Roger Torolf

Beta for the Syaoran Pack


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Basic Information

Attends the University of Minnasota
In the Rainbow Pack

Beta for the Syaoran Pack


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Roger is Alexi “Alex” Syaoran’s best friend and adopted Brother. He has known her since they were in Jr. High at Byron Falls Primary School. He is loyal to her and will do most anything she asks, but only her. Roger is not a push over, and in fact use to be a gang member for a couple of years out of High School. He has cleaned up his act (for the most part) and runs with Alex only now.

Roger is not necessarily a “good guy”. He is manipulative and can turn the world on his finger if he needs to. He is not above doing what is ever necessary to survive.

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Roger Torolf

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale