Ulric Calder

That Guy Who Can Do Tattoo And Such


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Basic Information

Run his shop out of his trailer

That Guy Who Can Do Tattoos And Such


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Ulric lives in Steel Rails. He lives alone in an old double wide that always has Christmas lights up. During the day he stays inside and sleeps. At night he sits on the porch as smokes and drinks. He is a mountain of a man that has few words. There are a lot of rumors about Ulric. Most involve the idea that he killed a man at a bar in Virgina and is running from the law. Ulric does not confirm or deny this. He doesn’t tend to be a very social creater when it comes to his neighbors in Steel Rails.

It is no secret to those who are Unveiled that Ulric is a Lone Wolf Werewolf. Normally this would cause other Werewolves to want to kill him, but Ulric does services so for the most part they leave him alone.

You See, Ulric has a special art, one of which a lot do not know the secret too. Ulric can Tattoo or Peirce ANY ONE! Most things heal from such procedures, but Ulric knows how to make them stick.
He calls his shop “Ink or Dye”… but shop is a veriable term. If you come to him for his services he will take you behind his trailer where there is an old barber chair and all his tools and a hand made sign that says “Ink or Dye”.

Ulric Calder

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