Yuriko Oyama Thomas


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Basic Information

Married to Marcus Thomas
Related to Brandon Thomas

Brandon’s Ninja Mother


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Yuriko is from a traditional family in Tokyo. She is Brandon’s mother. She worked for the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC as a translator. While working there she met her husband. When they moved back to Japan, she became aware of Brandon’s ability and helped her father train him.

She convinced her husband to take the position in the US, so they could move to a safe zone to help protect Brandon. While she is not a hovering mother, she lets him handle most things around is photographer and life, but she is protective of him. Early on she saw him being taken advantage of by people. She is especially protective about new people in his life. Never rude, never intrusive but likes to make sure they are not trying to take advantage of him.

She tries to be the proper mother and make cookies and things like that, but her cooking is horrible. Her husband maintains a household staff that does the cleaning, cooking etc. She runs the house with great efficiency.

Yuriko Oyama Thomas

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 berdman