Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Memories of Family
I remember, when I was a small child Dad would tell me stories about his travels in Europe when he was in and just after college. He studied ancient cultures in college, the Vikings were his favorite. He studied abroad in Norway and spent every summer on Viking dig sites and in Scandinavian museums, when not camping and hiking the forests. I miss looking at his photo albums, so many pictures of places he’s been and people he’s met. He even met my mother while on his first hiking trip though the Scandinavian forests. He was camping near a small town, (I can no longer recall want its name was) when under the light of a full moon he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen strolling through the forest. Before he could call out to her she disappeared into the night. Dad said he thought he had seen a wood elf and went back to his tent. A few days later when he went back into town, he saw her again at the market buying food. He went up to her and tried to ask what her name was, but she did not speak English at the time. He tried to use his language guide book, but he failed so badly, a shop keeper had to step in and translated what he was really trying to say and not calling her a fish. For Dad it was love at first sight, but it would be many years before he could tell her. When he got back to college first class he took was Scandinavian languages, it was on his to do list of curriculum but she inspired him to focus on it first. Every summer he would camp in the woods where he first saw my mother and once he was officially studying in Norway he was back to that village every weekend he could. Mom thought he was a weirdo at first, but as he got to know her better and speak sensibly she fell for him as well. She would go visit him at college and sometimes at the digs. The digs had a tendency to creep her out, but she claimed that dad would get the most adorable look on his face when he gets excited. (I think she said that to make Dad blush, he would turn so red that his whole face and neck would turn red). They got married after Dad graduated from college. They traveled all over the world together till Mom was pregnant with me. She had learned English from him so they decided to move closer to his family, (I guess Vermont was as close as he wanted to get. I never met my Uncles or Grandparents till much later. I guess connecting with his family didn’t go as well as he hoped.). A few years passed and my brother Mikey was born. We traveled around quite a bit at first, but as I got to school age Dad insisted that we stay in one area. Mom wasn’t too thrilled about living in suburbia Vermont. If we were to settle down, she wanted to do it back home near her family. I didn’t know why at the time this would cause so much argument between them. All I knew was to take Mikey and hide when they would fight. Mom would get this wild look in her eyes and would revert back to her home language. Things would often go flying. Mom had a temper to match a Furry. I remember the last night. Mikey and I were already in bed when the fight started. I don’t know what it was about at the time, but it was the worst one I ever heard. They were in the kitchen, I could hear dishes shattering. I crept out of bed to check on Mikey, he was sound asleep so I climbed out the window of my bedroom and into Dad’s garden. It felt like a sanctuary there and the sounds of the fight were muffled. Suddenly there was an explosion from the house. The Kitchen area looked like a bomb had exploded. I couldn’t get in the house from any of the doors, so I climbed back up the tree and into my room, the hall way was already on fire, down stairs was an inferno. I tried to get to Mikey. I could hear the fire engine and sirens, I knew help was coming but I had to get to Mikey. As I opened the door to his room another explosion shook the house. I held on to the door for dear life. The smoke was thick but in the dark room I could see Mikey hiding under his bed crying. I start to run towards him as I felt hands grab me around my waist and pull me away from my brother just in time to see the floor beneath him give way and drop him with the bed on top of him into the fiery inferno below. I kicked and screamed trying to escape my rescuer, but to no avail. At some point I blacked out. He took me out of the fiery hell pit that was once my home. The house burnt to the ground along with the garden. The fire fighters were hard put to keep the neighbor’s houses from catching on fire. I keep a copy of the report. It’s surprisingly easy to figure out what happened with hindsight. The house had been a fixer upper when we moved in and Dad tried to do all of it him self, even the gas and the electrical wiring. We also kept propane and gas cans in the garage for camping events. Dad loved taking my brother and me out on his ATV. The garage was next to the kitchen and below Mikey’s and my rooms. Mom must have thrown something that messed with the gas stove and caused it to leak while arguing. They probably didn’t even notice the smell. Then something caused a spark. I don’t know what. Either something was thrown, or Mom tried to make some tea. I don’t know. What I do know is that they didn’t survive the explosion. Mikey died of a broken neck, from the bed and fall crushing him. At least he didn’t suffer slowly in the fire. I didn’t even notice that when the last explosion hit I was on fire. The back of my night gown had caught on fire and the polyester fused to my back as it burned. I don’t really remember any of that. I was in the hospital for weeks before they found a relative to ship me off to. Dad had a brother. I was still in a daze for a long time after the fire. I wasn’t with “family” very long before I was shipped off to an orphanage in New York. I can’t even remember much about Dad’s brother or his wife. Never knew their names and just called them Uncle or Aunt. I remember them arguing about me with the Child Protective services. They didn’t want any thing to do with me. They kept referring to Mom as an outsider. I thought they didn’t like Europeans or something like that. (I didn’t know Mom wasn’t human). They flatly refused to pay any the hospital fees and did not take me to a doctor for any follow up appointments that I needed. I was still in a lot of pain from my back and they often would strike my back when they did not like something I did or did not do. One stormy night a strange man showed up to the house and Uncle and &Aunt looked relived. I could have sworn that when they opened the door lightning flashed behind him. He was the scariest man I had ever seen, tall, thin, gray, solemn, and had a cold air of death around him. (He looked like the reincarnation of Judge Frollo from the Disney movie to me) He wore a long black coat and a black hat, I thought death had come for me and they had told him where I am. Before I could get my feet under me to run away they grabbed me and shoved me at him. He took a steel hard grip on my arm with one hand, while taking a fat envelope with the other. I panicked. I screamed and kicked and fought as hard as I could to get away, but my Uncle backhanded me across the face so hard, I blacked out. I woke up in the back seat of a car and the Gray Man opening the door to drag me out. I was conscious but my mind was numb with fear. I did not know where I was, but was convinced I had been sold to the Gray Man. After hauling me out of the car and into an old building he pushed me towards an equally gray woman, who led me down dark halls and tossed me into a room full of sleeping children. She told me to go sleep in an empty bed, and then shut the door behind me. I quietly did as I was told. My mind racing so bad I couldn’t have slept even if I wanted too, that and the large welt on my cheek my Uncle had given me. I waited in the cold dark room waiting to see what horrors would befall me by dawn. I am pretty sure that my Aunt and Uncle told Child services that I ran away, if the ever checked up on me. When the shock wore off and I realized where I was, I was angry. Angry and hurt and felt that I should have died in the fire with the rest of my family. I quickly became the monster child of the orphanage. Even when I didn’t do something wrong it was blamed on me any ways. I learned there were multiple hells, and I had been through three of them in less than a year, Pain, Abandonment, and Agony. I believed them when they told me that no one would want me. I was too scared to be pretty enough to adopt, too stupid to make it though school and become something better, too lazy to even car about trying. By age 7 I had given up on the world. By the age of 9 I had a gang of fellow misfits I considered friends, as we would terrorize the school, orphanage, and neighborhood that we lived in. Until the Rhoads came to the orphanage and saw something in me that none of the other potential parents ever saw.

