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The Geek That Owns Nuke Town


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The Geek That Owns Nuke Town


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Omar went to Byron Falls High School just a few years ahead of Conner Seath. He never fit in at school, spending every other weekend going to the big city to get comics and movies and such. He always complained about how he can’t get any of this obsession in town. So when he graduated he opened up Nuke Town. He still has issues with suppliers to get the newest as soon as it is new, but he has learned to cope.

When he was in early High School his Dad was a victim of that which goes bump in the night. The case is still unsolved but Omar has his suspicions. But that left him with him and his mother…
His mother is getting older, and needs him, and even though he is all grown up he can’t bear to leave her alone. So he still lives in her basement…

Omar Wen

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale