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Lolly's Magical Star Mother


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Basic Information

Related to Lolly Fibonacci, Amber Gable, Greer Makani, Malissa Clay, Mena Madrona, Tala Rollin, Tempest Bailey
Also Known as Asteriƫ

Lolly’s Star Mother


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Sophie Pascal is a beautiful women, plenty of eligible men would have liked to have her around but Sophie isn’t settling for anyone.

About fourteen years ago Sophie was the best known “escort” in Byron Falls, but then she went missing for four years. Upon her return Sophie didn’t go back to her trailer in Steel Rails but moved into a two bedroom in Silver Meadows. Her current occupation is unknown but she hasn’t returned to her earlier work.

Recently Lolly re-united with her mother. She found out that her mother is actually a Star, the origanal source of magic.
She also found out that Sophie’s real name is AsteriĆ« and at one point was betrothed to Cornelius Whitewood, the former Crown Prince of the Fey world. This betrothal has been fully desolved.
She seems to know everything about everyone, or at least the interesting points.
She is currently re-uniting with James Fibonacci, with renegotiating their “contract” and with a date on Friday night.

Recently Sophie was on trial. It was found that she bore her daughter illigally. The North Star, Norma Stellan, held them both on trial. After much debate it was decided her child would live, but Sophie would be a “Fallen Star”. She was banished to the Mortal World for 15,000 years where she would have to live a Mortal Life for the most part with barely any magic… Sophie is having a hard time adjusting.

After Kelvin’s mother moved out of the the mayor’s house, Lolly and Sophie moved in. Two years later Sophie moved out, becoming “Aunt Sophie” to the two of them.


  • Sophie is getting 15% more a month in payout.
  • Sophie has gotten visitations rights for both Kelvin and Lolly
  • Sophie gets one Holiday a year at her house, of her choice.

Star Color: Blue

Sophie Pascal

Byron Falls High School Class of 2015 Demonicrose