Roxanne "Rocky" Rhodes

The Rebel Huldra


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Basic Information

Born on September 2, 1996
In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School
In the Pretty Committee & Demolition Derby
It’s Complicated with Kye Dillon
Works at All Creatures Animal Care

The Rebel Huldra
Soul Points 10/10
Sports: 1, Art: 1, Drama: 0, Study: 0, Detention: 3


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Its Complicated with Family (4) Current Schedule

 Kye Dillon 

 David Rhodes 

 James Charles 
 1st Period English 

Friends (7)

 Kathy Rhodes 

 Durin Brogan 
 2nd Period Shop 

 Lolly Fibonacci (5) 

 Nana Eleanor 

 Maggic Munch 

 Brandon Thomas (5) 

 Layan Rhodes 

 Rene Wallace  
 3rd Period Social Studies 

 Olivia Keshet (5) 

 Leela Mardröm 
 4th Period P.E. 

 Flint Parkin (1) 

 Dustin Dakota (3) 

 Harley Allen (1) 


Has Gone from Half Hundra to Full Huldra, due to falling into Tatiana’s hope chest.

Is the fastest runner in Byron Falls Highschool
Has purple hair from feeding Leroy Jenkins caffeinated Pixie sticks.
Is a Natural at Kung-fu.
Maker of Tiewaz
Owner of Hooch
Knows how to read Dwarven
Knows how to make Mithril and Mithril armor
Is an expert marksman
Is a Fox tail Huldra
Can talk to birds, rodents, cats, & dogs
Can trapeze like a pro, even through trees
Soul point: can run 5x times faster in Huldra form
Soul point: Blends into backgrounds
Can do 1st & 2nd lvl spells. example: growing a ever blooming & fading flower
Is a natural at languages. Knows moderate level of Japanese
Can shape wood to her will (log size)
Can run 2x faster with out spending a soul point
Knows Earth Fae language
Has Huldra ability to handle red hot metal with out being burned

When Roxanne was 6 years old Her parents and younger brother died in a fire that her Mom had started because a fight between husband and wife. Roxanne was scared by the fire down her back. She was sent to to her Aunt & Uncle to live with. Who resented having to take care of such a burden of an unwanted child. She was quickly shipped off to an orphanage by her aunt and uncle. Roxanne, known as Rocky by her fellow inmates, grew up in the ghetto of New York. When Rocky was 10 she was adopted by the Dr.David Rhodes & Kathy Holmes Rhodes. They took her to a quiet suburban like neighborhood.
Rocky was convinced that they were going to send her back soon as she caused any trouble. This belief grew stronger as the months passed and they were kind and generous. She couldn’t stand the thought of rejection any more so she Hijacked the neighbor’s car and drove it into a doughnut shop. The Neighbors and Shop Owner were furious and Rocky spent 3 months in Juvenile Detention. All that time she expected to be sent off straight to the Orphanage soon as her time was up. Mrs. Rhodes picked up Rocky on her last day and drove straight home. Where a moving van was loading up the Roads home. Her adoptive parents hugged her and said that they understand why she lashed out. So they decided that they were going to move to some place where they can all start over and be a happy family. So off the 3 of them Drove to Bryon Falls. They arrived at the strange little town in the early summer before the start of her 6th year in school. Uncomfortable in the neighborhood of Iron Gates, that her family moved into, She spent most of her free time playing in the area known as Steel Rails and quickly made friends there.

Parents David Rhodes & Kathy Holmes Rhodes

Pitter-patter name: Forestwalker@rockyrhodes

Roxanne "Rocky" Rhodes

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Velasca