Byron Falls High School Class of 2015

Who needs thoese asshats?!

Who are they to judge me or think that they have any right to say who I date?!?! If I want to spend half of lunch and 2 school periods making out with Devyn in the Announcer booth that is my choice and they can all sit and spin for all I care. I didn’t give Mal a hard time when he started dating his food supply. Calling me a traitor. They act like Devyn is a bad guy. Just because He and Mr. Whitewood have different opinions and had a fight, which didn’t look as bad to me as they were saying. Disagreeing and fighting are what siblings do. (Lolly & Kelvin (aka the wonder twins) act like they never fight) Being Fae especially a crown prince and a exiled criminal obviously they are going to clash and its going to be showy. I’ve not turned against Whitewood. I want to find a way to heal the breach between brothers. If I could have my brother back I’d do what ever it would take in a heart beat. I’m sure Flint isn’t too happy with my choice of Boyfriend.I have no idea why he doesn’t like Devyn. I have a sneaky feeling that the rest of my friends are going to be joining the anti-Devyn crew as well. Hope not but if they do I’m sure they will come around given time.

What the hell was going on last night. I’m waiting for the security guard t let me into iron gates, after dark. The putz is taking for ever. All the way home I felt like something was watching me. then while at the gate I saw a shadow that kept moving closer to me, even after I shined the light on it, it still kept coming. I jumped the fence and noticed it did not follow me in. Pokey guard got there in time to lector me and demand id. that ass has never liked me. I should have taken my usual back route in.

Bloody town

I HATE being a girl

Devyn Scarlet What the hell did you do to me? You blow into school causing a stir. I didn’t think much about you then. Just another pretty boy roaming the school. You were not even a blip on the radar till I found out you were related to Cornelius Whitewood. There’s a sign of trouble if there ever was one. You had a natural way of pissing Loraine “Lolly” LaRue off that was amusing, but was appearing mostly harmless so far, even clueless in some aspects. With the gaggle of mindless twits flocking you a good portion to the time, you were not worth messing with till you did something dangerous or stupid. We pretty much ignored each other, or so I thought, till Valentines day. When out of the blue you gave me a pink rose. I was shocked. That was the first time some one has ever given me flowers. Then you got into a fight with Flint Parkin. I don’t know what you did to set him off but I was impressed you actually managed to survive a punch to the face like you did. I was pretty mad at the both of you, though apparently Flint’s hand wasn’t broken like we had first thought. It was better by the time we got to the nurse’s office. Before the fight you asked how I liked your realm and told me that One does not simply walk into the fay world but hast to be invited so to speak. While I admit that I did… do like it there. It was calming, peaceful, and beautiful. I would like to go back some day. Then during Parent Day at school I saw you running out of last period. I decided to follow because something bad must have been going on and I wanted to get to the bottom of things. Despite wearing the 2nd girly-ist outfit my mother could possibly make me wear(hooch has a new rag for his bed) I manage to catch you s you make it to the horse field. I cringe thinking about the next part. Instead of marching up to you and demanding to know the truth, I pull a move that comes straight out of a cheesy romance movie, of running daintily up to you nearly falling into your arms as you console your stricken self against the side of your magnificent horseRoan. I managed to ask what was going on, but You only gave me vague answers about wanting to fix things, they shouldn’t be here, and if I could get Lolly’s mom and Mr. Whitewood to talk that you would help me secure my place in the fae realm. Not sure I know what you mean by that, but it sounded great at the time. Then you told me you were going home for a short bit and to take care of Roan. You kissed me…. (trying not to think of it because brain will melt) and diapered into the woods. Roan actually followed me home and is staying in the back yard! I “reminded” Mom 7 Dad that they said since my grades were so good I could have a horse if I could get one, that they are actually ok with it. He lets him self in and out and helps Mom fertilize her flowers. I’m collecting a zoo. What next? An Elephant?!?! Any ways I call Whitewood after looking up Lolly’s Mom Sophie Pascal‘s Address and had him meet me there. I don’t believe Mr. Whitewood or Devyn are evil. Must be some sort of miscommunication or something, and it can be worked out. Some how Lolly’s mom is mixed up in it too. And it all just needs a good talking out. (Jelly fist fights are not good ideas) So I actually succeeded making the meeting happen with Lolly, Kelvin, and Mal there as well. I wasn’t expecting to get the history lesson of the world’s magic issues but kinda glad I did. though i felt bad for the drama it caused. I didn’t know that Witewood and Sophie were betrothed before magic broke or that Lolly is half star…. and all this time I thought stars were balls of burning gas. I think my veil has gone bye-bye. Apparently what caused the sundering was Whitewood Killing some one for love. And that what caused the peanut butter and jelly analogy, How the magics and world went from one plane into several and Sophie is the other slice of bread, and her having Lolly was illegal. So much juice on Lolly and I can’t even use it. crap. Any ways I apologized for bringing drama into the house and upsetting every one. When we all went our separate ways, I decided to go to the dinner. Their Malt shakes always have a way of making me feel better. I don’t know if I want to kill or kiss Devyn when he gets back. I know he’s a Fae Prince and Ambassador to the Unseelie Court and He’s probably glamored me a time or two. But Damn it why did he have to be the first one to treat me like an attractive female. Unlike every one else. I don’t know how to handle that!

