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In 11th Grade at Byron Falls High School

The Actress/Model
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Niva was born to be a STAR!!! It’s true! A psychic told her one time! Well, it was a fortune cookie but a Psychic wrote it! She knows it!!! She knows all the lines from Pretty in Pink, and can even say… most of them… but she knows them. She has dreams, she is going to get on a reality show and become a model and then from there get on a sitcom and then a MOVIE!!! It is going to happen! Her mother says she is VERY talented, her Aunt she is pretty enough that she could be in a Macy’s Catalog (and they don’t just take ANY body), some day, this little town will see… some day… the world will Love Her!!!

Niva Onslow

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale