Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

I am ready to give up

So I find out that greycrows emergency contact is dead for 15 years and when I get obi and thanos to help, well they were useless on helping to get in the house to check on Obi’s so called best friend. I also that Thanos would be more help. I left there and went to my clinic. This town hates anyone doing anything good. Two days no patients. I spent the night in my clinic and got woken up at 2am by Delano to see my clinic and he of course didn’t approve of my intent. Then I get a visit from Ryder. To add to everything it seems my friends don’t care they just act like the rest of the students and go on as if this stupid town isn’t having another event. Then Lolly’s friend trixie decides to insult my clinic practice and call me a pervert, I leave the cafeteria and big surprise nobody follows me to help calm me down I swear this town is going to either break me or kill me. I am trying to be its champion but I never wanted to do it alone.

Fun time is over

Well Lolly almost gets *&%#@ and i miss her phone call due to snogging with Mason (not that i didnt like it). I go on the hunt for him and end up at Sophies house and get locked in by whitewood. When we are finally let out we all clean up and go to school but I end up borrowing my uncles car and Lolly, Kelvin, Rocky and I all go to the Mall of America and do shopping therapy for Lolly ( I even let her do a make over on me)we also stay at the hotel near it over night. when we get back I find that Greycrow is still missing so after school I go check out his place and find him in a spirit walk with possible escapees from the Happy hunting grouds, I have called Ken and we are going to the library so I can translate Greycrows address book and call his emergency contact.

I have three more years of this place

So I find the house family is outside there mandate from Immortal Corp and notify my uncle, who calls in the Calvary. I end up using my medical and technical expertise to help Kelvin save his girlfriend in under an hour and there is a stomach flu going around. Did I forget to mention layans parents are gone. I love my job.

So Rocky had her birthday and her parents adopted Layan, that protects her from Immortal Corp for now. Rocky’s party was at stardust nightclub, nice joint.

I’m glad the school year is starting but I am not looking forward to the talk with Delano about my promotion nor what the year brings

Psyco Summer

Summer has just been insane! Between “growth spurts”, Werewolf vs Vampire wars, Nana visiting and deciding to stay, The plague (ok a nasty stomach virus) sweeping though town, Rider the scariest Hunter ever, Layan being mind wiped (forget the fact she’s a clone), The drama between Trish and Trevor (part of me still can’t believe I’m dating Trevor), My brain feels like mush!

Doesn’t help that Nana has been trying to cram a life time of information into my brain in such a short amount of time. But She has been teaching me useful things. I have a glamor now. I don’t have to worry about hiding my tail and bark back. I even hid that purple streak in my hair that refuses to go away. But damn learning that one was draining. So was putting a briar wall around billy’s house during the fang fur fight. Nana didn’t teach me that one, I probably wasn’t ready for that one & that’s why it took so much out of me. I wonder if Lolly feels so empty after using magic?

Trevor bought me a beautiful choker for my birthday. Being out of steel rails has been good for him & Trish, but he’s thinking of dropping out of school to work. I’m not happy with that idea, but its ultimately up to him. Wow me sticking up for schooling. What the heck happened to me? Is mom’s brain washing starting to stick? I didn’t get a car for my sweet 16th birthday, but I got a sister instead. I can see so much potential. Bwahaha.

At least with school starting things will be back to normal as they ever get here. College kids back at college is definitely a good thing.

There are druids in town now. Probably one of the Fae boy’s doing. Haven’t decided if its a good or bad thing yet.

Contemplating Werewolves

So Billy threw a party…out in the middle of the woods on a full moon. No one ever claimed that had good ideas. I just met this cute Junior, Tyler, and was in the process of allowing him to make his move…when a lot of howling starts up. Then we’re getting attacked by a group of packs and there are vampires running around in the woods. Our classmates are dying around us and Tyler drags me off to the basement. Turns out he’s a werewolf as well and has to go join the fight….I went back to retrieve people. Mal and Rocky managed to hold off most of the vamps and weres but I put up a circle of holly for safety anyways. Tapping ley lines is really stupid dangerous…there is no way I’m not getting into trouble for this one. I just got out of trouble too.

Another failed party

So Billy Cash decides to thorw another party, and he invites everyone who is anyone…. how did I end up on that list never mind Mason, dont get me wrong Im glad she came at first. I admitted to her I was a Vampire and she was really shocked (no surprise there) but during the party she admitted to me that she is an Alchemist (Hell Yeah she just got hotter) but as the night wore on we heard some howling and then 2 guys walked up and told me “It’s time to go to work sir” and hand me a silver bladed knife. I told them I was going to protect the party and the just said that DeLano didnt know about this…. really why didnt anyone tell him. so my friends and Rocky went to work using there talents that they have to organize and protect the party goers. I end up in the Battle Royale of Weres vs. Vamps… (this isnt going to attract attention.) Well besides getting covered in were blood from all the killing I end up catching one off guard and striking a deal to end this fight. when I ordered the vamps to fall back DeLanos second in command starts questioning my authority (I reall didnt have any then being his protege, His second is here and DeLano doesnt know thats good) I ended up ashing him and taking of as DeLanos Second in his Vampiric Bloodline family (another promotion for me) When are we going to ever have a real party that doesnt end in bloodshed.

July 4th

So, its the 4th big deal its nothing fancy in Minneapolis the city puts a concert and fireworks display. But having Evelyn waking me up like its Christmas really. I get dressed wearing a cheesy Hawaiian shirt and as usual he shoots it down. Finally get his approval and we head out to the park where the whole town is at, yes the town is closed for the day. I meet up with mason and she is shocked that im not all into it, though I explain why. Later we catch the concert put on by Kelvin and km glad since this concert was far better than the band the city picked. The fireworks were awesome especially since I got to spend it with someone special to me. Is this what being normal is like, because if so I never want to lose this feeling. I may hate this town but it has a lot to give once it takes your life and soul.


I have a TAIL!

Founders Day

Well founders day finally came, and I spent it excercising at first, than headed out to the junk yard were I got some good deals on some parts for my car, I tried calling Mason to join me but she is not really a morning person. My uncle payed me $40 on the possibility that I should find somewhere else to stay for the night. I did some minor fixes on the car until Mason finally got over to the house around 9am and we did the work on the car till around Noon. where I took her out for lunch. as we walked around I asked her out as my girlfriend, that was a bit of a surprise to her so quick thinking on my part I bought a rose and won her over. We later went to the park for the fireworks display where much to my dismay I ran into the scariest woman in the world Ryder the huntress. Not only was I freaked out so was Mr. Delano, Mr. Whitewood and Mason. after a small conversation where I found out she wants to talk to me I returned to Mason where I shocked her again by cuddling and giving her a kiss but she noticed some light trembling, this will be fun to explain.

Can it get any more awkward

So the dance had a theme of creatures of the night, and I thought it would be funny to go dressed as a hunter… apparently the humor was lost on my uncle who freaked and wanted me to change. I reluctantly agreed and wore some clothes of his from the 90’s (oh yeah cause this is much better). So my Uncle dropped me off to the dance just in time to hear howling from a passing car (awesome a car full of college werewolves this is a good thing right?) The dance was exactly as I thought it would be LAME. I ended up grabbing some chow and sat at one of the only mostly empty tables left and that is when I met Mason “The Car Girl” who wasnt enjoying the dance either. I told her about my new (new to me at least) ’67 GT 500 Shelby Mustang, and showed her pictures of it she got more talkative, but then major had to come over and make some lewd remarks and Mason fired back which made things embarrasing and awkward for me. Well I left early to grab the liquor from my house that my uncle would car was missing (some vodka, brandy, rum and absinthe ((why did my dad have absinthe)) so here is to hoping I make this party better.


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