Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Dealing with Witches

So on Wednesday we finally dealt with the witches in town. Since Mal and I knew who they were we did a little more research in the morning on witches. We also found some interesting stuff about revealing a star. Creatures with enhanced senses can actually smell them and there is an easy component ritual you can cast. According to Mal while my mother is a blue star, based on what he could smell and the book we found, I really am only a white star. I just don’t burn as brightly as she does. I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet, should I be ashamed I’m that bad of a star or should I be rejoicing?

After grabbing Mal’s new combat bow we went to Whitewood’s to figure out what to do about the witches. Whitewood wouldn’t listen at all when Mal and I explained it was the wyrd sisters. He kept going on about how it couldn’t be them he knew they were dead, I reminded him when he kept saying this couldn’t possible be the moon prince either but he never trusts me. Regardless, Mal, Whitewood and I schemed to catch the witches so we could get information out of them. Mal found a spell that puts witches to sleep, either a large area or one at a time if you can make eye contact. I would have preferred not to run the risk of doing the whole town but we didn’t have a choice. I tricked Trixie to the park and then Mal under a little glamour to look like a much scarier vampire ‘attacked’ us. It worked she screamed and I mean screamed it echoed around the entire town before we took off into the woods. Trixie tried to curse Mal but I kept her talking long enough that she didn’t get the chance. Then three pillars of green flame shot up around us and Kendra, Lorelei and Arien stepped out. They tried to ash Mal but I got the spell to knock them out off before they succeeded. Mal wasn’t happy but at least he was alive, well as alive as he can get.

Whitewood kinda….absorbed their power, the wyrd sisters’ not Trixie’s, and then believed us about the wyrd sister’s being in town. Mal and I were safe because we had a vial of his blood around our neck. Seriously he’s the biggest drama queen over a little needle and a little blood being pulled. So we took the four unconscious witches to the Boutin House and waited it out until the woke up. Of all the things to be thinking about Trixie was worried about being late for school. Mal trailed her all day and made sure she came back that night. I spent the day dealing with the sisters. I might have played a bit dirty to get rid of them, but I got them to tell me where the ritual to get rid of the moon prince was, leave town and I may have gained a new house in the process. Granted I have to take care of Kendra’s old cat, Selena, and at some point figure out what happened to their parents. It was still a deal worth making, I just have to talk Daddy into keeping the stores open though. Right now 5 magical building in and out of town are counting me as their owner and I’m not ready for that. After that they just left, seriously walked out of town and didn’t look back.

I went to feed Selena and bring her with me, Mal was there by the time I got back. Can you believe both Mal and Whitewood gave me crap for thinking about taking care of the old familiar myself. Apparently because she’s not some designer pet I’m not suppose to enjoy scratching her ears and letting her keep my feet warm. How shallow of them, she’s an old homeless cat of course I’ll take care of her.

I tried to talk to Trixie but it turned into a huge verbal fight, she started her usual trash talk and I almost lost it big. I restrained it enough to only slap her and…maybe…smash her phone…not my best moment. I gave up on her and I know Mal talked to her a little longer but I wasn’t going to try again. If she wanted to walk to the Moon Prince and say ‘Hey are you evil’ it was her funeral. In the morning, Trixie came downstairs just after me at sunrise and she’d been crying. I don’t know exactly what happened last night just that there are a lot of smashed component jars upstairs. Whatever changed her mind she’s willing to listen and work with us to stop the end of the world. It would be good to not lose my friend over this nasty business.

Oh and Whitewood jumped his magic to 35% without permission…that’s going to come back and bite us.

When in Rome

We finally trapped the Virus spirit. The kids seem to be doing better. After a hunt of over 24 hours I was bloody exhausted and was asleep for maybe 5 minutes (felt more like 5 seconds) When Lolly calls telling me to pack up we are going to Rome. Mal needed us to play body guard as he put the contained virus into a secure unit in Friken Rome! It hurt to move! How Lolly got my parents to agree to this extravagant trip to the other side of the world I’ll never know. Cuz I’m too tired to ask.

Immortal really needs to lean what a privacy clause is. They scanned me and started blabing how in infrastructure was different. Its My business if I have a hole in my back or not… Which I don’t! Its solid bark back there. At least Lolly Kelvin and Whitewood didn’t trip any scanners. Well Lolly would be a first of their encounter, so wouldn’t know what to scan for and Whitewood has too many glamor layers to get though probably. It Felt like a white washed hell down in the Caverns of Immortal. I must be turning more Fae, the florescent lights were bugging the hell out of me. Or it was just feeling like I was in the Asylum from Hell… that may be accurate. We dropped the “package” off with some Living Keys… Those guys were odd and creepy. At least we got out of there… I think.

