Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Hey You Vampires, Get Off of My Lawn!
Party Crashers are Deadly

Well, it has been a long couple of weeks. There was the Chicken Pox outbreak that hit town right before the field trip to Canada, apparently Mal was able to make a strain that can infect supernatural as well as human, Oops! The trip to Canada was interesting in of itself, let alone meeting death. Survived mid-terms and the threw a party when the parents were out of town, and we found Thanos. Everything has gone pretty well, except for detouring to Kansas, Rocky in a Brazilian Bikini, making a deal with GR, Vampire party crashers and Olivia dating a member of the death cult. Just another week in Byron Falls.

When Did Everyone Become Not Human Or Have They Always Been Like That And I Never Noticed

Recently Rocky told me monsters exist, I kinda already knew this, just in my world monsters drink beer and go to bed at 7pm because the day of watching soap operas was too taxing. They’ve never had claws and fangs before in the literal sense. Honestly, I’m still really freaked out by all of this and if Rocky wasn’t one of my oldest friends I would have run screaming from her. But I’ve known her a while and if she was going to hurt me she would have done it already. After I learned she was something called a Huldra I went to the library to find out more about them. What I found explains her mood lately and those pictures Billy showed me on his phone. Now I’m worried about her and freaked out.

She asked me to help her steal the weasel from our rival school, it’s Rocky and the money was too good, so I said yes. It was five of us packed into a truck, driving an hour out of town and talking about who isn’t normal. I learned about hunters, apparently that woman from the governor’s office was a hunter and might but out to kill Rocky for being not human….I don’t want to let that happen but I don’t know what I can do. That new kid, Brandon, made a really weird comment when we were getting out of the truck that got me thinking. It made me realize that Mal can’t be human and that makes sense, I guess, I just wish he wasn’t as scary as a vampire. Then Rocky let me ask really rude questions about him while he could hear us, so now I might have upset the vampire and a friend. So if Mal and Rocky aren’t human and Brandon might not be human and when I learned all of this someone said Lolly might no…I don’t want to think about it. Riding back watching the weasel staring at me from it’s cage I knew how it felt; trapped by bigger and scarier things and even if you wanted to you can’t do anything about it.

Once I got my cut of the money I buried it with the rest in the backyard, I’m up to $2000 right now but it still isn’t enough. I’m not saving up for anything like a car but if I can keep saving like this some of the bigger trailers might be affordable. Plus I might be able to scrounge up a stock boy job at the grocery. If I buy the trailer outright then it’s only 7 mouths to feed and cloth, I can do that, hopefully. She’ll barely notice we’re gone and he’ll still have her so he wouldn’t coming looking for us. Right?


A Really Long Semester

It’s been a really long semester so far, I can’t tell what’s worse that I thought it was a good idea to go find the Grim Reaper or that I have a Death Cult waiting back in Byron Falls for me. I can’t think of anything we can offer up to the Grim Reaper for the information we need. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she can’t be bothered dealing with us so she’ll give us what we want just to get rid of her quicker. Then again given everyone’s luck this semester she might smite us for existing. I know all the stories say she likes game but I don’t think it’s safe to play with her. I know a lot of fey who cheat and I don’t expect better out of her. On top of all this, since Kelvin came along I can’t even get any time with my boyfriend despite the fact he’s chaperoning this trip. Plus I feel a bit guilty about the drugging and lying to Whitewood. I’ll need to be a little sweeter than usual once we get back from our latest and greatest idea. If we get back.

Oh Canada

The school field trip has been entertaining so far. With the majority of the town sick with “chicken pox” (not my fault, that was all Mal) the school trip was shrunk down to the scooby gang and Layan. the first hour I did not know such a level of boring could exist. half the van was having a magical theory argument. Talk about Ugh! well I thought I’d spice things up by spiking Witewood’s cupcake, with one of my pixi-sticks. He eats noting but sugar and caffeine any ways it shouldn’t be too bad. Well….. we ended up in Kansas (not far from hunter capitol) within 5 minutes. Considering how we were heading to Canada, that was quite the loopy loo. Well we managed to get to Canada by midnight. Our school approved destination is actually quite near Oliva’s old home. Whitewood crashed while the rest of us hyped up (because we’ve been stuck in a car all day) teens went to the indoor pool to burn off energy till 3 am when the hotel staff asked us to go to bed. Whitewood made a big fuss about how breakfast as at 7am and to be there. HA! the man doesn’t even know what 7am is. Brandon had a problem with the continental breakfast the hotel provided and demanded we go to the restaurant across the street. Lolly had to let whitewood know where we were going. We would have been back and done before he even woke up. pouted and complained but we manage to get some real food. I think he’s hung over. Kelvin and Layan are looking forward to going to the museum. They were a bit sad when Whitewood ended up calling this a rest day. He told us to stay in our rooms and watch movies and order room service…. who does he think he’s kidding? … probably himself. Well Lolly wanted to make sure he slept and needed to de-spike his coffee. So i took the opportunity to show him my new Bikini. His eyes bugged out and he had a heart attack while yelling for me to go put some clothes on. I guess Brazilian style bikini’s are a keeper. Lolly had no trouble giving him the sleeping potion. Mal “discovered” that I’m actually a girl. I guess for the past year and a half I’ve been an it. If I didn’t find it so funny from his reaction I wold have been miffed. I guess this explains 99% of the male population at school. Mal twittered a pick of me in my bikini so lets see if there’s a change of reactions at school. Maybe I should change my school clothes. Well with Whitewood out cold we set off what we really came here for. Find Death. From what Cricket told us was she’s in this area and rides a harley. Well it didn’t take us long. She’s working as a nurse in the hospital. They told me to hit Olivia and looked up ppl she could be visiting who were close to dying.

