Vlad Whitewood

The Math Teacher's Shy Warlock Nephew


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Basic Information

In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
In a relationship with Lolly Fibonacci
Related to Devyn Scarlet, Thanos Clement, Garrick Oxford, Cricket Aisling, Warren Foster and Guthrie Tamber
Also Known as Cornelius Whitewood

The Math Teacher’s Shy Warlock Nephew
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Vlad is new to school. He just moved here from Canada. You see, his Father and Mother are having hard times and are in trouble with the law. So, they sent Vlad to live with his Uncle Cornelius Whitewood for a while.
Vlad is a bit of a rebal. He has piercings and tattoos. But deep down he is a fairly quiet guy.
He says he is a Warlock that made a Contract with a Powerful Fey, and that is why he may have some Fey tendencies from time to time.

Vlad Whitewood

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