Coconuts do not rippen of the vine

Well, it was parent/legal guardian come to school day and it started of simple enough. our regular mayhem but when lunch rolled around it got pretty damp, thanks to the fire alarm going off but still finished my blood sausage that I later found out my Uncle actually made himself. Delano tried to pin the fire alarm on me but that didnt fly. He made me change into close from the 90’s (how lame is that) for the rest of the day. some weird things happened during the day that made me feel sick (magice affects me right now, being supernatural can be a drag). eventually there was a large disturbance (after my uncle and I made a 10×10 bird condo that was tricked out). I saw Devin and Lolly’s mom running out of the school. Lolly and I followed her mother back to her house and discovered Mr. Brady was already there. They had an argument that about ending something. after Mr. Brady left Lolly and I acted like we just got there and surprised her mom (she makes amazing lemonade and cookies by the way). Lolly’s mom knows everyone, has a spell book that lolly can read and is obsessed with doves. I did manage to find an address to an IMORTAL Lab. but I digress, we shocked her mom by telling her of our exploits and then lolly did eventually get her mom to admit that she is a star. that is after Rock, Kelvin and Mr. Whitewood showed up. the truths flew arguements were had star magic was performed to make a protective clock…. oh and it is true Coconuts do not rippen of the vine (By the way did I mention I HATE BEING AROUND MAGIC BEING CAST) got a kiss from lolly’s mom that kinda burned and life is getting way outta control since rocky is falling for Devin who is the enemy of Mr. Whitewood….. all in all its just another day in byron falls, Damn I hate this town.

Unsanctioned Field Trip

I heard of tripping on shrooms before but I thought you had to eat them, not walk though them.

After “looking” for an after school club to join, and making a bunch of nerds cry. Out of boredom I rode around town and ended up in the pasture of the horse Lolly was telling Mr. Whitewood about. For the shit of it I looked at the hose with my monocle and saw a sparkly trail leading into the forest. I figured I’d follow it and see where it lead to. I did text the gang incase I didn’t come back. Going into the forest after dark was a bad idea but i wasn’t in the mood to care. I followed the glowing path to a circle of mushrooms, i see a large glowing figure like shape on the other side of it, and then the next thing I know I’m in a forest full of red cedar trees.
It was beautiful. Before me was a path that wandered though the woods. the way behind me was blank and kinda freaky looking so I followed the path. I wandered through the forest it felt like i was in a dream. I eventually wandered into a willow grove. It was almost like a painting, willow trees and small ponds every where. I met this tall man, with tan skin and white eyes. He was handsomely scary. He was nice, friendly and even wanted me to meet his father. I was up for it but then Lolly, Kelvin, and Mal showed up with Mr. Whitewood. I didn’t quite recognize him at first. Mal yelled “Let go of my property!” (Note to self: Kick Mal in the nuts at school tomorrow.)
That surprised the gentleman I was talking to. Then Whitewood and the willow grove man (I never got his name) started talking. Stuff about some one getting re-married, and how the queen of shadows was taking it. I didn’t catch it all because Mal grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. I tired escaping him, but him and his stupid vampire martial arts kept me from going to the nice man’s home. I’m sure it would be even more magnificent that what i had seen so far. Well the Willow man escorted us a long ways back to where the rest of the gang came in. The willow man said I should com back and visit again, though Whitewood didn’t look like he liked that idea and marched us out. When we stepped out there was a lot of snow on the ground and all out cel phones were dead. Hooch wasn’t any whereto be found. I figured he went home with out me. I was getting to be past his dinner time. He’s smart enough to get home alone. With my phone dead I have no idea what time it is, but I’m pretty sure I’m grounded again and just before my first therapy session too. I think the fae world would be more fun than that.

Pieces of my Soul

Today was highly informative. I know know for a fact what it feels like having a piece of my soul taken away and that it has happened before (making of Tiewaz). I made a deal with the devil … Andras… and he ate a piece of my soul.

It started Sunday morning. I went to church with my parents, mainly because I wanted to talk to Mr. Obi about ways to protect us or stop Andras. When I got to church I started feeling sick. Mom seemed kinda of aggravated that I started feeling sick once we got there… Might have still been miffed over the whole being picked up by the cops thing. She hands me a bunch of stomach settlers and marches me into the church. Kelvin seemed to be feeling sick too so I shared the pills with him. He was having similar issues with his father. At least I didn’t have to deal with Lolly too. When it came to communion time, the wafer felt like it was trying to electrocute me. Kelvin wasn’t handling it well, but I managed to slip it into my pocket. Not sure what would have done if I could even managed to eat it. Afterward, I slipped out side to wait out the rest of church and wait for Obi to show up. Kelvin and Mal were arguing out side of church about something, I wasn’t really listening to them. Finally Obi comes out and I managed to get a few words in with him before the feather duster squad shows up and whisks him away. The details are a bit fuzzy I was still feeling sick. But feeling dissatisfaction at the length and detail with the conversation I decided to follow them. Turns out the feather dusters are staying at Obi’s apartment and he doesn’t seem to like it. I caught him sneaking out. This conversation I can remember better being away from the church. There is a way to banish Andras, but he doesn’t know how. We might be able to lock him away in the Volcano, but that would require a very strong lock & very tempting bait. He wants my “friends” and I to meet him during lunch Wednesday. I guess the goon squad doesn’t come on campus. Obi pretended to not even see my monocle thing and made me quickly put it away. Strange man.

Mal had asked I meet him at Mr.Whitewood’s house for some fun chaos at sun set. No idea what the big idiot was talking about. But he needed me there at sunset. So by sunset I arrive and Mal & Kelvin are dueling with pistols on whitewood’s lawn. There are even refreshments waiting on the porch. Lolly is drinking Lemonade and offered me some. Seeing how I was thirsty after walking all over town I took a glass. it was kinda funny tasting, like lavender and honey. While watching Mal & Kelvin try to shoot each other (kelvin’s gun never went off, it seemed rigged) I decided that burning down the school was a bad idea it be better to set the fire works off from the roof or something. I don’t want to go to Juvie again. I don’t need to beat every one into the ground to prove I’m better than their opinion of me. I’m awesome no matter what any one thinks of me.

Next thing I know Andras is standing out in the street looking at us. Mal goes to try and kick his ass but Lolly jumps him and dragged him inside with a freaking out whitewood. Andras starts talking his usual shit as the feather duster squad shows up. Apparently the angels can’t touch him till he harms some innocent person. Bunch of stuff about paper work and contracts. Kelvin starts trying to dig for information on who he’s after and who sent him. But he did manage to get that Andras was after Mr. Fibonacci. Then Andras was in a generous mood or something because he said that for a piece of soul he would spend the next 24 hours. Locked in a room, with no contact unless some one walked into the room. He would tell no one where he was going, not summon any demons. He would sit quietly and wait. Until the end of the 24 hours.

I know this is a trick or trap on his part. But for Halloween the worst day possible around here. That SOB will be trapped in that room. I plan to put a salt circle with blood around the damn house to keep any thing possible out of there. It wont work on every thing but it should work on some of the worst… like other demons finding him. If we can find out who summoned Andras then maybe we can do something bout getting him banished before he comes eats my face 12:01am November 1st.

Field trip of Suck

Today was the big field trip to the volcano. Ms.Beng and Mr.Charles were the teachers leading it and crazy Elda Underhill smelling of cheep cigars and musk driving the school bus (I’m surprised we didn’t go over a cliff in that junker much less get any where). The drive was boring and slightly nauseating, good thing I brought plenty of Tums to sell. As usual Mal was kissing up to Ms. Beng for her oh so precious gold stars and Kelvin was kissing up to Mr. Charles by playing along with his guitar to Mr. Charles lame ass singing, the whole way there. A few of my fellow Inmates and I tired to pass our time with a game of go fish. Lolly was with the bimbo committee being their annoying selves and Dustin mooning over Lolly as usual. (I should get friends with better taste). When will he realize his dad has a better chance of sobering up than him getting to date Lolly?

I also tried passing the time looking around at people though this weird Monocle type thing I found the other night. I tried it earlier on Tiewaz and Hootch. Tiewaz had a small blue glow about him, Hootch did not. When I looked at Mr. Delano He had a big Blue glow while Ms. Beng had an even bigger glow. I guess it shows Magical aura or something like that. But something felt like it was trying to drain my soul while I was looking between teachers, so I had to stop for a while. I can’t see out of the eye I used the monocle on for half an hour afterwords. Kinda weird.

Sara, one of Mal’s friends gave me some eye drops to see if it would help (it didn’t)But Mal was a dork and called her a nerd. Embarrassed her pretty bad, that was before he went to kiss up to Beng. Stupid guy, all mouth and no smarts for a self proclaimed genius.

Any ways so we finally get to the volcano and darn it there is no way to ditch the class. The tree line is away from the volcano. Stupid wide open spaces. Beng is going on an on about something. All I heard was bla bla bla. Kinda sounded like a teacher from a charlie brown cartoon (she always sounds like that). The volcano still stunk of sulfur and kept the area pretty warm for This time of the year. I must have nodded off, cuz next thing I know Beng is announcing 15 min break, Kelvin is glaring daggers at Mal,and Mal looks confused about why he’s getting the death glare. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with them or any one else. So I decide to go check out the crater. I must have been feeling over heated or something I tripped and feel on this rock that look like it use to be an obsidian lock. Then that Idiot Kelvin not watching where he was going tripped over me and opened a door in the ground. At first There was nothing but darkness then smoke started pouring out of the hole. Kelvin got a face full of smoke. Every one took off running for the bus and we drove home. I looked back at the smoke with the monocle and the smoke was the blue aura thing. So that looks like it was pure magic. It started heading towards town.

The trip back seemed to be shorter, but that could because Elda was driving faster or because Charles was too warn out to sing. As we drove into town Ami screamed and fainted, so instead of dropping us off at school we ended up being dropped off at the Saint Basil’s Hospital. Most had their parents pick them up. I was more in the mood to walk. My mood had not picked up after stopping for ice cream at the dinner. So While meandering around town throwing random rocks at windows and street lights I saw that Flint Cinema is getting ready to open back up. I got caught by the Sheriff for being out past curfew. He had Mom pick me up at the station. He says he thinks I’m a good kid, and thought I was doing better. Since he’s not had to call Mom for a few months now. He even tried to hook me up with his sophomore son … Cliff? Clint? I can’t remember his name. Thinks he could help keep me on the straight and narrow or something. It was a relief to get home to the only people who think I’ll be more than just some trailer trash bimbo who’ll have an abusive husband, with nothing to live for except the fear of dying.

I’ll show every one. Show them all that I Roxanne Roads Will be more and do more than any one ever will.

Today really SUCKED!

Written in the margins: the salt circle is making it hard to sleep. I wondered if any one messed with it?

Doodle of a school on fire

The Hungriest Metaphor I Ever Heard

I went to talk to Mr. Whitewood about Tiewaz. He was surprised but took it quite well. I got a little info about What Tiewaz is. He called him a golum. He didn’t know too much about the Magic that brought Tiewaz about, but did warn me that if he starts talking then he has developed a consciousness of his own and that could be bad, depending on how he views the world. him going into a “hulk smash” mode on hos own could be trouble. But right now he just blinks and can follow simple commands. Some how, I have no idea how, but Hooch and Tiewaz have started playing fetch with each other. I’m Not sure who taught who. But long as they don’t get caught by Mom or Dad its fine.