Well we found her… now what?

Of Beavers and Flat Tires

It was an interesting couple of days. The Valentine’s Day dance happend on Friday and then I had a photoshoot on Saturday. Neither of these events went off the way they should, but that is par for the course in this place. Where to start?


Dear Diary,
Oh the things that have happened as of late. Mal earned his spot in the Mad Scientist Hall of Fame, making Kelvin an ectomancer through gene therapy. It worked! But something went wrong and Kelvin’s hair went white and he wigged out a bit. This really nice ghost nurse came to the rescue, so they corralled him into Mal’s house.

It's A Wonder She is Still Going Out With Me

It has been a rough week when it comes to spending time with Trixie and events with this Death Cult. It started on Saturday night when I missed our date and then went down hill from there. She is still speaking to me and still wants to go to the dance so I guess it has not been a total disaster.

The Week Was

This was an interesting week. School was not the source of entertainment this week neither where Cricket or Vlad. In fact those were the most normal, calm things about the week and that is saying something. I did not foresee that by Saturday I would have participated in several felonies, medical experimentation, find another Ectomancer in town and be responsible for another ghost. That does not even cover the situation with Trixie, or the fact that most of this happened on one day.


Well, Mal finally tried his Gene therapy treatment on Kelvin. At first it didn’t look like it worked, but …. well after Kevin stepped out of the protection circle around Mal’s house and his soul tried to escape. Well a WW2 nurse swept him and pushed his soul back in. She saved his life. If I understood right, Kelvin was down to 1 soul point, but she got in there fast enough and gave him enough points to keep him from dying and to keep from Mal from going into a frenzy. Ya know, doing this while souls can’t cross over to the other side, on hind sight, was a very stupid idea! Well Kelvin’s hair turned white, even is eye brows and eye lashes. Being 8 soul points worth of ghost points he kinda can walk through walls at the moment. While on a soul point high (from getting 8 from the ghost) he was so hyper and energized he stole Lolly’s car (the one almost every one has driven but her), and convinced Layan to go with him to Minneapolis, on a school Night! The Pretty committee has succeeded in melting her brain into a ditzy high school girl She had a test in the morning she was studying for before Kelvin showed up. Can ghost glamor? I wonder if Ghosts are empty calories for Vampires? … Any ways! Brandon and Mal use their modified muscles cars to catch the runaways, While I was taking Olivia home at first, we caught up out side of town due to my mad driving skills ( Maybe i can convince whitewood to modify my bike like he did his vespa). Lolly in Brandon’s car gave her car an electro shock that fried its computer, sending Mal and Kelvin into the trees. Mal;s car had a face off with a tree, the tree won. Mal went through the window of his car because he was not wearing his seat belt. If he wasn’t a vampire he would have been road kill. The near decapitation marks are taking a long time to heal. Kelvin and Layan just energy and came to a stop unharmed. I had Olivia ready to jump into Lolly’s convertible if needed, but it wasn’t. Lolly was so pissed at Kelvin, who can blame her. He didn’t take the car he got for Christmas, oh no. he had to take hers. Well we got a hold of Tanner to tow the cars. Mason practically looked like a cat in heat when she saw Mal’s car and found out he was single again. That girl is a bit freaky. Mal Popping himself back together didn’t faze him.

Ok… Back track. While waiting for Kevin to Wake up from his Treatment, Olivia decided to walk home (yes after dark) and on the street in front of Mal’s house she was attacked by vampire stoned out on earth fae blood. She wasn’t hurt, just slight puncture on her neck and being knocked to the ground. Mal heard her yell and flew out the door and pounded into the guy. Mal got Bit through the hand before he staked the dude. (Lolly found the holes in his hand freaky and she couldn’t heal them. Mal and i joked about pencil holders, as he wrapped up his hand. I drug Olivia into the house during the fight. But afterwards Mal took Olivia aside and broke up with her because he felt like her being with him put her in danger. The Idiot. But she handled it seeming well. Maybe she was planning on breaking up with him soon any ways. I have no idea. Mal cried red, she didn’t cry at all. She still seemed to care as a friend.

