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Teaches at Byron Falls High School

The Zombie Lunch Lady


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Maggie Munch (or “Mad Maggie” as the students “affectionately” call her) is the Byron Falls lunch lady.
For the most part people think she is old and crazy.
You can never understand a word she says and she spends her whole time mumbling to her self nearly inaudibly.
She doesn’t seem none to bright but is never mean or cranky… just… crazy…

~~~~~ It has been confirmed in game that Maggie is a Zombie. She has one duty in life and that is serving lunches to the students. It is known that someone gives her directions that she follows to a ‘T’ every day, and that someone else was giving her different directions to try to turn the students into Zombies as well. As a Zombie Maggie seems to be harmless for the most part… so far… ~~~~~

Maggie serves nearly the same thing every day…
a meat shaped product labeled as something different (ie: meatloaf, meatballs, Salisbury steak, etc), with gelatinized brown gravy, a supposed vegetable (that has lost all it’s color), and a dessert (again, with no color but beige).
Every day she serves this combination… ever day… for years….
until recently…
Recently she has been serving yummy hamburgers and the like. Lunch recently has been colorful, and tasty.
Course, recently some of the students have been acting odd too… like, well almost like zombies….

The Mystery of the Mystery Meat has been Solved. Loa Boutin had been manipulating Maggie into making the “Alternative Lunches” to turn the school and thus town into Zombies. Now that Loa is defeated Maggie has gone back to her normal routine.

It has also been discovered that Maggie lives at Byron Falls High School. She stays in the kitchen night and day…

Maggie Munch

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale