Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

A Really Awkward Three Days

After chasing around Warren, Mal and Unseelie all day, I ended up standing in the middle of the woods in a salt circle surrounded by creatures trying to kill me, Kelvin and Rocky were in the Fae world trying to find Mal and then Warren went in after them. Around nightfall Whitewood decided they weren’t coming back soon, they’d gotten distracted; he didn’t seem surprised. Then I spent hours on the phone putting together cover stories that were a little ambiguous for why no one was going to school. I think Rocky’s mother loves me at this point, she was so excited when I told her we were going out of town shopping with my mother. This left me spending three days at Whitewood’s not able to go outside, it was a little awkward spending that much time with a teacher.

If nothing wakes him up then I swear he sleeps until noon, so I cheated a little everyone loves the smell of coffee in the morning. So I enticed him to wake up earlier with breakfast. I don’t think he’s had anyone cook a meal for him in a long time. The thing about hanging out with a teacher…all they do is teach. By day two I was making deals to have him stop forcing math and magic at me around the time school normally ends, I couldn’t take anymore. We spent the second evening pretty much ignoring each other. I watched tv and he read a book, that worked for us. The third day was a little bit better, as we’d worked out a system for dealing with each other. Whitewood is a sad and lonely man…it’s a bit depressing. I totally called him on throwing magic around his backyard, that Devyn was trying to do for months, his face was priceless. Apparently I wasn’t suppose to figure it out. Then he told me what happened to all of the half-stars from before…not pretty. It was a really weird three days…..really weird.

Bloody Fae!

I need to kick Warren‘s ass! Or some body’s ass. I remember going to check out the warehouse district, then the next thing I know is I just planted apple trees all around the town. Literally, one big circle around it. Warren used that to lock something in the town. Whitewood, Lolly, Kelvin & Mal find me asleep in the park. I’m lucky I didn’t get eaten by any thing. Well the scooby gang goes to the warehouse district to look for Warren and Whitewood, goes another direction. I open the gate into the warehouse district and something tried to grab Kelvin. I used my Monocle and saw Unseelie covering the ground. Mal decided to Pol volt onto the roof of the closest building, and feel right through the roof into the unseelie realm. Idiot. Lolly and Kelvin start bickering what to do. I went into rescue mode. I was planning on jumping in after him but decided not to go in unarmed. I ran / rode to the school. Sneaked into shop class, grabbed a cold iron chain, and back to the warehouse, with out getting caught. Lolly had glamored an unseelie to guide Mal into the Fae realm. So we went to the the Fae circle to jump into the fae realm. we had gotten the Willow realm to agree to let us pass but Whitewood insisted we go though his. Kelvin and I went in. Lolly Had to stay behind because her new Pet was suppose to find her and tell her Mal was safe. Not having a guide, Kelvin and I decided that since Whitewood is always going on about intent, we would Intent our way to finding Mal. It was odd, even had to walk backwards a bit but we found him in the Willow realm. Mal was napping under a tree. It took a bit to wake him up but we woke him. I could tell where the exit back to the human realm was, and could direct the guys too it, but i really didn’t want to leave. It felt like Home. Back before my parents started fighting and my family died. Where all was right and calm and soothing in the world. But then Warren shows up and force marches us back out. I couldn’t argue or any thing with him. His word was law. I guess it makes scene. A Fae prince in the Fae realms would be hard to argue with.

We were gone 3 days. We missed most of school. How am I going to explain this? And Why does my back itch like mad? Its like scar tissue is allergic to Fae or something. Maybe I need to try lotion or something.

I did it again

Well, I have really done it now. I make an impressive pole vault to the garbage can and climb up on the roof just to have it collapse and i fall into the warehouse while looking for warren. when I finally get on the ground I manage to end up into the UnSeely Fey realm. Saw a raven belonging to Morgan LeFey. I managed to not bite any of the UnSeely, thanks to the flask but as I pushed on to make it to the Seely realm my thirst kept growning. Thanks to an UnSeely dominated by Lolly it led me to a tunnel to the Seely realm and led me through it. after that fun I ended up in the lands of Devoyn, and ran into his stead and I ran like hell straight to the realm of the Willows where my exhausten caught up to me. I ask the tree if I could rest against it and got permission, was later woken up by Rocky and Kalvin. Then we meet up with the fey version of Warren who led us out of the Fey realm…. I am not sure how much more I can take.

Best apology Ever

With the help of Dustin and Rocky we used the football comment booth to allow we to make the best apology ever heard in byron falls to get back on the good side of Lolly. and thanks to rocky we are now trapped in byron falls.

