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The Steampunk Chick


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In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
Related to Lucius Gustave

The Steampunk Chick
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Vilda knows she doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t want to fit in. She has a hobby, it is Steampunk, and she loves it. Thing is, Vilda is pretty smart. She doesn’t just make Steampunk outfits, she makes things that work too. Little gadgets, gizmos, and the likes, she can tinker with them and make something that does something… with Steam…

She is a foster child along with her “brother” Dwayne “Lucius” Gustave. Their “Parents” own the antique store in town and both have grown to love “classic looks”, though both just take it in two different directions.

Vilda Mazin

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale