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Lynde is the owner of the The Diner, the most popular place to eat in Byron Falls.
Lynde is a very warm individual, but she won’t take sh*t from no one who disrupts business or her other customers. She welcomes all in and considers her Diner a safe house in the safe zone.
Lynde is 100% human, but the veil has been gone from her since she was in Jr. High (younger then most people are able to handle).
She knew right away that she wanted to make a place in Byron Falls that people can come, Mortal or Supernature, and just be friends and get a smile on thier face.

Supernaturals and those outside of the veil know a secret though… or a secret menu that is.
When you come into the Diner you can always ask Lynde for the “Second Menu”… this is a special menu that caters to those of “special dietary needs”. And while nothing on there will get Lynde arrested for murder, a Pig Blood Sunday is not unheard of.

She always has a smile and will lend an ear to anyone who needs one. It is a favorite place for both adults and students to hang out :)

Lynde Selima

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