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The Cool Senior


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Basic Information

In 12th Grade at Byron Falls High School
In a relationship with Olivia Keshet
Related to Randy Brady and Harriet Brady

The Cool Senior
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Zane is cool… plain and simple. Everybody loves Zane, and Zane loves everyone. He is one of the only Juniors that are friends to the Lower Classmen. His family lives in Silver Meadows and they are the same on their block. Everyone loves the Brady‚Äôs and if there is any family that will set up a Block Party it is them. Harriet Brady (Mrs. Brady) is always welcoming and is head of the PTA. Randy Brady (Mr. Brady) owns the Sport Center of town and is rumored to be saving up to try to open a golf course in Byron Falls.

Zane will help the group when the Druides turn on the group Senior Year

Pitter-Patter User Name: FB4LYF@ZaneBrady

They Brady’s live in Silver Meadows. Everyone known where the Brady’s House is

Brady s house

Zane Brady

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