Mr. Grace

The Unseen Principal


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Principal of Byron Falls High School

The Unseen Principal


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Mr. Grace is the Principal at Byron Falls High School. As far as anyone can remember his has always been the Principal at Byron Falls High School….

Mr. Grace has a deep, aged voice. You would not call it “kind” but it isn’t “cruel” either.
No one can tell you what exactly Mr. Grace looks like. Some say he is a tall, slender, African American man in his later 50’s. Other claim he looks like a Ivy League professor with a short cut beard and a balding head. Still some say he is actually quite young and in his 30’s and just replaced his father, the former Mr. Grace, when he retired.
No one seems to remember his first name. No one gets to see Mr. Grace… well no one returns after seeing Mr. Grace… they always get “transferred” ….

Every morning Mr. Grace holds the morning announcements over the schools speaker system. Most of the time his announcements are dry and business as usual; what is for the school lunch, how the football team is doing, any funds raisers, exceptional students, or anything he believes the students should be aware of. Those announcements students know is business as usual, it is when there is a second announcement that students should worry…..

Mr. Grace

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