Fast forward to after the crash… Olivia didn’t want to be taken home but to Warren’s house. I figured maybe she’s want to have Cricket’s shoulder to cry on. He’s practically her best friend so it seemed reasonable. She got shy when Guthrie answered the door. She’s not use to hanging with the princes so not surprising. Maybe Mommy dear has told her her some very grusome stories about him. No clue. Guthrie is a sweetheart. Surprisingly she asks for Warren. Mr. Warren to be exact. That caught all of us by surprised. Cricket fell out of his chair. I’m sticking with her for the fun of it, and to make sure she got home safely later. Warren is training shirtless in the garage. Talk about Martial art sexiness. Shame he put on a shirt and ruined the view. Well surprise of surprises Olivia asks Waren to train her. I guess that makes scene since she was attacked, but this did not come across as a spur of the moment idea. She’s been thinking about it for a while. He was a bit shocked but said he’s consider it. But He does not like being called Mr. or Sir. While they talked over the idea I tried to mess with Garrick. He was meditating, but to no avail. He just said I should embrace my Huldra side, but even though Huldras are pretty much part of the Nymph family, mind my manners I’m still a child. Spoil sport. So I started talking with Guthrie and even convinced him to be my Valentine date. (Its a masked ball so it should be easy to keep Whitewood and Guthrie from noticing each other. Guthrie thinks the 18 rule is silly too. Olivia really didn’t like me hanging out with Guthrie, even less so when he started to play his guitar. She begged me to take her home right away. On the way Home I asked if I was stealing her crush, because I thought if she was crushing on any one it was Cricket. But no Cricket is just a friend. But she hates Guthrie for some reason. Far as I know he didn’t do any thing to her. Hell He didn’t even break the world. gotta figure this one out.

I found out at school that I’m a scary mob boss. While it gave me a bit of an ego boost at first, but after thinking about it, I realized I don’t like all the implications of it. I don’t want every one to fear me. its hard to make new friends. Thinking about it, Trish and Trevor were my only real friends. Dustin is scared of me and does what I say out of fear and bribes. Flint believes I’m useful so between him and I he believes its up for debate who is in charge. Harley, he’s so distant lately I’m not even sure I can count him part of the Demolition Derby any more. He’s been more so since his vale was shredded. he would have been happier if he was a Vampire than an Elf, but I’m not sure any vamp would turn an emo kid. Willing food is a nice commodity. Dustin and Flint are still Veiled as far as I can tell, so there’s so much I can’t talk to them about and Harley is so self absorbed and mad at me for ruining his sudden new income source He’s not going to listen to me for a while. We’re falling apart. Even in the scooby gang, I can’t really talk to them. Mal is to egotistical to just listen and not try to try and fix it or compare it to how bad he’s had it. He still holds over Lolly that he died for her, not that she asked to be saved. Lolly has a self righteousness and mom complex that any thing I want to talk about she’s probably guilt trip me about any thing I want to talk about. Kelvin is oblivious. Olivia is nice and fun but there is no emotional connection there. Just similar tastes for mischief. Brandon, I honestly don’t know well enough and he’s into Trixie of all people. Yech! Don’t get me wrong I like these people and call them friend and will do any thing i can to help them when I can. (when did I develop a white knight complex?) But I can’t connect with these people on a level I need a connection with. Trish and especially Trevor I could talk to them about any thing and every thing. They left holes in my soul i can’t fill. They are nearly back to full cat minds now… well Trish is Trevor remembers once in a while, but its getting longer between memories soon there will be none. I’m emotionally empty and craving physical closeness. I don’t know if this is normal teenager hornieness or if its Huldra nature or if its mix of the two. I don’t know if feeling this way will ever lessen. I feel like I’m going to explode.
Who do I talk to? How do I fix it? When that ghost possessed me He did to me what I’ve been doing with my heart. Locking it into a tinny dark box with no control.

No More Mob Boss! Guthrie will help me break that cold, dangerous, unapproachable barrier between me and every one else. I’m not going to be a cheerleader, or change who I am. Just break through the prison walls. Maybe then I can connect with some one and feel alive instead of dead inside.

Great day

So I got to spend the day away from school with the greatest girlfriend in the world getting to do nothing but have a second base session. It was awesome, then we went to the pawn shop and the girls fawned over some trunk. Tough I loved getting to order some amazing arrows to add to my collection. I have finished the gene therapy for Kalvin and looking forward to actually doing the procedure. I am a little nervous but I am a medical genius, what could go wrong. Though I feel like things are getting very strained in my relationship but I hope it does go south.

Well the lunar eclipse is coming and that is our deadline to figure all this out and defeat the death cult. We can do this, right?


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