…Any ways talking with Mr. Whitewood], I asked if Talking to Mr. Brogan about Tiewaz would be a good idea and He said definitely not. His kind were very protective of their magic knowledge (not protective enough heh). Not that he was saying Brogan was a bad guy, He fixes Whitewood’s scooter, but more of a jealous type and the consequences are not pretty.

When asked about what Brogan was, Whitewood started going on about how reality is like a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How we (Lolly & Mal were there too, for some reason) are one of the pieces of bread, maybe he meant all the unaware people or Humans in general, and that we could never meet the other slice of bread because the peanut butter and jelly were in the way. He compared himself and Brogan as peanut butter, though Brogan was chunky and he was creamy peanut butter, not sure what exactly he means by that. Anyways He said that with Tiewaz I had poked though to the jelly layer. ( I think lolly may have as well )

So what I understand of the Universe, Existence, Life… What ever it’s called is that Humans (Bread) for the post part Have nothing to do with the Jelly (magic), But do interact with Supernatural creatures (Peanut Butter) on a regular basis. While the Peanut Butter has access to Both the Bread and the Jelly. While Jelly has access to Peanut Butter and the Other piece of Bread. But What is the OTHER Bread? I doubt its humans and Not sure if its gods, they seem more like a jelly, But I could be wrong, its just that mythologies & religions from all over the world have gods dealing with humans in some direct manner or another.

(insert scribble of a sandwich)

I wonder if Thickness of the layers plays in parts. Like the side of the bread that is in contact with the peanut butter so say 5% of the entire slice is aware that is aware that peanut butter exists at all. But Of that 5% Only 1% has ever had access to the jelly layer, some how. So does that mean that there is peanut butter that is unaware of bread and or jelly? Or is that layer thin enough that it mixes enough so that maybe there is a 5% of Peanut Butter that knows of Bread but not of Jelly? Is it just bread that is for the Most part too thick headed to know of the other layers for the most part? I guess its possible for a Supernatural creature to not be Magical But is it still affected by Magic. Is it possible for Jelly to turn bread into Peanut Butter?

Man all this thinking is making me hungry. I wonder if we have any grape jelly?

Page from Rocky’s Notebook

The Great Robbery

Wow how did things go so wrong first the day starts off with EVERYONE falling for Ami Adams and Loraine “Lolly” LaRue getting mad at Malstrom “Mal” Highwind for falling as well but thankfully she stopped Mal from going after Ami. The school day was strangely an ok day, though we talked to Cornelius Whitewood about the perfume bottles that had been made by Lenus Highwind‘s company, Malstrom “Mal” Highwind also talked to his Uncle. The gang looked at the bottles and found magical instructions on them, after school Loraine “Lolly” LaRue and Malstrom “Mal” Highwind went to Dying for Perfection to buy up the remaining bottles. Kelvin Fibonacci joined Loraine “Lolly” LaRue and Malstrom “Mal” Highwind there and we scoped the shops security system. That evening was Malstrom “Mal” Highwind’s last meal at Kelvin and Lolly’s House after staying there for a week.

EarlierLoraine “Lolly” LaRue and convinced Malstrom “Mal” Highwind and Kelvin Fibonacci to break into the shop. Loraine “Lolly” LaRue called Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads_ to join us. We all snuck out without being noticed and broke into the shop without leaving a trace of us being there. Malstrom “Mal” Highwind hacked the register to get the list of all customers who bought the perfumes while Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads_ out back and Kelvin Fibonacci in front kept watch for and trouble. Kelvin Fibonacci had to convince a deputy that he was just trying to decide which girl he really wanted by standing in front of Dying for Perfection since they both came here. Unfortunately for the group Andras decided to pay us a visit. we all hid in the shop in two salt cirlces made by Loraine “Lolly” LaRue and Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads with some blood provided by Loraine “Lolly” LaRue. Andras started carving his symbol into the glass of the shops door and we all thought of ideas on what to do but settled on finally calling Jibri Obi. Shortly after the phone call two vehicles showed up one white with men in black suits (demons) the other a black vehicle with men in white suits(angels). Andras showed his hands shackled hands to the men repeatedly. While arguing amongst the men in suits took place one in a black suit injured a female jogger causing more tension. Malstrom “Mal” Highwind jumped circles and when this happened a man in a black suit appeared next to him outside the circle with a very evil grin. Almost as sudden a gentleman in a white suit appeared and told the other to leave us alone, than they left. Chaos erupted outside and with that we all left and returned home safely, unharmed and without getting caught. Due to the energies that erupted Malstrom “Mal” Highwind’s broken leg healed causing it to feel awkward in the cast and brace he built, also he now has marks on his arms and his eye color has changed. Loraine “Lolly” LaRue managed to pick up an item that was dropped by the demons and Content Not Found: roxanne-rocky-roads picked up an item from the angels.

