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Basic Information

Former Teacher at Byron Falls High School

The Houdou Priestess Home Economics Teacher


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Miss Boutin actually doesn’t live truly in town. She lives just past Silver Meadows in a house in the woods. She says she doesn’t like living in the city as it feels like people are too noisy. She has a large green house and her house is as eclectic as her.

Miss Boutin is originally from Jamaica. She still wears a lot of colorful outfits and most believe she keeps up the life style.
Her class room is always warm and smells sweet with spices and things burning.
A lot of students view her as a second mother she is so warm towards them.

She is known to do extra help for those she takes interest in with a talent for the “Household Arts”.

First Semester Freshman Year Loa tried to take over the town. She was manipulating Maggie Munch to make lunches that were turning the student body into Zombies and was trying to move to do the same for the town. Then she summoned the Demon, Andras, to kill the Mayor, James Fibonacci. It was only after our young band of hero’s defeated her that the town was now safe from her Houdou Powers… well, safe as Byron Falls can be…

Loa Boutin

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Bards_Tale