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The Formally Cursed Witch's Familiar Pussy-Cat


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The Formally Cursed Witch’s Familiar Pussy-Cat


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Trish is the female twin to Trevor Gibson, and they have always been known as that… well, as long as they have been there, which is not very long. They started at Byron Falls Primary right after Christmas in their 8th grade year. No one knows where they moved from, no one even really knows their family. All they know is that Trevor and Trish are from Steel Rails, and for most people in Byron falls that is enough to know…

Trish can be a bit of a trouble maker, but is also quite the enabler for other people’s darker side. She comes across as a flirt and a bad girl that you can’t resist.

It has recently come out that Trish is Bisexual and has a crush on Roxanne “Rocky” Rhodes, but her Brother got to ask her to Spring Formal first so she never got her chance.

The Curse Has Been Broken… Trish is not longer a teenage boy but back to a cat…

Pitter-Patter User Name: DublTrubl@TrishGibson

Trish Gibson

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale