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In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
Related to Chase Hunt

The Vegan Huntress
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Virginia’s parents are very “forward thinking”. They believe the only way to except all cultures is to experience them… as if you are part of them… Virginia grew up in San Francisco, she lived in India for 1 year (her 7th year) were she has her teeth filled as a rite of passage into womanhood. Her family is purely vegan, and she doesn’t even wear wool sweater as it is cruel to raise animals just for their hair. Her family moved to Byron Falls because they wanted to totally avoid corporate America and Byron Falls is just the place to do this…

It is now known her family are former Hunters, why they left the order, no on knows. But her Uncle, Chase Hunt is still one of them. It is also unknown if Virginia knows about this part of her family’s past.

Virginia is currently being kicked out of Loraine “Lolly” LaRue’s Clique.

Virginia is going to come back as a Hunter

Pitter-Patter User Name: NatrlBeuty@VirginiaHunt

Virginia Hunt

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale