Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

First Real Day New School

The first day of class was interesting. I arrived so late in last semester that I basically took self-study for most of the time, so this is the first time out for having a real schedule. My new friends and Trixie, my new girlfriend, are in my home room and most of my classes. This semester should be interesting.

I picked Trixie up for school and she was walking out the door as I pulled up. This getting a little strange as she does not seem the type to wait looking out the window, but she always seems to know when I get there. We got to school a little early and were talking with friends in the hall when Mr. Delano walked up. Really need to put a bell around his neck so he can’t sneak up like that.

Winter Break and A Girlfriend
An Interesting Two Weeks

An Interesting Dinner

After mom learned about Trixie, she told me to invite her for dinner. It was the Wednesday before heading to New York and dad was conveniently working late. Mom was her usual self. When I tried to defend Trixie, mom gave me the you will grounded for the rest of your life look, while Trixie gave me the if you want this relationship to continue shut up look. I sat and ate dinner in quiet. When Trixie was about to leave, before walking out the door she grabbed me by the collar and kissed me. A world rocking, life changing kiss. As I was walking back to my room mom said, “She is not a nice girl.”

My response, “True, she is an awesome girl,” mother was not amused. Dad on the other hand thought it was great, when mom was out of earshot.

It Hurts

After finally banishing the Moon Prince, I thought things could calm down till at least middle of next semester. Start of Semesters always brings new troubles. If I had remembered to use the Angle Monocle I constantly wear, I forgot I had it for some odd reason, I could have found the Moon Prince and banished him long before hand, and not have not have to rely on Trixy in some complicated scheme. The New Girl Olivia who’s an Elf is fun to have around. We spiked the punch bowl at Sadie Hawkins Dance that had Mal running Laps around the track at super speed. It was hilarious. Good thing we warned Lolly not to drink it. She had taken a Potion (of Olivia’s making) and she was Channeling a whole lot of power. I think she said she was glowing Blue like her mother before she got in trouble. Her Impulsiveness skyrocketed so much that she danced barefooted with Cricket on the roof of the school with no shoes. I managed to catch them before they got lost in the traverse. Never thought I’d be the responsible one. I’m Fae and I know not to do that…. with out a designated driver at least. Well after we went back down to the dance I friggen remembered my monocle and spotted the Prince. Every thing went into motion so fast I don’t even remember how we got him to the Boaton house…. I think Mal grabbed him using vampire strength and held on for dear life as we dragged him out to it. Moon boy was trying to work up to supernova, but we had every thing in place before hand. We even had Druids helping channel a lay line to send Princey back to the moon. He almost took Lolly with. I was with the Druids channeling. Something about Parker was Kinda sexy, probably the way he can infuse himself into the magic of the land…. or something…. Any ways! After wards Lolly had to recuperate at the Boaton house, She was drained severely. Whitewood actually had to get her aunt to take her to the heavens to recharge her. So she was burning Blue again. I think all that power burned her brain a little bit. She’s more impulsive than she was before. I hung out with the druids and got to know them and Parker better, He’s not as bad as I original thought.

Things seemed normal (as we get) after that we got another new student Brandon Shinji he and Trish hooked up right off the bat. They are a odd couple to watch. Him so passive and pleasing to every one and she …. well major bitch doesn’t really cover it. Did I mention Mal and Olivia are now and Item too? Not sure which couple is odder. Trish had been acting odd, not even Trevor could figure it out. We found out night of the Winter formal She poisoned her and Trevor’s witch. They turned back into cats. Trish finally got her wish and Trevor his nightmare. I lost the one person I could always depend on to be there no matter how crazy shit got and who wouldn’t judge me. I feel like this is my fault some how. I dropped the ball. I didn’t fine a one person cure or spell so Trish and Trevor could both be what they wanted. I failed.

My parents came through on that promise of getting me a vehicle of my choice if I could go long enough with out getting in trouble. Trevor would have loved it if he was still human. He stays with me as a house cat, but I still miss human him. I’ve been hanging out more with Parker and his crew. I can’t even look at my friends at the moment. Maybe I’ll be able to pretend to be myself by the time School starts back up. I stored Trevor’s and Trish’s belongings at the Boaton house. His truck made it easy to move their few belongings. I left the truck their too, in case of emergency. I tricked Parker into throwing a Druidic style Christmas party. I may not be able to eat meat much any more but there is something inherently wrong about turkey style tofu. The party was fun and very eye opening. Some of that seems like a good distraction, maybe I should try it.

I feel so empty inside. I wonder if my back is going to open up like Nana’s if this keeps up.

School started. Same old people, Minus two. Lolly’s Winter formal date has decided to stick around, and they are dating. He’s Suppose to be Mr. Whitewood’s nephew, But after adding several pieces together I think i have a pretty good idea who he really is. But if Lolly doesn’t want to fill any one in on her secret, who am I to tell? After school Parker and I found at small day of the dead skull on school grounds. Its a bit late or way too early in the year for that. But the skull fits on my pencil so I turned it into a “puppet” and chased Parker around with it crying REDRUM! He didn’t like it and thought it was creepy so I stashed it in my backpack for now. I wonder if Parker would be willing to teach me some of those things I saw at his party. I like him, so I hope he doesn’t realize I’m just using him to distract the pain.

I think I died a little on the inside…. or maybe it just went dormant for the winter and spring will awaken it. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m not getting him back, even if Mal is trying to genetically engineer him back to human. I wish he wouldn’t toy with me like that.

It Hurts

Winter Formal and Winter Break

Winter formal was an… interesting experience. I’m still not convinced that these dresses Lolly keeps having me wear are necessary. They’re pretty enough, I guess, but… You can’t do anything like play hockey in them, so they’re sorta… useless? I dunno… Mal seemed to appreciate it.

Speaking of, I got to meet Mal’s ex, Mason, who was really cool. She’s a pretty cool chick, I enjoyed hanging out with her, and think I might go meet up with her when Mal’s not around. Do that “girl time” stuff, with someone not so girly-girl.

Back to the dance… I’m starting to wonder if there is ever an event in this town where crazy things don’t happen. First Lolly shows up with some new guy claiming to be from Canada. I’m not entirely sold though, guy said he was from Toronto but didn’t know anything about it. Maybe he was a shut-in?
Then there’s this other new kid, Brandon Shinji whatever, who Lolly’s clique is all over. I’m not sure I quite get it, but it wouldn’t be the first time their behavior mystified me.
To round out the night of newcomers there was this super creepy Japanese vampire(?) who freaked Mal out, and felt very,very unsettling just to be around. I’ve never felt so ill at ease just walking by someone. Mal and Mr. Delano didn’t seem to think it was cause for mass panic, so I guess I’ll just keep my distance for now.

We also lost Trish and Trevor, and while I didn’t really know them that well, its pretty sad. From what I understand, Trevor didn’t want to change back… I feel real bad for Rocky too. I’m going to try to help her out, and be a good friend. She’s been so nice, especially helping me with the whole… frolicking thing.

I’m pretty excited for Winter Break though. As much fun as I’m having here, I’m really anxious to go back home and visit my dad’s family for the holidays. Grandpa has a project he wants us to complete for Grandma before Christmas Day, so I have a feeling we’ll be working in the shop nonstop. I also can’t wait to catch Finn up on what’s been going on since the move.

New Car and Boyfriend

So I never expect Vlad to call me after Winter Formal, honestly I never expected to see him again after Winter Formal. As I dropped him off, I walked him up to the front door and he had this really odd look in his eyes. Just before he said goodbye I found myself backed into the doorway and his lips on mine. It was actually a fairly chaste kiss but it surprised me all the same.

I texted him about it the next day but he insisted on coming over to talk about it. The end result was agreeing that we’d spend some time together this winterbreak. I was suppose to have more magic practice but somehow I never got around to it, Whitewood seemed inclined to give the break as long as I was spending time with his nephew.

For Christmas Kelvin, CeeCee and myself all got cars it was super cute. It’s black and Dad said I could go get it airbrushed if I wanted. My description of the car wasn’t good enough for Vlad so he had to come and visit. Apparently in Canada you can drive at 15 so he drove it up to the lake and we ice skated all day. Somehow my father got him to promise we were only going ice skating which is a little strange since that’s what the plan was. I got Whitewood some expensive coffee for Christmas but Vlad got me a nice locket necklace with a white rose on it. I don’t know which to wear at this point the dove or the locket.

Right before school started we had that important conversation and decided to add the boyfriend/girlfriend tags to our relationship. I’ll get to see him after school, plus he can drive my new car so I think this will work.