(Sceen: Rocky sitting on her bed, petting Scamp)

I wish I had the power to change things. If I could have stopped the curse being broken. If I could change you back into human. I wish I could do something. If only she had waited I’m sure I would have found something. I feel so helpless. I’ve been having the same dream for so long I can’t remember any other dreams. Your human again, but you leave me behind, and I can’t catch up. I always lose you. I tried to accept that loss. I tried to move on with my life. I can’t. Cricket is even worried. It must be bad when a Fae prince is worried that you becoming unhinged. He hinted that maybe a star could turn you back with creation magic. The only star I know isn’t powerful enough to do that level of magic yet. By the time she is… may be to late, if she would even be willing to try. Mal is perfectly willing to try with his gene therapy. Sure he had success with turning on Kelvin’s ectomancy… But he had that gene in him already. You never had any human genetics in you. He’d probably turn you into a werecat, if any thing. Do you want to be human again? Huh, looks like you feel asleep. I wonder what you dream about… Vampire, we could have worked around. Same with werewolf, but I don’t know how to deal with this. You can’t turn human and I can’t turn into a cat. I’ll ask Lolly, I doubt she’d be up for even trying, but asking can’t hurt too much… I hope.

Why Does Everything I Touch Break?

This summer break has gotten off to a wonderful start.
I broke Zane, broke Cricket, pissed off a Star, and had my mentor make a Promise with said Star.
It all started with this new emo kid moving into Iron Gates. I was on lockdown, so I missed the beginning of Lolly’s inquisition but Zane came and broke me out to meet the new kid. Of course I was only there for a moment before Rocky spotted our favorite friend, Cuthbert, on his way up to Delano’s house.
Zane followed us up there and kept us from doing anything more than leaving a little skull on his seat in the car; just a reminder we can get to him wherever. Zane had a bit of a panic attack about the werewolves, and I sort of, in a trying to comfort him sort of way, let Cricket’s identity slip. He didn’t take it well and marched off to have a talk with Cricket.
Fast forwarding to the party, new kid cut Cricket’s hair. ALL OF IT. Through the guise. Lolly sent me to distract Cricket while they retrieved his hair, and I picked the worst topic ever. I asked him if everything was alright with Zane, and then let it slip that I was the one who spilled the beans, and then Cricket started crying.
I really hurt his feelings, and I didn’t know what to do so I gave him a hug. My shirt got totally soaked with tears… and then the star showed up. And she was PISSED to find me hanging on her fiance. It wasn’t like that though, at all, but she didn’t listen. Lolly was busy, Whitewood was trying to wrangle the other stars, no one else on my emergency contact list could really handle an angry star so I called Mister Warren. He came immediately and laid into the star. She wasn’t phased but he eventually got her to lay off by promising her not to let Cricket and I be together alone all summer… with the intent he can’t leave Cricket’s side. I’m kind of worried for thier sanity honestly… but I really owe Cricket and Warren both now….
Eventually Lolly got Cricket’s hair back… just as Cricket started to notice and began to turn all Nightmare Cricket on us… Warren used his super ninja skills to reattach it, so crisis averted, thankfully…
This summer is going to be a mess I can already tell…


Well, its officially summer. Lolly’s and Kelvin’s birthday party was pretty much the same circus it is every year, except with a near invasion of stars, Olivia making Amber jealous, and the “Not living here for more than 5 minutes” new kid gets unveiled (not my fault for once). Brandon and I took the gigantic ice swan from the party and set it free in the lake. I don’t think any one will be swimming any time soon. the water is so cold the ice swan isn’t melting! I think Kye Dillon and I are a couple now, feels weird. At least he’s not weirded out any more about all the supernatural stuff. I keep comparing him to Trevor, but that probably is normal to an extent. Just gotta remember Kye is a sports guy not a help me break into stuff guy. I still wear the collar Trevor got me. I’ve worn it pretty much every day since he gave it to me. At least the spokes are a hindrance to neck biters… I’ve not cut my hair in over a year. I use to keep it short, I was due for a cut when Trevor and I started dating, but he liked to play with it so I just left it grow. It’s gotten pretty long, it’s close to mid shoulder blade. My guise hair is still short, so I still look like I did at the beginning of Sophomore year, though I guess I’ll look fairly young for a really really long time. I doubt I would look much more different at the age of 18 than 16, its just 2 years. When I hit 30 it might be an issue. I’d be in hell if I had to be in high school that look because I continue to look this young. Maybe for my 21st birthday I can get this guise to look 21 and not worry about the age stuff for a few 100 years. I guess I was bound to lose Trevor sooner or later. I was just hoping for later. At worst he would of had only lived for 8 or 10 years, Looked human but age like a cat. At best he would have aged like a human, so barring any thing eating him, major illnesses, or accidents, he could have had another 60 years. 60 would have been a lot better than 1.

Bashing zomies in the park

Surprisingly the plan went fairly well. We got big bad nerd boy away from the dance and his brain washed drones, and into the park which was civilian free… well as far as we could be sure of. We cut the magic tie between the Warlock and Lich, broke Nerd boy’s leg so he couldn’t escape and get into more trouble. Then Olivia and I spent the rest of the time bashing zombies in the park with flaming baseball bats. We got into a contest to see who can get a home run with zombie heads. We didn’t realize that vampires had showed up to battle the lich until this one crazy chick popped up with the intent to kill me. I swung the bat at her but she turned to ash before I could connect. The hunters had come to play. With most the zombies broken … can’t call them dead… maybe deader? And with the park on fire and hunters converging we took off. The Hunters and Police were left to the clean up process. Off to the caves we ran to free G.R. Boy was she pissed off. It took Lolly a while to talk G.R. into not killing any one till their due time. (I thought giving her nerd boy was fine, he caused a lot of death, I was out voted) Well she agreed after giving Nerdy a very calculating look, like seeing how much time he had left, I’m guessing not much. We had to destroy the Lich but that thing wasn’t going to reform, despite Lolly’s hopes. Fate help us if she ever becomes religious. I had Tiewaz break the Lich’s box (it was what kept him on this plane of existence) and then break G.R. out of some very nasty bonds. Then torched the place and some summon Lich and death cult books. I know they were technically school property, but there is no way Cuthbert is going to ever be allowed to get his hands on books like that again. The rest of his life will be a living hell. I can’t kill him but I can tournament him. Now that the adrenaline is wearing off. I can feel all 8 of my missing soul points aching with in me. I still have a week left of school before Nana can take Olivia and I into Earth Fae realm to charge up. It sucks being walking bait for any thing that feeds off of soul points. I wonder if it’s too late to catch Mal’s “chicken pox” and miss the last week of school?

The Semester is Almost Done

Last night was interesting. It was the Spring Formal, so that meant something exciting had to happen. By the end of the night, everything had resolved itself and the milkshakes tasted like victory. Not sure where to start with this one as a lot happened in the night.

Bad Decisions

That seems to be a theme this semester. Get locked in a house with creepy ghost girl, get attacked by strung-out Vampire, get kidnapped by my well-intentioned but misguided mentor, follow brainwashed boyfriend into cult’s secret base… Hit a warlock with a hockey stick, and then don’t run away from the big bad Lich that pops up out of nowhere.

Things To Do in Byron Falls When You Are Bored

Ryder still has control of my house, so I did the only response was to go with Trixie’s suggestion and steal her van. Stealing the van was fun and making out with Trixie was even better. After leaving the van, we ended up at Billy Cache’s lake house where we threw an impromptu party, by eventually getting the entire gang up to the lake and the evening went very well. We will have to make sure Olivia keeps dating Zane so we can use the lake house without Billy.


Today HURT. Went checking out some caves by the lake with Olivia, Parker, and Zane. Olivia and I knew that the boys were brained washed by the occultist. I don’t know what we were thinking. I guess we wanted to keep an eye on them while confirming whether or not the cave was the cultist were using the cave or not. Well the good news is, we know where they are working out of. Bad news is, the boys fall under instant brain wash with face paint. They tried to keep us in the cave as more cultist ran in. Poor Parker isn’t going to be able to enjoy his man bits for a while. I kneed him so hard his eyes actually bugged out, and breathing was really hard for him. Zane’s nuts fared better than Parker, I guess Olivia was a bit hesitant, but he ended up getting a hard hit to the back of the head. With the guys not blocking the escape any more Olivia and I did the only smart thing we could. We ran. Luckily Lolly and Brandon returned from town to to pick us up and help us escape. I grabbed 2 things on the way out. One was a book with several names of students highlighted from the sophomore class and what turned out to be the Hand of Mysteries. That use to be on a living person, I have no idea what it does, but that its a big, bad, magic item that I believe the cultists were using to make my life hell. Well one bad idea isn’t enough with out a chaser. The whole Scooby gang decided to check out the school lockers of the kids named on the book. Being spring break, should be easy. Right? Wrong! Well getting in was easy. We even discovered secret passage ways in the school. Apparently there were peep holes into the girl’s showers. I say were because we moved the holes to the guys showers. Should be a nice surprise to the peepers. But we did discover something. The gym teacher is a ghost! With all the ghosts being sapped for energy, he wasn’t looking so good. If Brandon had ever taken gym, Jumel Morris‘s mystery would have been solved already. I guess it explains why he’s a cranky ol’ bat all the time, and why he never changes. Turns out his face is a latex mask. I think that his love of the school nurse got him killed, but it was his unfinished business of getting the school to the championships that kept him here. Boy is he going to be stuck for a long time! Well we checked all the lockers, found bits of this and that. In one locker we found high level magical elven traps. Nerd boy from silver medows has access to lots of money and magic. Well Money was quickly figured out. He had records of his “tutoring” business. $10-$25 for tutoring lessons, $50 for a paper $400 for a test. I need to get Dustin in on this gig. Well to keep the cult member’s lockers look like they’ve not been specifically targeted, Olivia and I trashed the surrounding lockers. Lolly made us put any valuables into the lost and found. Spoil Sport. Well as we finished that up, we heard the sound of a fight in the library. We ran there to see the librarian knocked out and Nerd boy stashing books into his bag and ducking out the window. Well by this point several signs point to nerd boy being the warlock behind the death cult. He was responsible for several deaths. In hind sight logic was trying to tell me to tread carefully, but instead I saw red and charged him. He threw a litch at me! Well suspicions confirmed. Olivia threw holy water on the litch and we chased Cuthbert Peleg out the window. Lolly and Brandon had circled around to get the car and were driving up when Olivia and I caught up with him, aimed to strike. Hands were starting to pop up out of the ground grabbing at any thing moving, some zombies and I think some ghosts. He spins around and blast us with death magic. Next thing I know we are at Whitewood’s house and the house is in the travers. Whitewood must have panicked when we arrived at his house. I have no idea if his place was the first place we went or not. All I know is that I hurt like I was hit by a …. I lack the words. A meteorite driven by the spawns of hell, in a semi. I’ve used soul points before but this … having all but one point blasted out of me, its a miracle I survived, and that there were no vampires any where near by. I call Mom to let her know where I was. That woman has me trained. If I live through this, I’m so grounded. Maybe for real this time. Lolly and Brandon finally talk Whitewood into landing the house. We find its the middle of the night, a month and a half later; Olivia’s Mom is pissed because she got stuck in the earth bound part of the house for a month and a half; Zombies rule the night (no other night creatures like werewolves and vampires want to be out and about); We missed the spring solstice so Olivia and I can’t get a quick fix of sol points; Worst of all, despite ALL the things we’ve done to foil the plans of the death cult, we have not stopped them one bit. Not even slowed them down! My pride hurts more than the rest of me…. until I try to move. I’m pissed off and hurt and an insanely easy target. Grrr. Its personal now, bitches. If that little punk think he’s going to harm my friends and I just so he can play big bad. The Punk has another thought coming! This is War.