Later when getting ready to go sight seeing we spotted banners for a Masquerade ball. After asking around I found out its an annual fundraiser for the city police. We decided to go. While it could be dangerous, how could one pass up a masquerade ball in Italy? Lolly and I got beautiful dresses and masks (the guys did well for them selves). But Once we got to the dance, Lolly and i realized we played off each others coloring. I had a red dress and purple hair, while she had a purple dress with red hair. How did we not notice that while shopping?
I had gotten a fox mask and was able to have my tail free but hide my back. It all looked like part of a costume.

At the dance every one ended up with dance partners. For a bit Mal had 2 dates at once. Lolly got a nice kid from the states who was dragged there by parents, Kelvin a girl who was trying to make an unfaithful boyfriend jealous, The one Mal Picked out of the 2 was a vampire, and I ended up with a werewolf. Figures. I let my self hang lose and a wolf decides I’m his new favorite toy. I had to get Lolly to glitter Wolfboy to stop chasing me. He was a great dance partner after that, though she couldn’t glitter the longing away. It was better than seeing if a squeaky ball would distract him.

By the end of the night, Whitewood was MIA and it was dark. We called for a van to pick us up. One did just not the Hotel van. Mal tried to walk but they clubbed him and threw him in the back. We were locked in by auto faceting seat belts. Mal tried Kicking the doors but was in for a nasty surprised. The van is blessed.

Ok either Immortal is grabbing us for testing, despite the not so subtle stuff they tried in the compound, the Hunters found us out and grabbed us, or the Church is up to something. My money is on Immortal. They have been having trouble with break outs lately and Mal has been trying to convince them we are an elite team.

I kinda wish I let wolf boy walk me to the Hotel.

The Greycrow Croinicals

Kelvin and I went to help rescue Greycrow from a super trance. Little we know that THe house was set up to trap us.. or who ever came in next. Kelvin did a smart thing and called Cricket to help before we walked into the house. Dumb ass Mal didn’t even think of mentioning that we might be walking into a trap. He had a hunch.
Any ways. we find ourselves walking in a desert, and no mater which way or how fast we went, nothing changed. Turned out it was the spirit of the wind, she wanted to protect us. But she did say she would help us out after completing our quest. Willow was a safety bubble against the wolves that hunted the realm. they followed us all the way. We came to a forest that Mal said was suppose to have dead hanging babies. But it was empty. Kinda glad. We had to go though a cave which Cricket could not follow. I steeped into a place where two worlds were colliding. A city world and a forest world, neither side was winning, but it was chaotic and destructive yet balanced. A spirit that looked like Hootch Leading down the safest path, Right down the middle. Only steady ground I could walk was amidst the chaos of the two worlds. Who would have expected a spirit walk while in the spirit realm. When Out the other side, we (boys popped out of the cave around same time) We were face to face with Greycrow’s captor. He was very nonchalant about the whole thing. But his big deal was making kids sick he has a contract with the moon prince, some how. But he didn’t stop us from going into the cell. Damn what a drop! If we had been on the earth realm i think every bone I have would have been broken. In a dark Corner there was Old man Greycrow. Not the young half of middle age Greycrow, but I’ve lived several life times Greycrow. He was bound and chained to the wall. Mal some how got the chains off with a piece of stale popcorn Kelvin had. While I worked on a way out. I climbed the stony wall like a spider and rigged a way to get every one out. The chain was long enough to reach the door, so with every one holding on I opened the door and out we all popped. After a while we were able to met up with Cricket and he took us to his realm.
In Cricket’s realm I managed to behave. But Kelvin Ate his Cellphone! The kid does something smart and then does something extremely stupid to make up for acting smart for once. Cricket had to grab him before he got lost in the traverse. When Warren came to take us home I’m surprised his cellphone didn’t turn back to plastic and electronics from Fae gummy bear. I thought that Idiot knew not to eat in the Fae world.
We get back to our realm and it has been 2 weeks, there have been lost person reports made and Byron falls is under quarantine by Immortal.
I hope Lolly made it back into town before the quarantine hit. She’s the only one who can reign these two idiots in. Maybe I need to learn how to glamor. that might make it easier >_<

