Tatum Keiji

The Emotional Vortex Cheerleader


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Basic Information

In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
On the Cheer Team
Obessessed with Talon Lawson

The Emotional Vortex Cheerleader
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Tatum loves Talon Lawson. Not like, LOVE! No really, she does! And she knows Talon does too, in his own way, even is Talon doesn’t know it yet. They dated all through Freshman year until Valentines Day. That was the day she brought up wanting a Promise Ring, and Talon said he was done. She knows he just has commitment issues, he is young, and immature, Girls grow up faster then boys, it is not his fault, but it’s ok! He will come back to her some day, HE WILL COME BACK TO HER!!!!!

In the mean time she has Cheerleading. Which is a great way to make Talon jealous. All those cute boys looking at her! She will do great in Cheerleading to make make him jealous!

Tatum Keiji

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale