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New owner of Flint Cinema


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Olina arrived into town a few weeks ago. She has barely re-opened Flint Cinemaand doesn’t seem to be the social butterfly her Uncle,Hugh Flint, was. There are still rumors that she might just tear the whole thing down and be done with it.

Most residents at Byron Falls are hoping that she sells it to someone else and moves one… and leaves this little town forever… she is not welcomed here…

Hugh Flint was the only person in the world who saw Olina for better then what she was. That is why he left the Cinema to her instead of any other family member. Olina had a tough life, but only from her own decisions. This is her one chance to turn her life around. She could remake herself if she wanted to. Start a new, be a better person… if she wanted to….

Olina Flint

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