Thanos Clement

The Prince of Death


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Basic Information

Owner of Mystic Grounds
Related to Cornelius Whitewood, Devyn Scarlet, Garrick Oxford, Cricket Aisling, Warren Foster and Guthrie Tamber

The Prince of Death


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Thanos keeps to himself for the most part. Well, he would be more social, but when people know that you are the Prince of the Willows, and the Prince of Death they usually do not invite you to Dinner Parties. So Thanos has learned to keep to himself for the most part. He is the current Grave Digger at the Cemetary in Byron Falls, but his real job is Grief Counselor… mostly for the Dead. It is not Thanos’ job to bring death, but to help those who have died find their door to go to the next world… where ever that is. He does not know what lies beyond the doors, or what the doors really are, but he knows that if he does not do his job then the world would be over run with ghosts searching for a way to somewhere else.

But even though Thanos keeps to himself he is still Fey and displays it as curiosity interference. He is the voice in your ear suggesting fun but making you think it was your idea.

In the Mortal world Thanos tends to have a style of “Hipster” prefering vintage or origanal to designer and trendy.

He is usually seen with Itachi by his side…

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Thanos Clement

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