Winter Formal

Well things are going amazing between me and Olivia, not only do we bond over hockey but we bond of working on cars. Speaking of working on cars a mans worst nightmare happened, Olivia came with me to see what I’m working on and my ex-girlfriend Mason met my now girlfriend Olivia.
I should be happy nothing bad happened but they are getting along (that could be trouble). I did get to hangout with the new guy Shinji, and also had to help him get the right attire for the winter formal (Lollys’ training is helping). Shinji also found out that I am a vampire when he took my picture (seeing as I dont show up in photos).

Well winter formal was going great, up until Yoshi showed up. The man just has a vortex that just sucks life out of the air and that scares the hell out of me. We did loose 2 students, Trish and Trevor. they turned back into cats because trish got selfish and crazy. I really feel bad for rocky right now and sympathetic since I understand the loss. I just hope she recovers from it because we are really going to need her.

New Beginnings
Better Than Expected

And So It Begins

It has been about three weeks since leaving my friends in Tokyo. Mom took her time sorting out school so I had a week or two before I had to start. Spent that time exploring Byron Falls and the surrounding area. Thad kept telling me to give the place a chance, but I just could not get my head wrapped around the Norman Rockwell painting this place is.

A couple of days before I was to start school things started to look up slightly. I needed to get a few more shots for the exhibition in a couple of weeks, so I was shooting some of the stores in down town when this stunning girl walked into one of the pictures. I took several more and then hurried to catch her to get a release. I caught up with her and asked her to sign the release and things were a little strange. She ultimately signed the release and left. This intrigued me, but I figured I would not see her again.

The first day of school was interesting. First there is a dress code, which is boring. Second I met an exchange student from France, she was also new so we talked while filling out the paper work. My god the paper work, I have never seen that much paper work. I filled out less paper work to get access to the Forbidden City and ship 16 cases of photography equipment to Mainland China, and I have an American passport!

Winter Formal Surprise

So I have been having a lot of issues lately dealing with this crush of mine. I broke up with Keen I did it because of that whole Homecoming issue when we didn’t ….um…connect and that I was having extremely inappropriate thoughts about Whitewood. Then during my coming down off of my ‘blue high’ I was stuck in the Boutin House with him all weekend and the thoughts go worse. Somehow I talked myself into doing something about it for Winter Formal.

I tricked Whitewood into a promise, I started picking on his dancing skills. I mean really picking on his dancing to the point his guise slipped a bit. Then he kinda word vomited a promise to go as my date. I might be going to hell for this one…we’ll see.


So its nice having this quiet time for a change. I get to enjoy a great trip to Minneapolis to pick up a new hockey stick for Olivia (which is my new girlfriend) who is also teaching me how to ice skate and play hockey (which apparently im good at, who knew). I also got Olivia some new skates that are titanium blades so they never have to be sharpened as well as some new hockey pads and the gear custom designed for her. I took her out on an amazing date to the steak house when I gave her the skates and hockey stick (she thanked me but not the way Mason thanked me). On top of all that I extended the olive branch to Mason and help work on a van/truck thing that I am buying off of her when we are done fixing it up, which is a good deal for me but I am just glad that we are working things out.

I have also decided that I am going to not spend as much time as I have been at the clinic. I will rush there if I get a call from Raul but I am just wasting time sitting there when I could either be spending time with Olivia or working on the vehicle.

Long story short I am enjoying the quiet peaceful winter so far, and hey the winter formal is coming up and I have a date. I am looking forward to it. Though I still cant figure out why Aimee really wants me to go on the all girls trip to Minneapolis for dress shopping.

Vampire Hell

So I have officially found vampire hell, it’s called Arizona. So for my part of getting the items needed to lock up the moon prince I had to get a hair from a skinwalker, a particularly nasty beast that is didn’t want to take on. I did manage to convince my uncle to let me take the company jet though. He did send me a babysitter as my assistant.

When we got there it was like the inside of my incinerator. Plus this place has no shade from the sun. After several hours of driving I end up at the Navajo Indian affairs office and am lucky to find an unveiled “manager” I.e. shaman but he didn’t have the hair I was looking for and sent me to a curio shop in which when I first asked for the special stuff they though I meant drugs. But I clear that up and mange to get my hands on the skinwalker hair.

When I leave Arizona and return to Minnesota I have to pick up kelvin from the airport as well and take him to where Lolly and Mr. Whitewood are which happened to to be at Wizcon. All I have to say is Mr. Whitewood is a very cruel slave driver to Lolly in how he pushes the antiquated style of master and apprentice ways. I did manage to get a new magical supplier for Immortal Inc. with the fact of Lolly being stuck with apprentice duties I have volunteered to hunt down the item she was slated to get.


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