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The Vampire Vice Principal


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Basic Information

Vice Principal of Byron Falls High School

The Vampire Vice Principal


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Mulo Delano is a 5’10" tall, slender, pale, 42 year old man with dark brown hair and gold eyes. He is always seen in a nice suite, usually black, with a tie… a tie that always has polka dots…
He seems to have a tie in every color combination possible, and even has a silver with dark blue dots tie for school spirit days. There is never anything “out of place” on Mr. Delano’s person. He has perfect posture, steady eye contact, and little to no humor.

Mr. Delano comes across as cold and callused. He strikes fear into every student at Byron Falls High School. Even Conner Seath, the school’s janitor, seems afraid of him. Conner Seath has said that he was all set to leave the town of Byron Falls to go on to the pros in football. And then, on the day before graduation, something happened. He got detention with Mr. Delano… and decided not to leave the little town after all…
Students feel that Mr. Delano is always watching, some way or another. It is known that you never want to have detention in his office. It is known that he will appear out of no where and place a cold, firm hand on your shoulder. It is known that no matter how much mischief, mis-manners, or mis-doings you do, don’t let Mr. Delano catch you….

It is now known that Mr. Delano lives in Iron Gates… right near some of his students….

At the far back of Iron Gates there is a small hill. At the top of this hill the road curves to go back out of the gated community. At the point of this curve is Mr. Delano’s House. Few students know where he lives.
No student has ever gone there


Mulo Delano

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