Is there a spirit doctor in the house

Mysteriously there was a message from anonymous on pitter patter(that is not allowed) about going to the woods for an event, well Mason and I went and we were having a decent time at what turned out to be a fey party put on by Rionn Aisling(Mr.Whitewood). I had some words about messing with my pitter patter security(I upgraded all the security and notified everyone to change there passwords as a routine thing)

Rocky found that her friend Harley wasnt feeling well and got me to check him out I found he had infected the bite wounds received recently, Rocky and I took him to my clinic for some more tests. Mason was very upset with me leaving the party for a “Hobby”. I ran some tests on Harleys blood and then asked r]Rocky if I could get some of hers for a test on whether or not she could contract Lycanthrope or Vampirism. I took the liberty of using some blood I still have of Lolly’s.

With all the tests done I found that Harley has the new virus which I found medicine can only alleviate the sypmtoms not the actual “virus”. Did find out that Rocky (as well as other Half Fey) are susceptible to Vampirism, Lolly(as well as the other Half Stars) are susceptible to Lycathrope.

I informed my Uncle about what I knew to this point and humbly asked him for some help, he surprised me saying he will get help with the Witch problem but he has to leave town for a bit and I need to find somewhere to stay, never fear I have Kelvin staying while he is gone and my Uncle is going to send word when he is on his way back.

Homecoming a chance to rest and let loose… RIGHT not in this town, Mason and I break up mutually but still it sucks, she will find someone so much better. When things couldn’t get worse the crew gets a text from Kelvin showing Nurse Bronwen in Succubi form stealing Kenji’s soul. Well the crew(Lolly,Rocky and I) show up and see Kelvin having his soul ripped out, I yell and get Bronwens’ attenion, Lolly hits with a magic blast, I ram her through the wall and Rocky flys through the hole and kicks her in the air. We all go back inside as Bronwen flys off. Lolly sends me to get Whitewood and I do, funny part is that Cricket wouldn’t promise to behave so he got dragged along, when we get back I start feeling a horrible urge, I do try to fight it but all I rember is latching on to Kenji’s throat and I just know I have killed Kenji. When I wake up I’m at my house and I have Cricket and Garrick sitting in my room, they are very kind to me and tell me it will be okay and that I did Kenji a favor, seeing as he was lost to the Traverse… well this will take some time and I truly hope my friends don’t hate me for this…. THIS SUCKS

Of gods & men

Its kinda funny how the Druids and their god aka “the man of the woods” aka Garrick have been hanging out in the same town for months and they never ran into each other. Garrick can change his form, but a true believer can see Garrick’s true form. Lolly introduced Parker Acton to his god and boy did they both go pale. It was funny to watch. One man looking for god in all the wrong places. a god who did not want to be found…. sounds like a B level comedy movie. How is Parker the only true believer in town??? Now they are hashing out a deal for parker to garrick’s voice or some such position where parker does garrick’s holy work in leading the druids. Garrick, if you didnt want to deal with followers, Why the hell did you make a religion? Idiot.

Note to self: find out who this Huntsman dude is

The Sky is Falling

The Moon Prince has been summoned or released from his prison, ironically on the moon. The moon has been black for almost a week now. Not sure if if its just here or if the whole world is seeing this. Hard to tell in a safe zone. Grandma refuses to leave the safe zone. I wonder what is chasing her. Bigger problems… A witches coven is trying to make Fae forget the moon prince and possibly the moon in general. The animals noticed and they told me.

Lolly and One of her Aunts brought down the heavens. Literally. It was suppose to be a scare tactic against the witches, and it destroyed half the town. Hopefully no one was hurt, or seriously injured at least. I wonder if mithrill would stand up against Star fire? Shit is going down in town, and we have no idea how to friggen stop it. I keep looking to see if the gates of hell are swallowing up the town. But if it did I’d doubt we could stop it.

Door to the spirit realm

Oh fuckity fuck fuck! Long story short. A door way to the spirit realm has opened up in Byron falls. Lolly and I have been trying to find out how to fix the over population of spirits. Mal gets lead by the hand to the door by a Kitsune. She takes him into the spirit realm and Lolly gets sucked in while Kelvin and I escaped to call for back up. Not sure how well Fae princes will help against the spirit realm but we will see.

