Sherise Bonita

The Hispanic Soon To Be Cosmetologist


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In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School

The Hispanic Soon To Be Cosmetologist
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Sherise’s family has been here sense her grandparents came in the 60’s. They tried to open a resturant but couldn’t get the funding together. So instead her Mother works at Dying for Perfection specializing in nails. Sherise is the oldest out of 6 kids and their Dad was one of those people who had an “accident” in Byron Falls when she was 12.

Sherise has dreams of doing make up. She really doesn’t care how, weather it is movie make up, stage make up, beauty make up. She loves it all. She loves making people look amazing though really some would say her style is a little louder then most would like…

Actually Sherise is a little louder then most would like her in general. She has a bit of a mouth on her and is known for talking back a time or two at teachers, and thus getting detention for it. She can be loud and opinionated but in the end has a heart of gold.

Sherise Bonita

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