Primrose Fibonacci

The Wild Child


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Married to Roshan Fibonacci
Related to Misha Durmmond, Anton Durmmond, Joseph Fibonacci Sr., Marie Fibonacci, Carolyn Fibonacci, James Fibonacci, Joseph Fibonacci Jr., Kelvin Fibonacci, Lilly Fibonacci, Lolly Fibonacci

The Wild Child


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Every family has one of those in the family… Primrose, or Prim as her brothers call her, is that one. She has a story for every occasion, and none of them are boring. She has been married more times then fingers on one hand, she has many children none by the same husband. She has a lot of pets but not a single one is a dog or a cat. She is just a free spirit that follows her desires much to her families chagrin.

Husbands (In Order):
Luka Durmmond Briefs 1

Angus Baas 2683 alastairmackenzie1b

Tristan Hardy Irish model

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Roshan Fibonacci


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Primrose Fibonacci

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