It Worked!

I don’t know how the hell I did it but I did. A real living, sorta, statue… thing. I have Tiewaz, that’s it’s name, hiding in the garage behind dad’s boxes of useless junk that he insists on keeping. He’s 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide at the shoulders and made of iron and wood. I made it in shop class using pictures from Mr. Brogan’s note book. Couldn’t read any of the ruins when I started but by the end of the week, after Tiewaz came to life I felt I could understand a little of it. Like one part says something like “I give you life”. I’ll get this book translated yet. I feel drained even though freaken excited. It was a long week. I’ll probably feel better after a good sleep. I bet Mal couldn’t pull something like this off. In your face Mal!

Now what do I do with it? I don’t know if Teiwaz will continue to listen to me or if he has his own personality that will pop up and cause lots of trouble. I hope he’s a good guy if he is a magical artificial intelligence with a mind of his own.

maybe I should ask Brogen what these runes mean… He’s probably blow me off like Grey-Crow. That bastard rather people die than to help any one. The History teacher seemed nicer maybe he’d be able to shine some light on the Ruins or maybe the language teacher…

I’d probably have better luck asking Teiwaz

Page taken from Rocky’s Notebook

It Sounds like a Pretty Good B Rated Horror Movie
Black Blood, Chainsaws and a Bikini but I Still Looked Good.

Dear Journal,

So Zane’s Pool Party happened last night it was the most amazing disaster I have ever been part of that went up in flames and chaos. I am only thankful that Zane did not actually see me when all of the madness went down.

The day started pretty good, Mal was staying at the house but he did not get in the way as the Pretty Committee met for our First Fashion Conference. Virginia was going to wear this horrid green one piece but she looked like five year old boy in it so Trixie “logically” talked her in the pale pink two-piece I had found for her. Then we went to the party in the limo with our new driver, his name escapes me now, if he lasts more than a week I’ll remember it. Rocky attempted to destroy my outfit with a cannonball but I was saved, a little crinkled but nothing two minutes in a mirror could not fix. It was actually it good day I was positive that Zane looked at me more than usual but everything fell apart that night.

Just after the sun went down, I heard people starting to make a commotion, Mal and kelvin noticed it before everyone else I think. As I got a text message I realize Andras’s wolf had party crashed over the wall. To my luck Rocky had brought salt along with her and took orders without questions. Kelvin started rounding people into the house it was amazing how fast he took control of the situation. Mal, Rocky and I managed to contain the wolf but not before it broke Mal’s leg on all accounts it could have been worse. I heard it talk….it called me “A child of Blood” I don’t know what it means. No one else could hear it, I dreamt about it last night as well.

The next part of the night was one I hope to not remember but I know I will be thinking about it for years to come. I as in me Lolly LaRue had to decapitate the wolf while chanting the charm I found in the recipe book. I can still feeling the ice cold splatter of blood as it covered me. All over my skin it congealed. I don’t know how I kept my lunch down. The churned up guts of the creature were stuck in the chains of the Brady’s chainsaw so I took it with. Longer story short, the head is buried in the back of the church and Rocky and I torched the Brady’s lawn. I feel bad about that but it was needed, really needed. Mal only got a cast and I left a blood circle around his bed at St. Basils, I was already bleeding from the other one so it wasn’t a problem.

I feel worse this morning kinda empty. I swear my eyes aren’t the right color either but it could be the yesterday weighing on me. Making me see things that aren’t there.



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