Give me a freaken break already

Mom has taken to calling Trevor, Scamp, because his natural affinity to get into every thing and hijacking any thing that isn’t nailed down. It was kind of funny to watch her chase him through the house when he stole the fish she was preparing for dinner. Trish is called Frisky now. She’s so skitter-ish around most people. Their Human personalities are completely gone. They don’t even remember being human. Mom says we should get them fixed. I’m not sure I can do that to him. But mom may take it upon herself if i keep running from the subject. I can’t think of them as cats. I can’t mutilate my friends like that! It hurts to much to think about.

I want to change things, but I’m not sure I like where they will lead. Lolly said I was going down the path of the slut cheerleader. That felt like a punch below the belt, but she’s probably right. I think I’ve just scared away any potentials. I just feel this chaotic energy in me all the time. Running only seems to make it worse. any time my blood gets pumping. But the thought of Billy Cash having a picture of me just makes my stomach turn. I must not be that desperate yet. I should have Dustin or some one hack his computer to see how many pictures of those he printed up and charge his bank account for every one of them.

We got most of Thanos back. But he’s so locked into himself its like he’s become his own travers. He’s lost within himself. I could see what condition he was in and what it was like where we summoned him from. Not pretty. I’m having nightmares about that place.

The Vampires are getting nervous about the death cult. They’ve started killing people suspected of being in it. Problem is that through Zane we found out that not all participants are willing members. Zane doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He would not willingly participate in something so evil. Plus even when questioned under a truth potion he didn’t know any thing about it.

I think Zane and Olivia would make a cute sporty couple. They can be all sweet and innocent together. If Lolly can get the stick out of her tightly wound ass. She and Zane have been broken up over a year. They both have had other significant others, and she has Vlad. She’s put up with more from Vlad than any others, so it must be true love. So Quit giving Olivia a heart attack about it and give your star-damned blessing over it! She didn’t know he was your ex when they hooked up and you are way past your statue of limitations. If she keeps this up I’m going to have Cricket glitter bomb her in the face! Ugh!

Olivia’s cousin is fun but he’s like drunk fun. Ok once in a while but very unhealthy for any thing more than that. I don’t want to be a glitterholic. I’m bad enough by my self. No wonder there are no male Huldra. could you imagine 2 of me, just one of each gender? …. Ok part of me things that would be great, but I think that’s my fae side. Human side says i should be terrified of the idea of that. Ugh. I wish I could split me into 2 people! one Huldra and one human. Then I wouldn’t have 2 minds about every thing!

I think I smell cupcakes in the kitchen


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