Malissa Clay

The Star Ambassador to the Mortal World


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Basic Information

In a Relationship with Garrick Oxford
Related to Amber Gable, Greer Makani, Lolly Fibonacci, Mena Madrona, Sophie Pascal, Tala Rollin and Tempest Bailey
Also Known as Merope

The Star Ambassador to the Mortal World


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Star Color: Yellow

Melissa is a kind, touchy individual. She works closely with the Mortal world. It is rumored that she started the Wiccan faith.
When you need someone to talk to, Melissa is always there. She loves to teach and guide and has the rare power of Healing. She knows how to touch a Vampire without burning them.

Melissa is best friends with Garrick Oxford, which is very awkward for both of them as they are betrothed.

Has curently been seen dating Rene Wallace

Melissa’s Star Name and Position in the Heavens as been revealed as Merope and she can now be Summoned for those who know how to Summon a Star.

Malissa Clay

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