Best Spell Ever

Of all the spells I’ve learned so far, I know something useful. My wardrobe is finally going to be able to keep up with the wonders of my mind. Ami’s crazy internet fashion will not stay ahead either. I can literally morph my clothing almost at will. I’m going to be practicing this spell whenever I can. I won’t even need to keep extra clothing in my locker, this is so awesome.

Not well played

So I manage to get revenge for what they did to Sara but manage to possibly piss off a member of the council, but I know I pissed off Lolly for my stupid suicide run. I know when I brawled with connor I heard other Werewolves out there. I have new orders from Delano and they are to be done Non Bruce Wilis style. First things first appologize to Lolly since she is my best friend.

I Lived

So despite a very well planned out attempt on my life via the Star Court. I lived and I am no longer illegal in any way. Also I’m failing math, who knew. I’d be more pissed at Whitewood for that but if it wasn’t for him I’d still be illegal and non-existing. The only downfall to this whole situation is that I’m stuck with my mother for a while. Luckily she’s got her own house and can be avoided.

when it rains it pours

I’m not going into How Sara committed suicide because she couldn’t handle the veil being broken. Or go into the crazy ordeal of a star trial in the park. Though getting Trish and Trevor to go home and that I’ll catch up was difficult. Their life is hard enough without getting into legal battles of fay and stars. All I understood from the trial is Lolly isn’t illegal, they are renegotiating the rules on star children, Lolly’s mom has fallen and whitewood finds her freaking out hilarious.

What I do understand and what I did find out is that Devyn nearly erased me so Morgan la fey could take over my body, and that the freaky shit my friends have been seeing in the warehouse district, is that Morgan is closer to breaking though than we thought!

Bright side is on the way back to Trish & Trevor’s house I found enough materials to make 13 vampire wards. Fun part is how to get the owner of the charm to bleed on it so it will work.


Like I said It can always get worse

Well, Lolly and I were escourted out of the Sara’s house by the police, and taken to the station and asked about what happened. then we waited for our respective parents/guardian. While waiting of all the people to visit is Rocky… i mean really like my day wasnt bad enough. though I will say for a traitor she was rather kind for my situation. and I swear I have issues with amy just blairing Sara’s suicide over pitter patter. Never the less I finally get home and a few hours later I see a star falling from the sky and land in the park. I dont want anyone getting hurt there since that is where 2 people I know of have been attacted by those afflicted with my curse, so I head to the park and see Lolly, Kalvin and Rocky there. Low and behold its the trial for Lolly and AsteriĆ«. I stand next to Melissa who again puts her hand up my shirt. Rocky, Kalvin and Lolly stand with the Fey brothers who showed up. the trial insues and arguements fly, mostly be Thanos, Kalvin and I. but we managed to secure Lollys’ innocence and AsteriĆ« gets a weak punishment considering. Also we got the law on children born of stars changed (go us). Thanos handed me his therapist business card and told be to contact him (really, me see a therapist I am so no ok therapy won’t work). I also managed to convince my uncle to pay for the funeral for Sara. I have decided that I will help only if needed if I jump to aid right away all that happens is those closest to me get hurt or even die… I cant take that risk. I really curse my afflicition and that I still have a soul, I can see how being evil is so easy… you just dont care about anything or anyone but yourself (this is going to be a very tough road for me, and I have to go it alone since NONE of my friends will understand.

Slumber parties are over rated

Despite the fact that Kelvin was also having a sleep over, I manage to get booze involved, de-panting of Ami for picking on Kelvin (due to the temp truce with lolly), and being unsupervised for the most part. It was boring! If it wasn’t for the uninvited guest that was picking on Kelvin and his dad. A Hanged man ghost. I wold have died of boredom! The ghost hunt was interesting. Salt didn’t work despite Kelvin’s best efforts. We had to call Whitewood, and than his brother who sent a pouch of pellets. One went through Mal’s hand. Looked like he had a stigmata thing going on. Kelvin hit the ghost with the rest of the pellets and it got sucked into them and they globed into one good size orb. The boys had all the fun. Apparently Wolves were running around the area all night. But Whitewood took the orb and told us to all stay inside till morning. What ever. Dawn came with not one teen getting any sleep.

Breakfast was more interesting. Virgina’s Uncle came to pick her up and apparently he’s a Hunter. Bad news for supernaturals. He wants to build a prison here. That can’t be good. turning a safe haven into a jail. Then what I believe to be the North Star also came to “talk” to Lolly’s dad. Not a good morning for dad. I found a secret passage that lead to a listening post to the mayor’s home office (handy!) from the kitchen. So far Dad doesn’t know what powers are messing with him and his family at the moment, and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

I hope the rest of the day goes better


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