It started with a alarmingly large amount of kids getting sick. different kinds of sicknesses, mostly jr. high and downward ages. Mal posts we should hold a candle light visual at the part after dark in the park. I could just stake him! He KNOWS its dangerous to be out in the open after dark. And now he has the whole friggen town thinking some one died and in the park. I ditched school, took Trevor for help (thank goodness for an unveiled, understanding, boyfriend who likes to ditch school), and we put a salt circle around the whole damn park! It took all day! I know a salt circle will not keep every thing out but at least keep the worst out of the buffet that mall managed to single-handedly organize in the matter of 5 seconds. I really need to learn better way of doing barriers. Mal even lead the people in prayer. Not letting the priest do it. What is with him? he trying to spontaneously combust or become the first holy vampire? For some one who’s a genius he’s an absolute idiot some times. Its bad enough Ryder has him on her radar but if he keeps stunts like this up the hunters will find some loop hole to stake him.

Trish is mad at me. I guess she feels I drove a wedge between her and Trevor. I could really use her help some times especially when it comes to dealing with things out side the vale. I know of 1 thing that could possibly make her happy but I’m not sure it would work. or if it does it would effect Trevor too. Well either way it would affect him, but one way would definitely not be to his liking.

I’ve become addicted to running. Or just fully embraced that part of my genetics. But I have to be careful. Apparently werewolves find me tastier after being more Huldra like. It must have something to do with my running and their liking to chase. Could be a problem if one actually gets his or her claws in my back. marking up the back is like claiming of territory. I may have a bark back But I am no one’s territory.

Once Whitewood gets here I’m sure we can get Lolly & Mal out of the spirit realm.

Shit what is taking him so long?

tweet tweet chitter chitter

Today felt like a mixture of productive and unproductive. Decided to drag Lolly Jogging with me. Its about time that girl learned how to run. Her life could depend on it some day. Got to the park and distracted by Guthrie. Lolly and I decided to teach him about video games. We forgot to tell him magic was against the rules. No wonder Fae like Vegas so much (face-palm). Kinda feel bad for the person in charge of collecting quarters out of the machines. He used glamored pocket lint and who knows what else but no real coinage. After a while Lolly went to see Keen and I went to grandma’s for training. I learned how to talk to Birds and rodents. Bwahaha my spy network is growing!

Grandma mentioned that the fae were involved some how with the creation of werewolves. But she said it was not her story to tell and refused to say any more. I have a feeling the Moon Prince and the start of werewolves is going to be important.

Grandma really hates “glitter fae” and any one who follows then, like dryads and nymphs. I wonder if she was around at the breaking of the world?

Fun facts

So finally I get my castor gun and it is awesome. Another fun thing is finally getting patients at my clinic. One being Lolly after a magic spell gone wrong. She ends up with wyvern scales on her arm, thankfully I was able to compound an ointment that will make them go away. My second patient was a were wolf that ended up ingesting wolfs bane. Ipecac to the rescue and he threw up all night but my morning I found myself with the first member of my wolf pack. Things are going to get real interesting around her. Especially since Mason hates werewolves

Shareing is careing... or so they say.

Found out 2 interesting things today. 1 wizardry is legal (thanks to lolly not being illegal any more) and 2 Trish and Trevor are transformed cats. They use to be familiars to a witch. No Idea who or where she is. They ran away after being changed. They don’t know if the curse will go when the witch dies or stay. They randomly turn back into cats, but it doesn’t last long. I showed them what I am. Its only fair. Trish wants to be a cat again, but Trevor loves being human. I wonder if there is a way to undo one but not the other. I should ask whitewood or wizard boy about it. Oh wizard boy is a senior who’s been unveiled his whole life and has been casting since he was 3! I wish I knew what I was right from the start. Fun Fact: Witches are not girl wizards. I guess they are more like hoodoo people. Its more of an intent thing… i think. Lolly and Wizard boy REALLY hit it off. But they do more componit (ingredient) magic, Verses I am magic so I just do it… though Lolly does both I guess. Technical mumbo jumbo if you ask me, but no one did. I suspect those 2 will be sucking face soon enough.

I wonder if any one else has noticed that Mal has been extra moody lately? Always sulking off. Yeah we don’t get along but sheesh! He act likes Every one should go to him to fix every thing or that he’s always right…. ok he’s always been like that but now he’s getting a complex. Sure he’s a super genius vampire medic, But He’s still 15 and has a lot to learn. Hell in vampire years he’s still a newborn! If he survives a 100 years or so He’ll be a force to be reckoned with. But till then. Who stuck a stake up his ass?


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