Valeriy Donald

The Obsessed Cheerleader


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Basic Information

In 11th Grade at Bryon Falls High School
On the Cheer Team

The Obsessed Cheerleader
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Valeriy is next next to Tiffany Heart. What Tiffany says goes, and Valeriy makes sure of it. She is no non-sense and takes the team VERY seriously. Cheer is her life. CHEER IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!! And not just for High School. No, once a Cheerleader, ALWAYS A CHEERLEADER! From here she plans on going to a University to Cheer, and from there to a Professional Football Team To Cheer, and from there be the Coach for a Professional Cheerleading Team!!!!! She doesn’t even give a second thought to those who make fun of Cheerleading. They are ignorant. They don’t know the 3 D’s: dedication, determination, devotion! With these you can make State, and who knows, maybe Nationals!!!!!

Valeriy Donald

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale