, I jumped in and lets just say a had a drug laced lunch. drank most of Devyn’s blood and than want all ecstasy induced. well while wondering around after the FUZZY BURRITTO!!! incident I had a weird talk with the computers (mind you they werent even hooked up yet.) on our way to the hospital, delanos werewolf showed up to collect me, deep down I knew I was going to be in some serious trouble for interfering with the matters between Stars and Fey.

Tick tock little heart

How Embarrassing! I go to Witewood’s after being out all night with Devyn and I get trapped in a chair of holding! I went in ready to talk or take a beating, but this was just low. But now I see why they felt they had to do what they did. I was so totally whammied, bad. Lolly was right (I hate saying that) I did have scrambled eggs for brains. I was furious after the glass fell from my eyes. I would have killed Devyn if I had the ability. Stupid glamor boy fae prince. But there was a fun toy make in the Brogan book. Hehehe. Lolly and I hatched a plan. We snuck into the metal shop at school,(yeay for spring break), made a heart shaped locket that ticks and had some of Devyn’s hair in it, Lolly Kelvin and I had to put bits of our souls in it. Then Lolly dolled me up (ick but better under these circumstances than before)and I went to met up with Devyn. He wanted to take me to the fae world, but I couldn’t let him just yet. So we snuck into the the movie theater’s projection room. Where I got him to tell me his plans. Which was to turn this realm into his own private fae realm for him & Morgan La Fae. He was kinda vague about where my place would be but that I would have one. After the make out/ information session, which would have been really nice if he hadn’t whammied the hell out of me! I took him to Ranch LaRue (the house Lolly inherited from ms. Boten) Where he and Lolly did battle (I hated being useless during a fight, but she has magic). Once fully focused on her Mal jumped out and drained the hell out of Devyn. (yuck)I was able to put the locket on Devyn and it sucked him in. Literally. Lolly ended up with a broken leg and a dislocated shoulder. Mal started acting like he was on a bad drug trip. Rolling around in a bear skin rug and yelling “fuzzy Burrito!” I tried to get a pic of it but he didn’t show up in the photo. Fae or vampire magic I don’t know. Kelvin showed up with every fae in town. None of them seemed to know where devyn went, just that he went some where. While we ere all being wisked away in a van to the hospital, Delano’s goon took Mal way. He’d be better for detoxing Mal than the Hospital, but i bet he’s in trouble again some how.

I wonder what I should do to Devyn now. hehehehe

Two Really Bad Days

I’ve had bad days…the day I sprained my ankle in dance class was a bad day, the day science ruined my outfit was a bad day and the day my mother showed up at school was a bad day. Whatever the last two days have been bad day doesn’t cover it. Friday’s short list is as follows: A large group of students and possibly teachers saw my underwear thanks to a badly placed locker and my skirt, I got an up close and personal encounter with one of my aunt who I’m suppose to be avoiding (avoiding in the running away screaming nature), load my beaten and unconscious math teacher into the limo, I got pitter-pattered as helpless, attended an amazing party hosted by my least favorite person and Rocky while pinned into Ami’s clothing, and then instead of going home to my nice comfortable bed I got to crash on a cot at Whitewood’s where there was a horrible and bloody dream followed by a horrible and bloody vision of my math teacher murdering a guy curtesy of the latest fey in town. Oh by the way my Aunt Amber confirmed a fear that my mother and Whitewood have been tiptoeing around…I’M ILLEGAL. Not a little illegal highly illegal and she mentioned something about the North Star, I’m betting that’s not good for me.

OH and then on Saturday, I’m trying to fix things. I get up I make coffee and pancakes and try to cheer people up. I even drag Kelvin out of the house so that Whitewood can have five minutes to compose himself. And then I spot Rocky wearing this cute blue number and try to talk to her. So you know what she does, she gives me a flipping black eye. I had to get EMO bangs to cover it up. Then I had to talk Mal out of going after her since her brain was obviously scrambled eggs. Then on top of that Kelvin didn’t care, I just got assaulted and Kelvin didn’t care…it was horrible. I didn’t sleep well at all. When I get up in the morning I put the coffee on and then tip-toe up the stairs to not wake Whitewood so I can brush my teeth and THEN Mal appears in the mirror and starts vomiting blood into the toilet…………….so gross, I’m so glad he has short hair.

What just happened?
Last night Devyn and I were hanging out, when I noticed on pitter patter than there’s a horde of people coming to my house expecting an unsupervised party. The original post said Major, but I think I know who really did it. Why’s he taking this so personally? Its like I broke his heart. I know he wasn’t crushing on me… maybe he and Shiloh have more in common than I thought. Any ways I try to tell Mom that some one has pulled a prank and there is a lot of people heading over. Some times I think her ears are not connected to her head! She said it was fine, she trusted me to have a few friends over and that Dad locked himself out of the pharmacy, again. Even the gate guard was letting people through and called mom to let them know they were on their way. There was no stopping this party. So after mom left(and didn’t come back till the wee hours of the morning due to them working on taxes) I asked Devyn for help. That boy was his his element. Every one was blown away. Almost the whole high school student body was there. Lolly showed but Kelvin, Mal, and Major did not. Lolly didn’t seemed to pleased to be there. She was probably making sure her social standing wasn’t marred by the event or to gloat over it flopping. I probably would of had more fun if I wasn’t worried over my friends finding out my dirty little secret. I’m skating on thin ice with them as is. Afterwards every thing was back to normal, the house looked like it did when mom left. If Devyn can pull this kind of stunt here I’d love to see how a party at his home is done. This morning I find myself shopping for a … dress… Just as I find one I can tolerate and Devyn might like Lolly corners me in the dressing rooms. She starts verbally laying into me and next thing I know Lolly has a black eye. I can’t even really remember why I hit her. I was jsut so mad over something she was saying. I think it was about Devyn. Kelvin and Mal are going to kill me. I had to send Mom to the store to buy the dress, she even bought the accessories that Lolly may have said would look good with this dress. Why did I hit her? She may have been acting like a bitch, but I didn’t need to sink to that level. She’s never lied to me. Lies are to protect those we care about. What was she saying? I was so mad I can’t remember what exactly what she was saying. Just the vague impression that Devyn is evil. Ugh! This is giving me a headache. I have to get ready for my date.

Kelvin just called. H wants me to meet him at Whitewood’s house to talk things out. I told him I’d be there at 8 in the morning. Mom wont like me skipping church, but she’ll live.

If mom and Devyn combined their powers There would be no hope for me. I would turn into the girliest girl on the planet. Even more so than Lolly…

I shouldn’t have hit her. If any one other than Lolly has the right to hit me it would be Kelvin.


So, Mr. Whitewood and Devyn have a fight….well more like Devyn whopped Mr.Whitewood into the next existence. Rocky betrays all of us and especially me after everything I have taught her, I TRUSTED HER, that will never happen again (you want my trust you are going to have to earn it). I then carry Mr. Whitewood and the twins and I take him home. I get the sleeping gear and the Twins go grocery shopping (thankfully they met major who helped them shop.) While the are gone Amy Bronwen trys to force her way in but I didnt let her. that evening Major tries to get people to come party at Whitewoods place but being the Admin for pitter patter has its perks. I direct them to rocky’s house. that night brings weird dreams, brought on by Cricket who ends up letting us in on what happened so long ago to cause the banishment. the next morning brings whitewood waking up and giving us money to go away. I head to Saras house and watch a movie with her. After that I head to Mr. Delanos (aka Sir). On my way I notice that Lolly has one hell of a black eye (THANKS AGAIN ROCKY!) Somehow Lolly talks me down from going over and kicking the tar out of Rocky (I mean it is on my way). so I decide to have a chat at the next time we meet. My evening with Delano brought a new sensation, fear and respect. I was taught the finer arts of hunting/trapping your dinner. It was the nastiest thing I have done (oddly I noticed that I wasnt making a sound when I walked/ran) worst of all is when I got back to Whitewoods just as Lolly was brushing her teeth I have the luck of puking all the blood out of my stomach… FML


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